I tried with all my might to fight back the tears threatening to escape. I watched as Sam walked away, leaving the passenger side door open so I could get in front. He left without a word, and he disappeared around the corner. Dean was staring out his window, expressionless. I slowly got out and slid into the car, gently closing the door and we were off.

We passed him on our way down the street. It took all my strength not to look at him, but I couldn't help but check the mirror, and sure enough, he was haulted with his pack slung over his shoulder, regret in his eyes as he watched as we moved down the road. A petite brunette girl walked up to him and he smiled and gave her a great big hug. I clenched my fist and looked forward out to the road. Dean sped up and placed his hand over my arm on the seat between us.

As the sun peaked through the clouds, Dean turned up the volume, and began to sing "I took her home to my place, watching every move on her face. She said, 'Look, what's your game, baby? Are you tryin' to put me in shame?' I said, 'Slow, don't go so fast, Don't you think that love can last?' She said, 'Love, lord above, now you're gonna trick me in love!' All right now baby, it's all right now!"

A small smiled popped on my lips as he drummed on the steering wheel. It had been a few hours since we left Palo Alto. I'd say it was about 9am. Yesterday was rough. We'd driven all through the day, and half the night to drop Sam off where he started.

"I donno about you, but I'm starvin'."

I shrugged as he pulled off into this little place on the side of the road. It had a gravel lot and there was a large field of grass to its rear. He parked right in front, and turned off the engine. I sighed as I pulled my hoodie from the back seat.

As we were about to enter the diner, I took a quick glance behind me. It was strange not having Sam there, and as a force of habit, after I Dean went in through the doors, I held the door as if someone were behind me. Then I realized no-one was coming.

The waiter seated us at a table for two, and something inside me sort of thanked God that it was a male wait-staff. All I needed was to see Dean swooning over the waitresses. I wasn't in a very vocal mood that morning, and I especially wasn't in the mood to deal with any strangers. If I hated anything, it was talking to ignorant people who didn't know me.

The three of us always knew exactly what we wanted so we usually never even needed a menu. The waiter came over with his pad and pen and asked us if he could start us off with some drinks.

"Ill have coffee n OJ." Dean nodded.

"Same," I said looking out the window.

The kid wrote down our drinks and went to set down our menus.

"'Ats ok, we don't need those," Dean said. "I'll have three eggs sunny side up, home fries, bacon n a short stack."

The kid continued to write on his little pad. I stared blankly at the most worn part of Dean's leather jacket as if it were the most interesting thing in the world. Dean snapped his fingersin front of my face and I realized they were waiting on me to order.

"Oh I-I'm not hungry." I said softly.

"Not hungry-MY ass," Dean said. "Just make it another order of what I got, except switch the short stack with extra bacon." Dean said to the waiter who I had now noticed to have medium length brown hair and green eyes that could kill. I had to look away to avoid seeing Sam in his gaze.

After he left, I rest my chin in my palm and took a deep breath.

Dean looked sort of perplexed at first, but he leaned forward and took my free hand in his.

"I know this is really-really rough," he said. "Trust me, I hate leaving Sammy as much as you do, but-"

"Dean, it's not leaving him I'm upset about..." I interrupted him softly. I pulled my hand away from his figuring it the very way I ended up single in the first place. "It's losing him."

Dean's eyelids dropped and he looked at the speckled table-top. We both sat in silence for a few moments before I spoke up again, "While we're away from him things are only going to get worse."

"No," Dean said. "You call him later, talk to him. Or better yet, I'll call the guy."

I sighed and nodded. Dean was actually right; the only way to make things better in that situation was to talk to him-be persistant.

We waited for our food, and almost as soon as it had gotten there Dean had dug in and devoured his eggs bacon and home fries. I was still pushing around my breakfast when he'd gotten to his pancakes. He drowned them in syrup and I almost gagged a little. With a piece of bacon, I poked a hole in the egg and dipped it in the liquidy yellow yolk and slowly brought it to my mouth.

After breakfast, we went outside and had a look around. I wandered astray from Dean a few yards and neared the edge of the grass field. I stood there and smiled to myself, remembering the day Sam and I had first met...

It was a breezy summer day in the parking lot of the shop I worked at in Indiana. I was under my truck, draining the oil into a pan.

"Hey! Hey what's your name?" a man's voice called as I rolled out from under my truck. I looked at the handsome man walking towards me asking my name. I sat up and wiped my hands and wrench with my shop towel and set it down so I could stand up. I wiped he rest of the grease on my pants as he neared. I looked him up and down a time or two.

