We're Coming

We Will Have Her

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When being a thief, you always need to know three things. One: Always have a plan A, B, and C. B and C are in case plan A fails. C will be the trump card plan. Two: Once you get what want, always have a method of getaway planned. Be it a horse, carriage, secret path, or vanishing smoke. Just make sure no one can follow you. If they do follow you, make sure you can lose them. Three: the most important rule of them all. When you and your team have collected your prize, never ever deny your accomplices their share of the pay. Especially two scarred jail birds by the names of Cleaver and Clyde Stabbington.

Clyde – Man with excellent side burns. He does most of the negotiating, bargaining – basically he does all the talking. He's always got a plan for how to do a job, and a backup plan if the first one fails. He doesn't let anyone pull the wool over him twice in one life time. And he's quick on his feet. He's good with a crossbow. He never misses his mark - normally. He usually leaves the

Cleaver – the man with the eye patch and of very little words – no words actually. But what he lacks in words, he makes up for with his steady yet, deadly hands. He's capable of wielding two blades and can skin a boar in less than a minute with them. He can use any blade if you put it in his hands. The man of action is what his brother calls him.

The Stabbington's – both are good with their fists and fighting. They do their best work when they're together. And their greatest work is coming up with plans to get their pay that Flynn Rider denied them. And one way or another they will get it. No matter the cost.

"CLEAVER AND CLYDE STABBINGTON," The judge announced throughout the hall, "With the minimal amount of evidence provided by the defense, this court has found you innocent of all charges, and has granted you your freedom and an apology from the people for wrongful accusations." The two chained brothers smirked to one another as if they had just hit the jackpot. "However we do ask that you both gather whatever your things and leave this kingdom. A carriage and compensation will be provided of course."

"We thank you My Lord," Clyde bowed, "And we shall take our leave. We ask though that you give us until tomorrow morning. It will be a chance for us to recharge before we take our leave. The last thing we would want to do is cause trouble during such a momentous occasion." He was referring to Rapunzel returning home. Ever since she returned to the kingdom as the princess, the kingdom had been celebrating for the last three days. It was likely to end in four – on Monday. Until then the town will be filled with laughter and happiness. Just what the brothers needed.

"Very well," the judge decided, "Your carriage and compensation will be delivered to your homes later this evening." He slammed the gavel and the court was adjourned.


As they left the court house, Clyde took in a deep breath of his and his freedom. It smelt like sunshine, flowers, and five poured over tankards of mead. This was the beginning of a good day. "Cleaver old buddy," Clyde said, draping his arm around his brother, "this is the start of a new beginning for us." The two strolled down the stone carved streets of the Golden Kingdom. They passed by many stands and carts with fruits and trinkets on them. They passed playing kids, Guards, the girls who braid each other's hair, and more guards. "Yes sir, I can't wait!" He cheered, skipping down the street. "We'll be rich," they made it to their house, "out and about," he opened the door, "doing our own thing…" He trailed off as he shut the door gently, darkening their living room, "And getting our revenge on Rider." He said gravelly in a dark tone. He lied back on his couch and stroked his chin, "The only question is how to do it." Cleaver handed him a handkerchief with the kingdoms sun seal on it. "What are you thinking?" Clyde asked, leaning up. Cleaver turned it over. It had Rapunzel sown into it. "Yeah…" Clyde purred, "I see what you mean. Rider fell in love with that Princess. In fact," he held it open in front of him, "I believe he's living with the royals right now." He realized what he just said and angrily threw the handkerchief down to the floor. "He's living with the royals!" He slapped his hands on his knees with defeat. "We might as well slap the irons back on our wrists and plead to the judge right now. We don't have the man power for this job!"

"Don't…need…" Cleaver heaved. "She… dances … festival …" He sounded as if he was choking out air when he spoke. His throat had gotten torn up so badly it almost prevents him from speaking. He can form a few words from time to time, but he can't make full sentences. If he talks for too long, there is a danger he can go completely mute.

He gripped his stomach a cough aloud. Blood came up in his hand. "Easy brother," Clyde said, sitting him down, "Don't strain yourself." He gave Cleaver a cup of water. Cleaver chugged the cool liquid down, feeling every ounce of it brush past his damaged throat. "Better?" Cleaver nodded exhaustedly. Clyde patted him on the back affectionately. "So she dances during the festival?" Cleaver nodded his head. "Then that's when we take her." He rose from his spot on the couch and went to the window. "It's only fair that we do." He chortled cynically. He opened the curtain and gazed out at the slowly crowd filling streets. "Rider got the crown, the girl, and rumor has it he'll be wearing that forever binding ring of marriage." He pulled on the curtain angrily. He thought about what he and his brother had to do in order for Rider to get his happy ending. But once again Flynn leaves them out to dry. He keeps everything for himself, and the Stabbington's are left to take the punishment. Clyde laughed to himself. "Holding out on us again, eh...rider?" He commented nostalgically. Thinking on the last time he and his brother were denied their prize. They almost had Rapunzel. But gothel came in and took her from them. Now Flynn was going to steal her away forever. "Well not anymore!" A little girl and boy who strongly resembled Rapunzel and Flynn ran by. The boy picked up the girl and spun her around. They then ran off giggling, their parents behind them. "He won't be getting married any time soon." Clyde closed the curtains and leaned against the wall. A sinister smirk snaked its way across his face. "Rider's going to pay up." He picked up the handkerchief, "Whether he gives us the girl or gives us the kingdom," He laid the piece of cloth flat onto the table, "We will get our pay." He took out a knife. He marveled its hilt. It had his name carved into it and on the other side it had a boar. "And as an added bonus," he stabbed the knife into the cloth. Impaling the wood and Rapunzel's side of the Handkerchief, "We will have our revenge."

I'll end it right here for now. I know it's short, but that's how most first chapters are. Depending on if I get reviews, I may or may not continue. If you guys like it I'll keep going.