AN: Okay, 'The Balance' is one of my favourite JLU episodes and I've been wanting to explore various things in the series more so Shayera's journey into becoming more accepted within the League. This Fiction is strongly based on the episode, I have used the episode as a basic skeleton on which to build my interpretation of the changes and emotions that occurred during the episode between Shayera and Diana.

There are many references in this Fiction to the episode including direct Quotations which you will hopefully recognize if you have seen the episode(No doubtly you have) I'll also let you know if I've referenced any other episodes as well. Feel free to let me know if I misquote anything or if the characters become out of character at any point.

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Chapter One

Sometimes it bothered her just how many people recognised her, Diana Princess of Themyscira marched down one of the hallways of the Watchtower and was greeted by just about everyone she saw.

"Hey Wonder Woman"

"How's it going Wonder Woman?"

Politely she greeted each of them; despite being friendly there was an air of detachment in her greetings. There were so many new members and she was yet to make an effort to really get to know anyone, she just couldn' any of them, she knew that she had no reason not to but it made no difference to her mind set.

Continuing on her way Wonder Woman was feeling more elated as she neared the canteen, she was meeting The Flash today for dinner since he'd suggested that it would be good to catch up. Wally had become more independent as the Justice League had grown and she wondered why that was but decided it wasn't anything to be alarmed about, however the situation did bother her because she didn't always see the other six...five...she corrected mentally. She didn't always see the other founding members that often and they were the only people she felt she could connect with and see as her equals.

To her there were only six founding members despite Hawkgirl's return in her mind there were only six, how could Hawkgirl be considered as one of the seven anymore? She couldn't, not after she betrayed them.

Amongst the corridors of the satellite there was another woman making her way to the canteen, this one was markedly different to the other as was the reaction she invoked in those around her. Shayera sighed as she continued her journey, the voices of those around her echoing about as their owners made no attempt to keep them quiet.

"Don't know what she's doing here"

"They said she's staying permanently"

"I hope I don't get assigned missions with her"

Trying to ignore the comments she pressed on down the corridor, their reactions were hardly surprising and she wondered if they had any idea that she asked herself the same questions and whether it would make any difference should they know. She doubted it.

As she walked she kept her eyes downcast not wanting to make eye contact and give anyone the opportunity to turn their passing comments into a confrontation, she'd left her mace in her room and despite making her feel vulnerable it at least made people less weary of her...if that was possible. Today she was cautiously optimistic; she was meeting The Flash for dinner, probably the only one of the original seven she felt remotely comfortable with at the moment, he was the only one who didn't give her special treatment of some kind. Superman would always look sympathetic, Batman she couldn't quite work out just now, J'onn was understanding, Diana was...resentful, and John...she halted her thoughts as she realised she'd stopped walking and people were starting to gather around her.

Damn it she complained chastising herself Damn it, John.

Looking around cautiously she started walking again suddenly feeling claustrophobic at the number of unfamiliar and glaring faces around her, maybe she should tell Wally not to worry, maybe she'll just go back to her room safe from people's judgement. Although the idea seemed very appealing Shayera continued to the canteen anyway, she'd made a promise and she'd vowed to herself that she wouldn't break anymore of those.

"Look, that's her...the traitor"

"Yeah, yeah that's Hawkgirl"

"She shouldn't be here"

"Yeah Wonder Woman agrees"

It took a lot of motivation for Shayera to keep walking, she knew Diana didn't want her there, of that she was certain but it didn't make hearing of it any easier, everyone knew Wonder Woman didn't want Hawkgirl in the League.

"Oh right, I heard Wonder Woman wasn't happy about it"

"How do you know?"

"I heard her talking to Batman"

Shayera involuntarily grimaced but managed to keep going, the canteen wasn't far now, just a little further...she could do this.

Stepping into the canteen Diana greeted yet more Leaguers until she finally saw a flash of scarlet, the air rushed around her as the speedster drew to a halt beside her.

"Hey Diana" He greeted warmly "Still on for dinner?"

Diana thought she saw a hint of mischief in what little of his face she could see but she decided to overlook it, was there ever a moment when Wally wasn't up to something?

"Hello Wally" She smiled "Yes I am, shall we?"

Flash grinned "Come on then Princess...I've got my eyes on the Justice Burgers"

Diana raised an eyebrow "Justice Burgers?"

Wally threw her another grin "Hey, it sounds better than 'Ham burgers' don't you think?"

"I guess so" She replied with a smile and a small chuckle.

Together they made their way over to the trays and Diana watched with amusement as Flash darted from one end to the other, once the blur had passed he stood at the other end with his tray loaded high with burgers. It continued to fascinate her just how much he could eat, he had told her it was due to his metabolism and she was thankful she didn't have to eat quite so much, she wasn't sure her stomach could handle that many burgers. Taking a considerable amount of time longer than her friend, Diana gathered her dinner of pasta as well as a drink, proceeding to follow her scarlet friend as he led her to a table.

