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My Name is Amy Loomis. This is my story. It has its ups and downs. I've been in so much pain, both emotionally and physically. I guess I should start from where it all began. Back when everything was alright in the world.

I got home around 4:30ish and started to work on homework. I finish my homework for all classes fairly quickly; I go downstairs to see Billy flipping thru the channels. I quickly steal the remote and change it the movie channel. The opening of the Exorcist was coming on. It was a movie both me and my twin Billy would agree to watch. I go to sit down by Billy with a smile. We watch the movie for a while before my eyes get heavy. My head falls onto Billy's shoulder as I fade to sleep.

A few hours later I wake up still tired and tries to get back to sleep. I am laying on the couch in the living room in a light sleep. My mind was wondering where my brother was. The Exorcist was ending on the TV. I feel my long dark brown hair covering most of my face. Suddenly, I hear the TV turn off, and something grab me. My eyes widened i try to slug the person. My fist meets a face, and I hear,

" Jesus, Amy, that was one good punch."I rub my eyes a bit and see my older twin brother Billy. I smile a bit and laugh and roll my eyes.

"Well, you're the one who taught me that. Sorry though, I thought you were Freddy Krueger. "I laugh with him for a little a bit. I look at him for a moment then asks," Where did you go? I thought you were going to stay and watch it, till we both fell asleep."

I look at him for an answer, and then add," If you don't want to answer then you don't have too." I had realized awhile back that my brother had changed since our mother left. I guess he feel abandoned by mom. Billy was really close to her, while I was closer to dad.

" No, I was out at Sid's place." I raise my eyebrow at him, with a coy smile on my face. "Doing what, if I may ask?" I tease him a bit as Billy starts to answer.

"We didn't do anything above PG-13." I gave him the of course you didn't look. Then I slowly get up and kiss his cheek and hug him a bit. "I'm heading to bed, could you clean the popcorn? "

I give him one of my sweet innocent smiles as I head up to my room, to get some rest. I hear him groan a bit in protest.

The next morning, I woke up to Spice Girls' "Wanna". I was getting slightly annoyed with the song but it always seems to get me up. I rub eyes; and run my fingers thru my hair softly, and gets up and goes to the bathroom. I lock the door and take off my black silk nightgown and gets into the shower. I turn on the water and shivers a bit as it touches my soft skin. I quickly wash my body getting all the sweat and dirt off my body. I then start to wash my long dark brown hair.

I turn off the water when I'm done and step out of the shower. I wrap my towel around my body, and leave the bathroom. I knock on the Billy's door, knowing he wouldn't be up until I got him up. "Hey are you awake? You need to get ready for school." I say as the door opens revealing, that he already awake, with Stu Machcer. I blink a bit, with dark crimson blush covering cheeks. Ever since I meet met Stu, I had the hugest crust on him.

"Good Morning, S-Stu, Billy." I say smiling at both of them, trying to hide the blush on my cheeks. Stu looks over me and grins.

" Amy, what an amazing piece of art you have grown into." He says looking me in the eyes, as I feel my cheeks getting redder. Billy looks Stu raising an eyebrow before he hits his arm hard.

"Watch it, you are talking about my sister.." Billy warns as they both start laughing. I look at them once more; as I keep the towel wrapped around her body. I quickly turn around and goes to my room. I start hitting my forehead muttering " Stupid, stupid."

I quickly brush my hair out. I then put on my underwear and bra. I always feel really bad, that I have a crush on my best friend's boyfriend. I quickly put on a black T-shirt, with black leg warmers on my arms. I then put on a dark blued colored skirt with black tights underneath it. I walk out of her room, and go downstairs. I blink checking my pocket realizing I don't have my phone on me. I run back up the stairs and go into my room to get it. I walk in and grab it off my dresser.

I walk out of my room, to see Billy's door shut. I walk over to it and knock on it softy. I walk for a reply, but none comes. I blink slightly as I don't hear anything. I open the door slowly and step inside. I don't see him or Stu in the room. I shrug and turn around to leave when I see both of them standing that the door way. A small gasp escapes my mouth as I jump nearly out of my skin.

"God you two, were you wanting to give me a heart attack?" I look at both of them trying to catch my breath shaking my head. But I blink noticing the look Billy is giving me.

"I'm sorry for entering you room without permission..I just didn't know if you were awake or not." I say looking at the ground before I feel Stu's hand rubbing and ruining my hair.

" It's no big deal…we just messing with you Amy.." He said laughing a bit as I crack a smile as well. I let out a small sigh of relief. Billy smiled at me as I walk out of the room; he closes the door behind me. I walk downstairs but the report on the news catches my eye.

" Two teen were brutally Murdered last night. Casey Becker and Steve Orth were the two young victims…." My eyes widen in shock. I clasp my hand over my mouth to keep from letting the noise of pain and surprise leave it. I felt Billy's arm wrap around me, as the tears start to fall down my face. I just couldn't believe Casey was gone. I cry for several moments hearing Billy shushing me. I dare to ask the one question on my mind.

" W-who would m-murder Casey? She was so nice…."I ask ,still in some shock as Billy hugging me tighter . He shakes his head a bit.

"I don't know Amy, I don't know.." He says, as I break down into more tears.