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Sólo Mío


Tony looked away from the waitress's curvy bottom to his teammate.


"Gibbs is glaring" Ziva said.

"Gibbs is always glaring Ziva" Tony said, rolling his eyes.

"That is true" Ziva said with an amused grin, "but look who he's glaring at"

Tony looked over towards the bar, where he knew their Boss was and grinned. There was Gibbs drink in hand, glaring across the bar, amused both Agents followed his gaze and were not surprised to see Tim sitting at the bar, laughing and smiling with some guy.

"Oh this is going to be good" Tony said, nearly bouncing in his seat with excitement.

It was no secret within the team, or NCIS for that matter, that Gibbs liked the youngest Agent more then he should, many times Tony was sure the Boss would lose it, throw Tim down on his desk and have his wicked way with him. It never did though much to the disappointment of Ziva, Abby, and half the women of NCIS.

"He's moving" Ziva said with a grin.

The two watched Gibbs moved through the crowd and towards the two men, Tim smiled a bit nervously when Gibbs appeared by his side, Gibbs gave a nod then turned his infamous glare to the man who looked more nervous than Tim.

Tony and Ziva placed their bets.

The man lasted five minutes before he excused himself and nearly ran away, disappearing into the crowd.

"You think Gibbs well make a move this time yes?" Ziva asked as she handed over five singles to Tony.

"It's been two years Ziva, and that's before the man realized he wanted Probie"

When Tim first came to the team, Tony noticed something different about the Boss, sure he was a bit of a bastard, but that's just Gibbs, no it was something else.

At first Tony put it down to Tim being the rookie Agent, and Gibbs was just giving him a bit of a hard time because of it, a few as those incidents were, unlike him. It was when they went to interview a wife of one of their suspects that it finally clicked.

During the interview the woman kept flirting with McGee, who either was being processional and just being plain polite, or really was oblivious, Tony voted for the later. Anyway, Gibbs kept glaring and barking at the woman every time she was able to make Tim smile, which was odd, the woman was a red head. Tony had to take over, while Gibbs and Tim finished searching the house and during that whole time, in Tony's mind was that Gibbs, their Boss was jealous of that woman.

And wasn't even aware of it!

After that and a lot of talking with the neighborhood stray cat that liked to hang around the hall at his apartment complex, Tony decided he was okay with his Boss wanting Probie…..and besides it was so much fun watching Gibbs get rattled up (in his own Gibbs way of course) when he saw Tony touching Tim or making the youngest Agent become flustered.

He even considered pecking Tim on the lips once.

Then figured a bullet in the head wasn't worth it.

"They're coming this way" Ziva said, bringing him out of his thoughts.

Indeed they were, Tim in front, Gibbs in back, eyes focused on the younger Agent's 4 out of 5 backside. Personal Tony thought it was a three, then again it was nice and round and looked firm so maybe it was really a 4 out of 5 or just a solid 5….Tony also thought he shouldn't really be thinking so much about Tim's butt …at least not with Gibbs so close.

"Where's you date Probie?" Tony teased, grinning when Gibbs gave him a hard look.

"He wasn't a date, he just wanted to talk" Tim said with a frown.

"What did you two talk about?" Ziva asked curious.

"Mostly random things"

"What happen?"

Tim shrugged as he slide in next to the Mossad, while Gibbs slide next to Tony.

"Where's Abby? The team leader asked before drowning his drink.

"She had an appointment with the nuns" Tony explained before going back to his beer.

The rest of the evening was spent as usual, joking around, enjoying each other's company and having a good time as Friday night slowly turned into dawn and the three day weekend drew near.

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Solo Mio, means Only Mine in Spanish.