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Summery: My name is Bella Swan and I am a secret agent. My mission?

To protect a family of rich folks who might be in danger.





I rolled around on my bed so that I was facing the alarm to shut it up.

Groaning I stood up, spared a glance at the alarm clock which indicated it was 4:30am, I walked to my cupboard and grabbed my jogging outfit.

After changing I went outside into the frosty air of the morning and started jogging.

The familiar burn I felt in my legs after some time was like home, jogging full force was easy to me and I could go for hours without getting tired.

I ran all the way to La Push before I turned and headed back to Forks.

Forks is where I live now it's a small town in Washington and when I say small I mean small, but this is where my next mission is so I have to be here at least until my job is done .

You see my name is Bella Swan and I am a secret agent. My mission?

To protect a family of rich folks who might be in danger.

The family consists of 5 children and their parents, I can not really call them children because they are the same age as I am but when you have been brought up as I was you would also refer to yourself as more mature, but my age is why I'm on this mission.

I was told to re-enter high school to keep an eye out for any threats toward these five and naturally am I the only one that is qualified for this mission, seeing as I'm the only agent to pass all the tests and standards at a young age, in fact I succeeded substantially, even better than the best agents out there. I am the only agent under the age of 18 to have ever passed that test. I was eligible at het age of 14 and went on my first mission just weeks after.

Other that observing the children at school, I have to put up cameras and silent alarms at their parents works so that I can look out for any and all danger, as well as a few other things that comes with this occupation.

It was 6:30 when I got home (I decided to take the long way around on my way back) and immediately jumped into the shower to rid myself of any evidence of my morning run, I showered until my muscles were completely relaxed before I turned off the water. After dressing into a nice pair of designer black skinny jeans and dark blue Prada top, Gucci handbag and a exclusive black pair of Jimmy Choo's , which was designed just for me.

I know what you are thinking shouldn't I be trying to fit in? Yea, I most probably should but that is just too boring. I grabbed my state of the art iphone that was fitted with extra gadgets that no one knew of and headed down to the kitchen. I made myself a small breakfast, before heading out to the garage, my personally chosen cars, (a Porsche Carrera GT, Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 and a Bugatti Veyron) were all parked in the thoroughly secured garage that was big enough to fit 6 cars.

One thing the agency did well was make sure we had every thing we needed when on a mission. My stay here would be in one of the houses provided by my company, at the moment it was in my name and if I wanted to keep it after I was done with my mission I could.

It is, as referred to by the agency, a mansion, in total it had 6 bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, a big lounge, as well as a bar and dinning room, a big inside pool and Jacuzzi and a pool outside for those odd days when the sun shines, in addition the house had a big gym that left the one at the agency in shame and theatre better than those at the movies. But no agents house would be complete without it's secret "gadgets" room, where I kept all my weapons among other things. The land around the house was 50 hectares of woodlands giving me more than enough privacy. The house it self was situated outside of Forks and the ride to school would take me 15 minutes, if I had a normal car that is.

I decided that I wanted to take the Porsche today; it was silver in colour, could go 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds, the top speed was 209 mph and higher, this beauty had a V10 Engine with 612 hp and the prize range was about $440,000.

I jumped into the car, punched in the code and pushed the button that brought the beautiful car to life. I also had to punch in the security code on the garage remote control that was built into the car to get the two ton door to open (I did tell you that this garage was thoroughly secure right). If you looked at the door you would never guess that it was that heavy or secure, it looked like your average garage door just a lot more expensive, but than again the whole house looked a lot more expensive so that was nothing new.

I revved my baby and took off towards Forks high school and no, I did not close the door first, there are sensors on the inside and outside of the door as well as on the floor that detected if there was more than one car that wanted to come in or go out, it could also distinguish at which door that car wanted to go through and only open that one.

Forks high was not that hard to find especially considering the briefing of the mission I had before hand and me studying the layout of the town in case of an emergency.

When I reached the parking lot the students were beginning to pile up. Looking around there was a lot of old cars, the only new ones was a Jeep and a silver Volvo, both of which belonged to the individuals I was to protect.

