Home is Where the Heart Is


Pat Foley

Chapter 1

A post Amok Time novella

The Challenge Sands and McCoy's sardonic comments behind them, Kirk made a gesture toward freedom. "Come on, Spock." Kirk pantomimed an escape from Sickbay. "Let's go mind the store."

"Of course, Captain," Spock said, and followed Kirk out of the range of McCoy's sharp tongue, steadfastly ignoring the physician's parting salvo.

The doors closed behind them but Kirk paused, halfway to the turbolift. "Wait a minute. Did I drag you out of there too fast? Should McCoy check you over?"

"No. You did not injure me."

"That's not what I meant," Kirk said, giving his First Officer a meaningful look. "I know you said you're-"

Spock drew himself up. "I am quite well, Captain. The combat did break the Fever. But… if I could have a moment before resuming my duties? To send a message."

Kirk gave him a sharp look. "I thought that was all over? With the girl?"

"Not to a girl," Spock said and then frowned. "Not precisely." And drew himself up as a green flush suffused his cheeks. "I mean- there is someone I should notify, but she is not-"

"Go on, Spock," Kirk grinned. "Whoever she is. Like I said before, you've been patient with my indiscretions."

"This is not an indiscretion-" Spock protested uncomfortably, but Kirk just patted him on the arm.

"Never mind. You don't have to say anything. Just join me when you're ready." Kirk started down the corridor and then turned. "It'll have to be a subspace squirt. We went into high warp as soon as we broke Vulcan's orbit. We're still going to try to make at least part of those Altair ceremonies."

"Yes, of course, Captain." Spock said. "That should suffice."

Kirk's brows rose speculatively as his First Officer and friend disappeared into his quarters. But he didn't ask who the woman was.

And he would have been surprised to discover his First Officer was not messaging Vulcan, now receding in the distance, but Earth.

To be continued…