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Warning: Sex betweene two men.

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Solo Mio

Leon was able to save his employees from death by Gibbs, by letting Gibb's team go home early, the team leader had glared at Leon, before grabbing hold of Tim and dragging him into the elevator, through the garage and to his car.

"Boss I can—"

"Tomorrow" Gibbs said, "get in the car"

Tim stared at his Boss, before getting in the car, the ride to the older man's house was quiet, a bit tense, and a bit fearful as Gibbs raced down the road at unusually high and reckless speed, even in Gibbs's standards. When they got to the house Tim wanted to kiss the ground, instead he found himself once again being dragged, up the stairs they went and into the bedroom.

Tim bounced when he was thrown onto the bed.

"Um" he said nervously, squeaking when hand started removing his clothes, "B-Boss"

"I'm about to fuck you into the mattress" Gibbs growled as he pulled off the younger's shirt, gaining a pleasant shiver from Tim, "so say my name Tim"

"J-Jethro" Tim stuttered, yelping when his pants were pulled off, smacking away the hands when they started on his boxers, "maybe we should mmph!"

Gibbs growled into the kiss, tongue mapping out the other's map, taking in the whimper from the man beneath him, when he pulled away Tim was panting and his face flushed.

"I've waited too long" Gibbs said before kissing him again, using the distraction to remove the boxers, once they were gone, Gibbs pulled back to admire Tim.

The younger male squirmed under the stare, hand coming up to cover himself only to be stopped by Gibbs.

"Don't hide" he said.


"You're beautiful"

Tim's blush turned darker, when Gibbs started to undressed, Tim's blush if possible turned darker, Gibbs didn't even mind when Tim looked everywhere but at him, though he was curious.

"How in the world did you have sex with women Tim, especially Abby?"

"It's different.. I mean…it's you…." Tim trialed off.

Gibbs decided to take that as a compliment as he attacked his soon to be lover's lips again, Tim gasp when lips went lower, tracing the curve of his neck, mewling when his skin was suckled, and nipped at. His body going limp when a sensitive spot was bite at.

Gibbs went lower, stopping to take a nipple between his lips and suckled, the Team Leader was surprise when Tim gave a high-pitched moan and nearly threw him off when he arched. Hands came to grip his hair when he sucked hard, taking the harden bud between his teeth and tugged.

"Jethro" Tim gasped.

Gibbs pulled away from the now abused nub, making a mental note to spend a day seeing if could bring Tim to orgasm by playing with his nipples alone, and went lower, sucking and nipping every available skin, leaving marks. When he got to the long leaking erection, Gibbs wrapped his lips around it, licking a slow, torturous stripe along the shaft before sucking the tip into his mouth.

Tim arched and the fingers in his hand gripped hard, causing Gibbs to shiver at both the feel and the taste of Tim, as he slid down, enveloping as much of Tim's cock as he could. He pulled up, stopping to suck on the head before going back down, holding down the hips that were starting to buck.

Gibbs pulled back up, released the cock with a pop, running his tongue underneath it before taking the head back into his mouth and sucked.

"Oh God" Tim moaned, legs shifting wider.

Gibbs hummed, before suckling the now rapidly leaking head, taking in the moans and gasps, the sounds getting louder when swapped his mouth for his hand, jerking Tim with teasing strokes and flicks of his wrist, moving fast and hard until Tim arched his back and came.

Tim shivered as he laid boneless on the bed, he blinked when suddenly he was flipped onto his stomach.

"Jethro?" he asked, looking over his shoulder when his hips were gripped and lifted up his ass in the air.

Gibbs leaned forward and kissed him, nibbling on his bottom lip before pulling back, and leaving trails of nips, sucks, and bites from the back of his neck, along his back until he got to his ass. There was a pause before his cheeks were parted.

Tim gasp in surprise at the kiss on his hole, and tried to move away, only for Gibbs's grip on his to tighten and pull him back.

"It's dirty" Tim tired.

His answer was lick at his rim, so he was nothing more than a mewling puddle of goo as his hole was lapped and sucked at, hands clawing at the sheets, cock once again hard.

"Jethro" Tim mewled.

Gibbs growled, his tongue press along his entrance, circling then pushing in, making Tim squeak in surprise, before pulling back to lap at the rim.