I parked my car at the reception and climbed out. I could feel every stare that I was getting from the student population as well as the teachers.

The reception office was warm with cream coloured walls, newly tiled floors and had plants on the desks. Behind the desk there was an elderly lady, maybe in her late forties early fifties, who was smiling friendly at me.

"May I help you dear?" she asked as I moved closer.

"I hope so, I'm the new student Isabella Swan" I replied smiling. I got to use my real name because even if there was someone who got suspicious and did do some research, they would come up with nothing, It was something that was done every time we went on missions, all our information gets taken off the agencies data base and adjusted so that it fits our cover operations, only the highest of the high have our true files and that is truly impossible to get too.

"Of course you are how stupid of me." She said with a laugh. She started searching for something in the pile of papers in front of her.

"Now where did I put those papers" she asked herself. A minute later she smiled a triumphant smile.

"Found it" she said holding up a paper, she also grabbed two of the other papers that were on the side of the desk.

"Now this is your schedule, a map of the school and a slip that needs to be signed by all your teachers then brought back to me at the end of the day." She went on handing me the papers. I thanked her and walked back outside.

Almost the entire male population of the school was around my car when I walked out of the office.

"You better not be touching my car." I said as I came closer. Most of them jumped out of shock, apparently to busy drooling on my car to have noticed me come out.

"How did you get this car?" one of them asked

"This is one of the most expensive cars out there." Another one said

"Big trust fund." I said smiling at my inside joke. They all just stood there and stared at me. If I was still my younger self I would have blushed or felt self-conscious, but thanks to the training and few extra years of growing up, that wasn't a problem.

"Are you going to stare at me all day or are you going to step aside so that I can get to my car?" I asked smirking.

"Stare" a few of them replied smirking, while the rest just kept on staring. "Well boys you are just going to have to stare at me while I climb into my car and park it in the right parking lot, because as mush as I like to stare at myself all day too, I have classes to get to." I replied with a chuckle.

Some laughed at what I said but moved out my way nonetheless. I walked past them, feeling the stares on my backside as I did, climbed into my car and started my baby, savouring the sound and feel for a moment before backing out into the driveway. After I found the perfect spot I parked, grabbed my designer backpack and exited my car.

First on my schedule was History, a boring yet, at the same time, interesting subject. Walking into the class I noticed that I was a bit late, more time than I realised must have passed in the parking lot.

The teacher was busy talking about some or other war that went down when I walked in. "Sorry I'm late" I apologised as I walked up to the teacher, he had greying hair that was starting to bold at the top of his head, he wore big glasses and baggy, slightly worn clothing. Everything about him just seemed to scream History.

At the idea of any one being late his expression, which was turned towards his table, turned irritated. When he looked up from the paper in front of him, his expression changed immediately to one of awe, disbelief and confusion when he saw me.

"Ca….can I help you?" he stuttered causing some of the students to snigger.

"I am the new student" I said stating the obvious, but that somehow only made him look more confused and slightly disappointed.

"The didn't tell me we had a new student." He mumbled to himself. "Well… Welcome to history then I hope you'll enjoy it." He said a bit louder.

I handed my slip to him, asking him to sign it before I went to sit at an empty table at the back of the class.

"Isn't she going to introduce herself" a girl at the front sneered in my direction before turning to look at the teacher, who looked angst-ridden, he sighed in defeat before turning to me. "Would you mind?" He asked

"Not at all" I said with a bright smile, which made him sigh again but this time in relief. Standing up from my chair I noticed every head was turned into my direction. The guys had exited, thrilled looks on their faces, while the girls in class were either sneering at me or had envious looks as their facial expressions, the only girl smiling brightly at me was a short haired pixie, who just so happened to be one of the five I was to protect.

The info of my mission on the family was quite insightful. Alice, Rosalie, Jasper, Edward and Emmet were the five in school, while Carlisle and Esme the parent.

