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Summery: My name is Bella Swan and I am a secret agent. My mission?

To protect a family of rich folks who might be in danger.



Chapter 8

Edward's point of view

The other side of individuals were organized and shown the ropes of what to do before the coach turned to face us, not that they were using any of there acquired knowledge. Most of them were to terrified of getting hurt to really enjoy themselves.

Not even to mention the girls… I could still not see the purpose of those chick fights. They never did any REAL damage to each other, maybe their own self-worth but certainly not each other.

"Are you sure you want to be on this side…" The coach said to Bella, recapturing my attention. I honestly hoped that she would say no and go to the other side but with her answer all joie de vivre was crushed.

With a roll of the eye she answered slightly irritated "Yes sir positive". He looked uncertain before shrugging "Okay, but remember if you get hurt, this was your choice" He warned before looking at the rest of us.

"Okay this is how it's going to work, you will pick your first opponent, the one to win the fight will be paired up with one of the other winners and seeing as we have eight of you fighting there will be four of you after the first round and after that two, so the winner of this whole thing will be the one to win in the final round between those two. Do you all understand?" The coach explained. We all nodded answering his question.

"Good now pick someone" he said rather impatiently.

I planned on asking Bella to be my partner. She might have been confident in her decision to be on this side but I doubted that she would make it past the first round. I also did not want her to get hurt, not that any one of these guys would purposefully hurt her but I did not know when they might accidentally use too much strength or force and hurt her and I did not what to risk that.

I looked over to Bella trying to think of how I was going to go about asking her to be my partner. I saw Mike walk his way up to her, smirking like the idiot he was.

"Will you be my partner?" He asked smugly, I could feel my blood starting to boil. What if he hurt her…? I would make sure he had no tomorrow if he did. Ugh! I just wanted to wipe him and his smug smile off of this court.

"Sure" She answered smiling. I felt my shoulders drop, how could she say yes? Did she like him? It didn't look like that to me this morning; on the contrary she looked like she despised the guy.

I tried to get back the excitement of the upcoming fight while turning and searching for a partner.

I walked up to Tyler who was standing off to the side. "Hey man, want to pair up?" I asked smiling slightly to convince him.

He hesitated, looking around before answering "Umm, sure". I smiled again "You look like you don't want to be here, so why may I ask are you on this side of the 'coach'" I said with a chuckle.

He let out a nervous laugh before answering "It was all Mikes' idea. He thinks that he knows everything and that nothing can hurt him; naturally he just had to pull me along for the fight as well, just so he does not have to be the only one that gets beaten down" He muttered the last bit bitterly.

"Don't worry about it, I won't hurt you. I only really fight with someone who knows what they are doing." I said with a wink. I could see him visually relax at my words causing me to begin laughing. "You really should stop listening to Mike"

He cracked a smile "I think you may be right".

The coach started speaking so I turned my attention back to him. I noticed that Em and Jas had paired up leaving the other two left to do the same.

"Okay you will fight till the one opponent is knocked down." The coach instructed causing some of the guys to complaint but the coach lifted his hand to silence them "I don't want anyone to get hurt".

"This is going to be over before we know it" I heard Emmet mumble beside me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jasper nod his head in agreement.

"Lets begin!" The coach yelled closing any further discussion on the matter.

I turned my head to look at Bella. She was walking to the corner, creating a save distance between us, with Mike tailing closely behind.

Once she was comfortable with the distance she turned to face Mike. She looked over his shoulder towards the coach.

She saw the coach give the okay before she looked at Mike again. I saw him say something along the lines of 'you ready'. She replied immediately with what I assumed to be a counter of the question because not a second later he moved past him while grabbing his arm and jerking him toward her. Her moves were swift and fast. Using his own body weight combined with the momentum she threw him over her shoulder as if it was nothing.

She smugly looked down at him "I guess not" she said. I turned to look at the very terrified Tyler standing in front of me, who was looking wide eyed at Bella as she made her way to the coaches side.

"You know you could just fall on the floor, then you won't have to endure any pain" I told him amusedly. He looked at me for a second and not even a second later he was on the floor acting as if I had hit him down. I chuckled lightly and went to stand on Bella's side.

"That was fast" she said with a chuckle turning to look at me with those beautiful chocolate coloured eyes of hers. "You're one to talk" I replied smiling.

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