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I try to keep from screaming, seeing Tatum's body like that. Tears forming in my eyes as I look around carefully; knowing the killer is watching from somewhere. I jump a bit into the air as I hear my phone go off once again; I look to see the number seeing that it is unknown. I answer, clenching my fist tightly.

"What do you think of my surprise Amy?" He asks in a taunting voice, I try to control a shiver over my body. I want to snap at this psycho, but I bite back my anger.

"Why would you show me this, you sick freak…? Just so you could see me freak out, panic?" I demand, wanting to go back inside where it's safe; and I could tell Randy. But fear has a tight grip on me.

"This is just the beginning of it my dear Amy….This is all part of a game, Tatum unfortunenly lost.. " He seems to be cut off by the noise of the rest of the guest getting into their cars and driving away. I hear him chuckle a bit.

"I see they found Principal Himbry…" He says as my eyes widen. This man had killed Casey, Steve, Tatum, and now Himbry… He had to be stopped.

"Why are you doing this? Why don't you just leave us alone" I asks going to the front door quickly holding my phone. My body shaking as I wobble back to the front door. I look around for Dewy, or even that twit Gale Weathers.

"Why should I ruin the surprise? You just have to wait to see the finally." He says before I hang up on him. I have to get to Randy quickly, before the pain in my leg get the best of me. My leg gives out as tears form in my eyes. He is watching me from somewhere but where. I look at the window the garage. That would have been the perfect vantage point. Panic is feeling my body, as I force my body to run to house only making part ways, before I feel someone grab onto my shoulder. I jump and turn around quickly to see Stu holding a bottle. I let out a noise of relief as I see him. I nearly fall into his arms.

"Amy, are you alright? I mean it looks like you've seen a ghost." He jokes looking at me, then seeing how pale my face was he became sober.

"Amy, what's wrong…?" He asked holding onto my shoulders, looking into my eyes. I let a few tears fall and I hold onto him.

"Stu…the killer is here…T-Tatum…is dead. W-We have to find the others and get out of here…" I say crying softly. Stu doesn't say anything as I go to look up at him. His eyes are cold, and unreadable. He holds me to him for a moment. He lets me go, he looks me in the eyes before he speaks.

"Amy, show me where T-Tatum is.." He said, looking away holding my hand. I went back to the Garage, and he looked at Tatum's body. He was shaking softly. I couldn't believe that he was crying. After a moment, he hide wiped his eyes. He grabbed my arm and started to walk with me.

"Amy, you need to go get the cops…Il try and find Sidney and Billy.." He said still hiding his face from mine. I raises an eye brow at this idea. I shake my head.

"No I cant just leave….I don't want to come and find yo-you or anyone else dead Stu.." I say tears forming in my eyes. I am shaking as he grabs my shoulders roughly.

"Amy..please…just this once listen to your knight…please go get help…" He said kissing my cheek softly before he run back towards the house. I start to walk on the road quickly, I look over my shoulder a lot. I make sure that no one is following me. I wasn't going to fall for the traps. After a while I saw Gale and Dewy walking along the road. I let out a sigh of relief. I hurry to them. Dewy looks at me worried

"Amy what are you doing out here? I thought you were at the party." Dewy also looked very confused. I shook my head with tears forming from my eyes.

"D-dewy.. you have to come quick..the..the killer is at the house…h-he has kill Tatum." I barely say avoiding his eyes. Hot tears were falling down my cheek, when I felt Dewy embrace me. I could feel the tears falling from his cheek onto my shoulder. I heard Gale's breathing become panicked. Dewy let go of me and started to head back to the house with his gun drawn. Gale and I quickly followed him.

"Is there a phone in the van?" Dewy asked Gale as we reached the house. The door was wide open, panic fills my body.

"Yes there is…" Gale answers as Dewy goes behind his police car and looks into the door. He walks closer to the house.

"Okay, lock yourself in and call the sheriff for back up…" He says walking closer to the door.

"Be careful.." I say to him as Gale and I hurry to the van. I look back at the house. I shook my head and went heading back into the house after Dewy. I heard Gale yelling for Kenny as I walked back. I also hear the door slam. I walked in not seeing Dewy in sight. I didn't see Dewy anywhere as I went to head upstairs. I didn't dare call out as I was scared that the killer was inside of the house.

I reached the bedroom to find blood covering some of the ground. Tears form from my eyes as I hope it was my brother…or Sidney. I backed up and felt something behind him. It was the man in the ghost mask who attacked me earlier. I tried to move forward but my injuries finally got to me because my leg gave out. The man grabbed me by the hair and slammed my head into a wall. I let out a gasp as pain fills my head. I struggle to get away, as I feel the knife entering my already wounded shoulder. I let out a cry of pain as this was all too much for my weak body. I felt the man throw me onto the ground, before everything went numb.

The next time I would wake up would be on the floor of the bedroom, but a puddle of blood from my wounded shoulder. I started to get up, I grabbed my shoulder and went to go downstairs..

Nothing would prepare me for the event that I was about to see….