Save Me My Darling Angel

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Peter (Romeo)- Smart, a little misunderstood, lives in Verona Square.

Lauren (Juliet)- Out-going, controled by her father. Only has her maid as her messenger.

Fatboy (Mercutio)- Peter's best friend, Party Animal, very wild. Has a strange intrest in women :/

Leon (Benvolio)- Peter's Cousin, also close friends with Fatboy, he doesn't seem to understand what year it is.

Jim Branning (Friar Lawrence)- Peter's advisor, he tells Lauren to follow her heart and break free of her father's control.

Whitney (Nurse/Maid)- Lauren's messenger, helps get away to be with Peter.

Greg (Tybalt)- Lauren's Step-Father, hates the beales and has a desire to kill Peter.

Abi (Adriana)- Lauren's sister, loyal to Lauren, helps her with her getting away.

Chapter One: Verona Square

"These violent delights have violent ends
And in their triumph die, like fire and powder,
Which as they kiss consume."
Romeo and Juliet, 2.3

I looked across from my bedroom window, to the sunshine, children playing, everybody just being normal. I couldn't be that way, Dad wouldn't allow it! I just wanted to breath fresh air for once in my life.


I turned from the window, my mother Lady Branning stood in the doorway her long blonde curled hair tied back into a ponytail dressed in a long, tight sapphire dress. I smiled, pulled up my hair-band from my wrist to tie my hair back into the same way my mother had it. I hadn't seen my Step-father, Greg in months, Mum had kept him a secret from me and my sister.


I bobbed a sarcastic curtsey, before laughing slightly. My Mum shot me a angry glance, I stopped.

"You're father wants to see you"

I sighed, when mother said "you're father wants to see you" it usally meant that I had done something wrong, but as far as I was conserned what was there to do wrong be locked up in this cage all day. I was like a bird, if you really think about it. I walked out of my room with my Mum following my every move, I was greeted by Greg at the bottom of the staircase. He took Mum's hand, after pushing me gently into the libary where my Dad was standing confidently with a glass of gin in his hand.

"Dad" I whispered, shutting the door behind me. I walked till I stood near enough to inch behind my father. I was feeling quite worried the closer I got. My hands starting shaking, my legs starting knocking together, my sapphire eyes started to water, I was sweating like a trooper. I took deep breaths as my Dad dropped his glass to beside the gin bottle. He turned to me and a smug, grim grin smothered his face.

"Lauren" His husk voice, rang bells for me istantly. I was starting to wonder what was going to happen, where this was leading, I just wanted him to take me into his arms and say that I could go out into the world. But there was a slim chance of that happening.

"Dad" I said again.

My father guided me into the other part of the libary, he pulled me a seat after shutting the door.


I shock in the chair, wondering what he was going to do next. Tears ran down my pale cheeks, I jumped from the chair and ran for the door. I ran up the stairs to my room not wanting to hear my father's haunting pleas for me to come back down the stairs. I just wanted to jump out of the window and be free as a bird.

"Whitney!" I shouted, as I laid myself down on my bed and waiting for my maid to come.


Whitney appered in the doorway and made herself comfortbale on the end of the bed.

"Whitney, I beg you please just get me away from here" Tears still ran down my cheeks.

"Oh miss, its too risky you heard the master!" Whitney gathered me into her arms and soothed me.

"Please" I whimpered

Little did I know that my step-father, Greg was standing in the doorway listening to the whole converstation...

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