Two of the five were adopted namely Jasper and Rosalie. I was surprised too find out that Emmet and Rosalie were a couple as well as Alice and Jasper.

Three of the children are the same age as me, 17, Edward, his twin Alice and Jasper. Emmet and Rosalie are both a year older.

Every mission had its detailed report, mine in usually used for killing but I can't choose what missions are given to me

Alice was a short girl with short jet black hair and blue eyes, she loves shopping and has a very good fashion sense. She also wants to study fashion designing when she is done with school. Her hobbies are hanging out with her family, playing mach maker, shopping, going to the salon, shopping and dressing up (yes I said shopping twice).

Rosalie was a beauty on her own with her long blond hair, blue eyes and long legs, she thought of herself as more important and walked with an almost constant snare, the only time she unwinds is at home in the presence of her family. Though her appearance is not at all who she was, she loves cars and knows everything there is to know about them and her dream is to become a famous mechanic. Hobbies are working in the garage, shopping and spending time with her family.

Jasper was silent but violent and knew how to fight a good battle; he has a black belt in karate and kick boxing and is a gold medallist in freestyle fighting, the perfect candidate for the agency, he hopes to become a CIA agent (which is so over rated). He had blond hair and blue eyes, his body build was muscular and toned. His hobbies are spending time with his family, training and fighting (he's my personal favoured).

Edward was also the silent kind, he liked reading and writing. He has bronze coloured hair and green eyes, his body tone was also well defined and muscular, his hobbies were playing piano, reading, taking long walks, spending time with his family and listening to music.

Emmet was big and looked threatening when you saw him but was in fact a big teddy bear, he was very muscular and tall he had dark brown hair and brown eyes, he also liked fighting and loved cars. He likes to pull pranks on people and loves telling jokes. His hobbies are playing pranks, playing video games, fighting, fixing cars and spending time with his family.

Esme was the motherly figure through and through, she had reddish brown hair and green eyes, she loves her family very much, she loves cooking, painting and being with her family.

Carlisle is the provider. He has blond hair and blue eyes and a muscular body, he loves his family and would do anything for them, his occupation is the reason I'm here. He is one of the richest people out there. Giving that his business is one of the best.

"Hey" I said with a small wave "I'm Isabella swan but I prefer Bella, my parents are still in LA finishing up some stuff so don't be expecting to walk into them for a while, I love cars, shopping and reading. I also like history so I'm gonna let Mr. HT take it from here" I said as bright as humanly possible

Astonishingly enough Mr. H was smiling at me "Mr. HT?" he questioned

I chuckled before answering "Yea, Mr. History Teacher" which caused the class to laugh along with the teacher.

"My name Mr. Hendricks" He told me "so you weren't that far off" After that he started his lesion, this time more alive than before I entered. Not long after that, the bell rang signalling my next class which was trigonometry.

The complexity of life laid down in math was always so interesting to me and I always succeeded in advanced classes, which was not an easy thing to do, therefore I was surprised to hear that I would be in this class, I may have misjudged the intelligences in this family.

My schedule was just so "mysteriously arranged" so that I had at least one Cullen in my sight every class. The trig class was no exception but instead of just one this time, there sat three of them.

I walked up to the teacher and handed him my slip, he wasn't as surprised as Mr. H but there was also a touch of awe in his eyes. Turing to the students I saw there was only one seat left, but that was only because there was a students bag on it. That student just so happened to be Edward Cullen. I used my training to see more that just was shown on the out side, there was a look of determination, arrogance and desire, which told me he had put his bag there purposefully but also that he got everything that he wanted including girls.

I walked over to his table with the brightest smile and stopped right in front of him "Would you mind if I sat there?" I asked

"No I would not mind if you did, but I'd rather you sit on my lap" He replied smirking. At the corner of my eye I saw Alice roll her eyes, I looked at her ever so slightly, so she could see my face and winked, the reply I got was quite amusing, she gasped and stared at me open mouthed.

