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A/N: This takes place after Chamber of Secrets. So Harry 13, but nothing will sexual will happen until he's at least 15. Like most of my stories.

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The park had long since been abandoned; the scent of humans was hardly existent, as was any other animal.

A perfect place to rest.

The large creature limped its way over to one of the large long plastic tunnels; it took several sniffs before crawling inside. With a groan that was almost human, the creature laid on its side, the tunnel echoed with harsh panting, ears swirling listening for any signs of intruders. Dark pools of amber slowly closing, giving in to the darkness.

The creature's body jerked and its eyes snapped open, its ears twitched at the sounds of pounding feet and shouting, it lifted its head, and stared at the left entrance of the tunnel.


It didn't have to wait long.

A pair of old sneakers appeared, the creature was barely able to identify the new scent as human, before said human crawled into its tunnel.

The creature gave a warning growl, startling the human. The human gave a surprise gasp, and froze, the creature's ears twirled as more footsteps came pounding. The human's breath hitched, jumping when a voice spoke.

"He's gone"

"Probably hiding"

The voices came closer.

"If he is, then we'll never find him"

There was so mumbling, that even the creature couldn't catch, then a pause.

"Lets go, I saw this store with some magazines we can lift"

"Yea lets go, this place gives me the creeps"

The human gave a sigh of relief when the footsteps faded away, then eyes locked.

Harry didn't mean to disturb the dog, he just wanted to get away from Dudley and his gang, who surprisingly chased him a good six blocks before he found himself a place to hide.

The old park, had many tunnels that connected to each other, designed for toddlers, and smaller children it was the perfect place for Harry to hide given his small figure. It also helped that the park was rumored to be hunted, that at the night of a full moon, the sounds of the howling dead could be heard from the wooded areas that surrounded the park.

"Thank Merlin for Dudley's fear of Magic" the thirteen year old thought, before refocusing his attention to the dog, who stared back at him.

The dog was large nearly bear size, it's length covering half of the tunnel, and Harry was sure that if the dog was standing, instead of laying on its side, it would be just a little cramped. Its thick white coat of fur was covered in red, and Harry finally notice the harsh almost pained panting.

"It's hurt!"he thought, and crawler closer to the dog, stopping when the dog let out a low threatening growl, teeth bared.

"It's okay" he said softly and slowly held out his hand to sniff, to show that he meant no harm.

The dog growled deeply in its throat and snapped it's fangs in the air, clearly telling it did not want Harry here, but Harry didn't move.

"I just want to help" Harry said, his voice still soft and non-threatening, this compulsion he felt to help the dog wasn't anything new, ever since he was younger, he always helped hurt stray animals when he could, feeling a sort of kinship with them because of his relationship with the Dursleys.

Finally the dog stopped its growling and sniffed the outstretched hand; Harry gave a little giggle when a large warm wet tongue went across his skin some minutes later.

"Okay" Harry then said moving crawling closer, but not to close, " let's see how bad things are".

Slowly as not to startle or upset the dog, Harry placed his hand on the injured leg, the dog continued to watch him, snarling at him when Harry pressed down a little hard on the leg, Harry pulled his hand quickly away, and didn't even try to feel around on the injure on the dog's side, it was to close to the dog's head, the young wizard knew that the dog was merely tolerating him anyway.

With that in mind, Harry took off his shirt and started ripping it.

The creature stared at the Human-Pup with annoyance, a bit of curiosity and a bit of amusement. Most humans would run when they saw him, not this human. He smelt little fear, and the Pup's face was written in concern, the creature gave a small warning growl when there was a tight pressure on injured his hind right leg.

"Sorry" the human said, before moving over to his injured ribcage.

The wrapping was done quickly, and once done the creature took it's time to take in the human's features.

The human was small, compared to many human-pups he had seen, skin pale, unruly raven black hair, and large deep green eyes that remained him a lot of the forest that was his home. The creature was even surprised that the human smelt of something floral, most humans smelt of dirt and sweat.

"This should help until I can get an aid-kit" the human said, he looked like he wanted to pet the creature, the creature hoping he would so he could bit him.

Unfortunately the human didn't instead he laid back against the tunnel wall and sighed deeply.

"I hope do you don't mind, if I stay a little bit longer" the human said, closing his eyes.

The creature did nothing but sniff the cloth that was once a shirt now tied to its side, before laying his head back down, and closing its eyes, keeping its body alert of the human.

It was nearly evening before Harry crawled out the tunnel.

"I'll see you tomorrow" he said to the dog, at least he hoped the dog would be here, over the few years some injured strays wondered off, when Harry left to get things.

The dog didn't even so much as twitch, Harry gave a little smile before leaving the park, his heart becoming heavy as he neared the familiar house.

The next morning the creature was awoken by the return of the human, this time the human had some odd white box and a bag, his nose twitching at the smell of food.

"Morning" the human greeted crawling into the tunnel, "I brought food"

The creature's long shaggy tail gave a little wag at the word 'food'.

The human took out the large container of food that he was able to sneak and slide it over to the dog's head; the dog gave a long sniff before gorging on it.

"Glad you like it" the human said as he took a bite out of an apple.

The two ate in a comfortable silences, afterwards the human gave proper care to the creature's injures. The creature stood up and the human's big eyes widen at his large size, apparently he got the wrong expression of it's size.

He moved over to the human, his nose twitched with the scent of nervousness, that seem to thicken as he got closer to the human, paying the human little attention he stuffed his large head inside the bag, sniffing looking for more food. His ears twitching at the human's laughter.

"Sorry no more food" the human chuckled removing the bag.

The creature gave the human an annoyed look, what good was the human then.

The human stayed until dusk once again and then left, promising to return.

The human came back every day, bringing food and changing the creature's injures, the two then would spend their time in comfortable silence, this routine went on for days, until one day the human didn't come, and the creature tried to ignore the nervousness and loneliness it felt that night.

And the next four nights.


The creature stared at the human, who made no move to crawl into the tunnel.

"What?" the human asked, giving a yelp of surprise when the creature leaped onto him, both falling to the ground. The creature's nose sniffing at every purple and black bruise it could see, and even then it pushed up the large shirt to sniff at the human's bruised stomach.

A large threatening growl rumbling in its chest.

Someone had hurt its pup!

…..It's Pup?

"Hey could you let me up?"

The creature did as it was asked, and sat, watching the human painfully stand, and give it a gentle smile.

"It's not as bad as it looks, promise"

No…it got worse.

The human's visits were becoming less and less, and when he did come the human was covered in bruises and even smelt of blood once.

Once day the human came limping, and clothes ripped, and the creature was glad the human didn't smell of sex.

"Hey brought food this time" the human's voice was hoarse, instead of soft like the creature was use to.

The creature walked out the tunnel and sniffed at the food laid out for it, before pushing the container of food to the human.

"No thanks I'm not hungry" the human said, the creature growl disapprovingly, until the human ate, even if it was just a little.

The night in the tunnel, the human laid curled against the creature, who refused to let the human return to wherever that was causing him harm.

Dark pools of ambers studied the human asleep so close to it, taking in the small body, listening to the human breath, and the bruises.

So young and fragile, in need of protection.

The creature gave a soft whine and liked at the bruised cheek.

…Yes, this was its Pup.

It's to protect, and care for, and the creature was going to take great delight in killing those that harmed it's Pup.

The next morning, the human asked him a question.

"Can I call you Arctic?"

The creature looked at its Pup, before yawning and going back to sleep, there were worst names a Werewolf could be called.

Who is this mysterious Were? I wonder.

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