Author's note: Hey, all who accutally read this. This is my first Cats and Dogs fanfic but NOT my first fanfic, I have written one before but I hated it and deleted it. It might take me a while to update this fanfic as I'll be busy with coursework and my deviantART account. I'm apologizing now for the shortness of this chapter, it IS the prologue after all.


Shifty movements

A shadow moved across the plain grey stone wall as a cat moved in the light emitted from a simple street lamp. The small ginger tabby walked with the grace that was unique to his feline brethren. The shadow moved with the cat, completly in sync with his movements. The light flickered slightly as a moth flew into it's rays. Everything was quiet, just the way the ginger tabby liked it. But that silence was ripped into shreds by loud barking that roared from the muzzle of a dog. As the cat ran away in fear, a shadowed figure moved around the warm rays of light. Light gleamed off of pure white teeth as the figure grinned. It's toe nails clicked quietly on the concrete pavement. The street lamp flickered for a second then went out.