"Good" Tim moaned, trying to push back when the tongue pushed back in, groaning when he couldn't.

Gibbs pulled out to suck at the rim before pushing back in, wiggling his tongue around, before pulling back out to kiss and lick. He pulled back to take in the hole, a feral grin appearing on his face at the sight of the wet, quivering hole. When he lowered his head again he shoved his tongue in as deep as he could and fucking Tim with it ruthlessly, sucking and biting at the puckered skin fervently, listening to every whimper and moan that spilled from his lover's lips.

Suddenly Tim came, moaning into the pillow he had at one point buried his face in, and then went limp, panting.

Gibbs's eyes gleamed at sight of his shivering McGee, before moving over to the dresser by the bed, he opened the drawer and got out the lube, he poured a good amount on his hand and rubbed it on his aching hard cock. Once it was generously coated, he lifted Tim's hips up once again, before taking hold of his cock and lined it up with the barely stretched hole.

Tim's eyes widen and his body tensed at the feel of the large head.

"Tim?" Gibbs asked, "do you want to stop?"

Tim shook his head, "No" he said.

"Are you sure? We can"

"I'm sure, now fuck me"

Gibbs grinned before pushing all the in with one thrust, Tim gasp at the feel of sudden fullness and slight pain, he gasp again when Gibbs suddenly pulled out and pushed back in, then doing it again, and again. Soon Tim was once again clawing at the sheets as he was being pounded into, suddenly his eyes rolled into the back of his head when Gibbs's cock pressed against his prostate, sending shocks of pleasure.

"Jethro" Tim moaned, thrusting back.

"Feels good?" Gibbs asked as he leaned forward to make another mark on the man's neck.

"Yes" Tim hissed, giving a high pitched mewl when Gibbs thrusted in rather roughly, whimpering when he was pulled into a rough, hungry kiss.

After that it was nothing more than sounds of moans, skin slapping against skin and the bed creaking.

"Jethro—" Tim's moan trailed off as he took hold of his cock, whimpering when his hand was shoved away, eyes rolling back once again, mouth hanging open letting out short pants when he was thrusted into in brutal yet pleasurable pace.

Three more thrust and he was coming gasping Gibb's name, above Gibb's cursed and Tim was vaguely aware of being filled in his post- orgasmic haze, though he did feel Gibb fall on him. For a few moments there was nothing but heavy panting, and happy after-glow, until Gibbs moved, slowly pulling out of the younger man. Tim allowed himself to be moved around until he was curled up next to the ex-sniper, his head tucked under the man's chin.

"Never took you for a post-sex cuddlier" Tim said.

"Tell anyone, and you'll find your computer gone the next day." Gibbs half-heartily threatened.

"Evil man"

"This evil man just screwed your brains out"

"Well since I'm still talking you didn't do a good job"

Gibbs looked down and raised a brow, before smirking and rolling them over, gaining a surprised yelp from Tim.

"Guess I'm going have to try again"

Heads looked up when the elevator dinged open, some eyes widen, while others grinned at the sight of a smug Gibbs, and a blushing slightly limping McGee.

"Way to go Boss!" Tony cheered.

Tim just blushed harder as he made his way to his desk, slowly he sat down, his blush getting darker when there were a few cat-calls.

"Alright you nuts, get back to work. Gibbs your team is on cold cases" Leon said from his spot on the balcony.

Gibbs nodded, giving Tony a look when the Senior Agent was started making his way over to his lover, Tony gave a mischievous grin to his Boss, but went back to his desk.

For an hour there was peace, until an Agent came into the Pen with a folder.

"Agent Gibbs, Abby told me to give you this"

The Agent handed Gibbs the folder, when Gibbs opened the folder and read the first words, he raised a brow and continued on reading.

"DiNozzo" he finally said after ten minutes of reading.

"Yeah Boss"

"Why are you obsessed with McGee's ass?"

All three Agents looked at him, until Tony noticed the familiar folder on the man's desk and paled.


"And how do you know that his eyes sparkle when he speaks geek"


"Should I be concerned?"


"Should I be concerned" Tim asked, having gotten up to see what the man was talking about, "and how do you know what boxers I wear?"

"It was for researched!" Tony finally whined when Gibbs glared at him, "I swear, and besides you weren't supposed to know about the folder!"

Tony was going to kill Abby!