"Damn," I said. "Not too often I get propositioned by a man of your standards." I winked. "Names Sarah.. You can call me Indi though." I extended my hand.

He shook it and smirked. "Dean," he said. "I was wonderin if I could borrow some tools... I gotta put new breaks in muh baby, and I don't have the right tools t'do it."

"Sure thing," I smiled. Then I saw behind him walking a tall brown haired man. He must have been 6'5. He was wearing only a wife beater, and his arms were like cannons, much like the man standing in front of me. They were both extremely attractive but there was something about the man walking up to us that grasped my attention.

When Dean saw that I was focused on something behind him, he looked to his rear, and then stepped aside as the man walked up to him.

"Hey Sammy. This is Indi. Indi, Sam."

Sam held out his hand, and I slowly handed him mine and we shook. I tucked my hair behid my ear and smiled. "Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too."

I gave Dean the tools he needed and I walked the boys over to their car, and walked around it in amazement a few times. The Impala was gorgeous. It really turned me onto them even more than I was originally. Dean ripped his shirt off and threw it in the front seat, and I could feel that I needed to get out of there. There was something about greasy mechanics with tight abs and cannon-biceps that made me really hot.

"So Sam..." I said. "Why don't I show you around while Dean does this?" I asked with a seducing smile.

Sam smiled shyly and shrugged one shoulder. "Sure," he said.

I nodded and lead him to the shop where I showed him some of the cars that were in there. I also introduced him to the shop pet, Buster. He was an old australian cattle dog, and he knew his way around the grounds enough to make a night watch dog.

After introducing Sam to Buster and showing him around the shop I led him out back where there was a giant field of sweet grass and smack in the middle was a huge live-oak tree. It was the only shade in the field, and we walked over to it and sat down.

"So what d'you do for a livin there, Sam?"

He chuckled a little. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

"Try me." I scootched closer.

"Nah, I don't think I should."

"Awe come on. It can't be that unbelievable."

"Oh, I think it can." He smiled as he stared at the sky.

"Please,"I pleaded.

"You know, I'm gonna regret doing this, but... My brother and I... we hunt the things that go bump in the night."

I cocked one eyebrow and smirked at him.

"See?" he asked.

"Seriously, tell me." I said.

"I did, thats what I do..." he fiddled with his thumbs.

I leaned back a little. "If you don't want me to know, just say so..."

"Seriously... that is what I do for a living."

I smacked his arm and pushed him back, "Now you're just being funny."

He shook his head and pulled a needle of grass from the ground with a straight face. I moved closer and pushed his chest back a little so that I was inches in front of him.

"You're serious aren't you?"

He looked up into my face, and nodded, glancing from my lips to my eyes.

"Thats fucking awesome!" I whisper-shouted with a big smile.

"What?" he asked. "You're not... weirded out.. You don't think I' insane?" he asked.

"Do you want me to?" I asked getting closer to him.

We stared in each others eyes a moment. I took a strand of his brown hair in my fingers and played with it. Then he pulled me to him and our lips crashed together like waves on the shoreline.

I felt someone brush up against me, and I shook out of my memory. A tear slid from my eye and i looked up to find Dean staring at me.

"What's wrong kid?" he asked.

"I-I just... Do you remember the day we met?" I asked.

"Yeah," He chuckled. "What about it?"

"Its just... this field. It reminds me so much of him. And every field we pass. It reminds me of that day when things were perfect. He's all I can think about Dean..." I said.

"I can change that..." he said as he wrapped his arm around my waist. "I can make it me you think of when we pass a field..." he whispered in my ear.

"No Dean... I need to fix things with Sam," I said brushing his arms off of me.

Dean backed up a step and grabbed his cell phone from his pocket. He dialed a number and waited a few minutes.

"Sammy," Dean said. "Listen Sammy I'm sorry. But me and you will always be fine, we're brothers right? ...You and Sarah need to- No Sammy she's not okay... What? Sam you just can't..." He closed the phone.

"That didn't sound promising..." I said.

"You remember that girl from Palo Alto...?" he asked.

I nodded waiting for the horrible news.

"He's with girlfriend-he's gonna try to work it out with her..." Dean said. "I'm sorry," he cooed.

The anger and pain grew inside me, and then after a moment it died. I grabbed Dean by the collar and pulled him towards me, kissing him passionately. After he realized what was happening he deepened the kiss and grabbed my butt with both of his hands. He carried me to the Impala, and he drove it out under a tree in the middle of the field, and then he lay on top of me across the front seat of the Impala, and unbuttoned my flannel, and then my jeans as I undid his jeans and pulled his shirt over his head, and we fogged up the windows just like that.