"This is a great idea Wally, I can't remember the last time we had a chance to catch up" She said as she took to the table, it was true though, she'd hardly seen him lately...she missed the times when it had just been the seven of them. Six... she corrected again trying to forget that they had a seventh member.

"Mostly my fault, I've been pretty busy in Central City"

Diana was eager to find out what Flash had been up to in his home city, she'd heard about some things and even seen some footage on the television on some of the happenings.

"I want to hear all about it, I saw some of it on the news, but it's not the same as - " She didn't finish her sentence, someone unexpected was standing at the table.

Diana narrowed her eyes as she locked them onto their guest, Wonder Woman assumed uninvited and was already considering a whole manner of things to say about the woman's audacity in joining them.

"I'm sorry; I thought we were having dinner tonight?" Shayera asked averting her eyes from a furious looking Amazon; she'd had just about enough this evening.

"Is it Tuesday? Silly me...making dinner plans with two beautiful women on the same night" Flash chimed in awkwardly but he had a suspicion he'd been rumbled.

"Uh huh" Diana questioned dryly.

Yep he'd been found out; he wondered what potential aftermath his plotting might trade off.

"We can do this another time" Shayera turned away and Diana watched her, for a moment she was surprised the Thanagarian was leaving; didn't she want to argue her cause?

Diana didn't have much longer to think on the issue before a gust of air signalled that Flash wasn't quite through with his negotiation attempts, she was disappointed.

"Don't be ridiculous, we can all have a meal us a chance to get re-acquainted, patch things up" Flash stepped in her way remembering how hard it was to get her to leave her room in the first place, he didn't want her to go back again after her first real attempt to be social.

Shayera frowned at Wally as he touched her shoulder to stop her from leaving; she knew it was only a gesture because she could easily push him away and leave if she wanted to. Sighing to herself she saw the hope in his eyes despite knowing that both women knew exactly what he was trying to do, somehow it convinced her to sit down as he steered her towards the extra seat.

Diana was irritated and actually wanted to leave herself, but being the proud Amazon that she was, that currently wasn't an option, she was partially aware of all the eyes on their table apparently a confrontation was expected. She considered Flash's words; did she want to be re-acquainted with this woman? The answer came to her quickly...No.

"Assuming we want to" She muttered focusing on her tray and not on the expression that Shayera adorned in response.

Flinching but recovering quickly, Wally continued to try to coax the two back together.

"Now there's an example of exactly the kind of thing we're not going to do anymore right? I'm telling ya once we clear the air, everyone's going to be pals again...I always thought the reason that you two don't get along is that you're so much alike"

He realised his mistake immediately.

"Like her?" The two women snapped in unison obviously insulted by the comparison and incredulous enough to tear themselves away from their glaring.

Defeated Flash involuntarily picked up a piece of Diana's pasta despite his own brimming dinner tray.

"You weren't going to eat that were you?" He asked innocently, it was something he used to do quite often which usually resulted in Hawkgirl trying to pummel him, it would all end in laughs but such luck.

Diana turned her glare onto Wally, conviction enough that his habits weren't going to be a source of amusement tonight. After a few extra seconds of silently scolding the speedster Diana went to her meal, as did Shayera and they ate in silence.

"You guys aren't even trying; you could at least talk to each other" Flash pressed now hopeful as neither of them had taken a whack at each other or him yet, surely that was progress?

Shayera chewed on her meal outwardly emitting her annoyance and dislike for being sat with Diana but deep down she was trying to stop herself from leaving, there were so many people in here all of them watching the ongoing meal with interest, no doubt waiting for Wonder Woman to announce another reason why she shouldn't be there. All Shayera wanted to do was curl up into ball and hope that people would stop noticing her, stop their accusing glares. Diana's glare was hard not to shrink from she'd obviously been getting tips from Batman, but maybe it wasn't that, maybe it was because she understood why she felt that way. She wasn't sure if that made it any better.

Sighing Shayera decided to at least try, more so for Wally than for Diana's sake.

"The pasta's good"

"It's the sauce"

Shayera wanted to snort at that but kept quiet; it was typical that the Princess would insist it was something other than what she'd said just for the sake of disagreeing with her.

"This isn't going to work is it?"

Diana looked up and was once again momentarily surprised that the woman opposite her didn't start an argument, didn't contradict her, didn't challenge her. She shrugged it off immediately.

"Not a chance"

With that both stood simultaneously and left, both splitting into different directions once clear of the canteen distantly aware of Flash calling for them to come back.

Neither one did.

To be Continued