I looked back at Edward, my smile still secure on my face "I'm pretty sure the chair could hold my weight" I replied walking around. I put my bag down next to my soon to be chair "but if I were to sit on your lap how would you be able to work?" I went on smirking slightly.

He thought for a second before he replied "I could make you to do it for me", the arrogance in his voice was enough to make anyone angry, but I only laughed. What could he possibly do to make me, an agent, do anything? "I'd love to see you try" I replied still laughing.

He looked shocked at what I had said but recovered quickly "So are you going to sit on my lap or not". I pretended to think about it for a while before replying "Like I said I'm pretty sure the chair could hold my weight." I captured his bag with one hand and placed it next to him before I took my seat. The teacher started his lesson soon after preventing any conversations.

The work we were doing I had done before, well I had done everything there is to do, so the work was easy for me. I had just finished my homework and started closing my books when Edward talked to me.

"Are you done?" he asked in astonishment. "Yes" I replied heaping up my books

"Your answers are probably all wrong" he replied, I heard someone gasp in the back round but ignored it; I knew who it was even without looking. I stopped what I was doing and turned to him "And why might that be?" I asked slightly amused.

"You're attractive" He said it simply as if it answered all my questions. "So you think just because I am pretty I can't be smart?" I asked

"No all girls that are as beautiful as you are usually dumb, except for my sisters, that is, but they are weird." He answered easily

"As one of my friends said there is no such thing as normal" I smiled easily I turned to look behind Edward, Alice had her mouth hanging open in astonishment but realizing her error, she closed it.

"Yes it does" Edward argued

"No my dearest Edward it does not" I replied smiling softly. He opened his mouth to reply only to closed it again "how do you know my name" he asked once he opened his mouth again.

"Edward this town is only that big and girls talk, all you have to do is listen" I lied smoothly.


I turned calmly toward the teacher and smiled "Yes, sir?"

"Just because you are new in this school does not give you the right to talk in my class, especially not when your work isn't done!" He practically yelled.

"But sir my work is done" I replied calmly, but that only seemed to sett him off more, just like I suspected it would. "And lying is strictly forbidden!" he yelled

"I'm not a lying" I replied trying to push him to his limits.

"Well if that is true, as you say, you would not mind to do one of the calculations in front of the class now would you?" He practically growled. I had got him right where I needed him and I could show Edward just how wrong he can be.

"It would be my pleasure" I replied, I looked over to Edward and Alice, they both looked terrified, which only gave me the idea that this was going to be good, a challenge and that what I needed right now

"Sir it wasn't her fault I was the one talking to her, she only answered" Edward tried to defend.

"She has to learn that in my class I'm the teacher, no matter how beautiful she is" He mumbled the last part but I heard him.

He stood up searched through his desk drawer and pulled out the paper. The writing was small but with my well trained eyes I could read it from where I sat, it read 'profound estimates'. I was busy doing a happy dance in my head when the teacher called me up to the front.

"You will do number one, it has only been solved by one person in all its existence, not even I have solved it jet." He sneered

I smiled happily at the teacher, just to make him angrier and turned toward the black board. To tell you that it was impossibly hard would be untruthful it took me all but five minutes to do the whole thing while the rest of the class, as well as the teacher just stared at me in disbelief.

When I was done I smiled sadly at myself, if that was the hardest one I was to have no more challenge in the math world.

I turned around to face the class, all of them had their mouths hanging open, probably trying to catch flies. "H… How did you do that?" The teacher stuttered. I shrugged my shoulders "math comes easy to me" I replied, the bell rang so I walked to my table, crammed my books into my bad and walked to my next class. Most of my previous class was late for their next subject, all to stunned to move. French went with no problems in addition to the rest of my subjects, lunch was interesting to say the least. The whole school had heard what had happened in the math class and none of them could believe it.

I had biology with Edward after lunch and all he could do was stare, after that I had PE, but it being my first day meant I could sit and watch. Some of the girls were good and could move fast as were some of the guys.

When the last bell rang, I was into my car, and out the parking lot before the other students even had the chance to walk out of their classes.

So now the real work begins.

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