Terminator Salvation

John probably gets back in time and Sarah dies from disease. Judgment Day 2011 may have been stopped, but Terminators may have gone back in time to ensure that Judgment Day happens before John and Sarah make changes.

Marcus Wright, born August 22, 1972, receives the death sentence in 2003 at Longview State Correctional Facility, as shown in the beginning of Terminator Salvation. His body is donated to Cyberdyne Systems. In this timeline, Judgment Day takes place July 25, 2003 according to the Greg Cox novel Terminator Salvation: Cold War. This fits with the statement in the beginning of the film that says Judgement Day took place in the early 21st century. It is caused by a U.S. nuclear attack on the rest of the world. John Connor and Kate Brewster meet each other and get married.

In 2016, the Terminator Salvation video game and Terminator Salvation: The Machinima Series take place. In 2017, the comic Terminator Salvation: Sand in the Gears takes place. The comic shows how the war affects the rest of the world. From March to April 2018, the Timothy Zahn novel Terminator Salvation: From The Ashes takes place. Kate Brewster reveals that she's pregnant at the end of the story. It is unknown as of now whether it is a boy or a girl, but it is different from the Kyla Connor who was born years earlier in the timeline of Terminator Dreams and Terminator Hunt. In May, Terminator Salvation takes place. Marcus wakes up as a Terminator with a human heart. He meets Kyle Reese and Star, who are taken to Skynet Central in San Francisco. Marcus helps John Connor rescue them. John fights the T-800 who gives him the scar around his eye. It is defeated, but John needs a heart transplant because of the damage that it did to him. Marcus gives him his heart and John continues to live. Zahn's novel Terminator Salvation: Trial by Fire follows. John gives Barnes permission to go bury his dead brother who was killed in the lab in the film. They discover a village that seems largely untouched by Judgement Day.

As of 2011, Terminator 5 is in development. It may continue this timeline or create a new one. There may also be a Terminator 6.