Rating: T for now. It might become M later depending on how it turns out

Warnings: Swearing, violence

Pairing: Shiro/Hichigo x Ichigo ( for this, he will be referred to as Shiro), Renji x Rukia, possibly others

Small note: In this story, Rukia never met Ichigo but she did go to the human world and thus still got the hougyoku put inside her. Aizen arranged for her execution and successfully got the hougyoku but Yoruichi and Urahara managed to prevent Rukia's execution from actually happening. There are other bits and pieces in this chapter that won't make sense for now but will be explained in later chapters.

Summary: Slight AU Rukia and Renji are out patrolling the Rukongai districts when they stumble across something strange. A young man, either asleep or unconscious, holding a zanpakuto yet he doesn't seem to have even the slightest amount of reiatsu…

Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership over Bleach or any of its characters (I'll keep dreaming though, maybe one day it'll come true ^-^)

It was a few weeks after Aizen's betrayal and the remaining captains, now fully healed, were gathered in a captains meeting due to a call from someone many had never thought they would ever see or hear from again (minus the moment he and Yoruichi entered Seireitei and prevented a huge mistake from occurring).

"We will now begin the meeting," Yamamoto-soutaicho declared, "What is it that you wished to tell us... Urahara Kisuke?"

A large screen had been set up and was currently projecting an oddly dressed, pale blond man drinking tea.

Setting his cup down, Urahara flapped his signature fan open and said, "As we are all aware, Aizen has betrayed Soul Society along with Ichimaru Gin and Tousen Kaname." This sparked a series of pissed off expressions since that topic was still a bit touchy for some.

Continuing, Urahara said, "Another thing you all are aware of is that right now, the chances of winning against those three is pretty much nonexistent."

When some of the captains looked ready to protest, he said solemnly, "Every single person here, including me, has been exposed to Aizen's shikai which means all of us are susceptible to his illusions. Should he ever feel like it, he could make us all think the person next to us is an enemy and then we would wind up killing each other. On a single whim, he could obliterate us without even needing to get physically involved in combat himself. This is not an opinion, only a fact."

There was a heavy silence before Zaraki muttered, "Wouldn't really mind him doin' that."

The other captains either showed various expressions of exasperation or gave him disapproving looks as Ukitake, sensing a fight brewing, swiftly switched topics and said, "I don't think you would have contacted us just to tell us these things Kisuke. Do you have a plan of some kind?" Thankfully, the question got the others' attention and prevented another argument from breaking out.

"Yes I do..." Urahara actually looked mildly uncomfortable, as if he wasn't really happy with whatever he was proposing. Turning his attention to Toushiro, he said, "Hitsugaya-taicho, I do believe two young ladies were placed in your division going by the names Kurosaki Yuzu and Kurosaki Karin?"

Toushiro blinked and nodded before warily saying, "Yes but neither are strong enough to handle even a lieutenant much less people of those three's caliber."

Urahara flapped his fan in an almost nervous gesture as he replied, "I don't want them to be the ones to fight those three. Actually, I don't want them involved in the war at all but considering who they're related to, they undoubtedly will. Luckily or not, this also means the oldest one will get involved."

At the questioning looks he was receiving, Urahara explained, "Those two young girls only have average reiatsus, true. However, they are not the only existing Kurosaki children. The last one is their older brother and he is the one we need." "And what makes you so sure he has what it takes to fight on par with someone like Aizen Sousuke?" Kurotsuchi sneered. "Oh I'm quite certain he's got what it takes to defeat Aizen given he trains a bit more. After all, he's already reached the level of a captain putting aside his lack of knowledge in kido of course."

"I'm sure you all are wondering how he's achieved captain-class power but that's also going to have to wait since it's not extremely imperative at the moment. Right now, you just need to be rest assured that he has what it takes to potentially win this war. Unfortunately…"

They all stared intently at Urahara who had gone silent until said man finally lowered his fan to reveal a sheepish grin.

"I have absolutely no idea where he is!"


Some of them fell over while the more refined people managed to just twitch an eyebrow in irritation as Urahara cheerfully laughed. When some began drawing their swords, he quickly said, "Now, now, calm down. I lied a bit with the last part; I do have an idea of where he might be. I'm quite certain he is somewhere in Soul Society or in the Rukongai districts."

Soi-fon snapped in impatience, "And how exactly did we not notice his presence? I'm sure we would have sensed someone with an abnormally high amount of reiatsu."

"Well that would be because he's been in the human world training with me. I do believe there is a bit of confusion. Up until recently, recently being yesterday, Kurosaki Ichigo has been human."

There was a stunned silence as Kyouraku asked, "Until recently meaning…?" "Meaning his corporeal body died quite unexpectedly due to a rather anti-clamatic accident and I had to perform a rather hurried konso. Kurosaki-kun's a rather… unique individual; if I hadn't performed konso right then and there, he could have turned into a hollow."

Byakuya raised an elegant brow as he stated more than asked, "The reason for this unique nature isn't legal is it?" Urahara looked thoughtful for a moment before replying, "Er, sort of half and half. Once you find him, you might be able to understand and I'll also explain more then."

"Kisuke, why were you training a human and why do you seem reluctant to let this Kurosaki Ichigo get involved?" Ukitake inquired curiously. The cheerful expression fell again as Urahara sighed and said softly, "I'll answer the first question later but as to the second one... he's simply just too young. Far too young to have to bear the burden of being the determining factor in a war that involves people he's never even met before."

"How old is he?" Komamura asked hesitantly. Urahara's eyes were completely serious as he replied, "He turned sixteen the day he died which was yesterday, sixteen in human years."

Doing a complete 180 in personality, he abruptly broke the stunned and heavy atmosphere by saying brightly, "But if he learns that his sisters are involved, then he'll definitely fight whether his help is wanted or not~ He treasures family more than anything else which is why I had to make sure those two were actually here."

"Now then, all we need to do is find our MIA person! Don't give me those looks; he's pretty hard to miss so this will be a cinch. Oh but he might not be awake…"

The soutaicho said sternly, "Enough, just describe the boy to us and we will send out search parties."

A dramatic flap of the omnipresent fan. "Alright then, here's a picture~"

Urahara's face vanished, replaced by a scowling young man's. Bright orange hair was the first thing that caught their attention before they noticed his eyes. Honey-chocolate orbs with what appeared to be specks of gold that revealed a fiery will as well as a hidden kindness and protective nature, seeming to captivate any who looked at them from their sheer intensity.

It was a look that belonged to someone who was ready to risk their life to protect a loved one no matter what and it most certainly should not be so painfully clear on such a young face.

"Wow, that's a pretty fierce look he's got there" Kyouraku commented, "Something tells me that gold isn't completely natural though. They're almost… eerily mesmerizing."

The exiled shinigami's face reappeared on the screen as he nodded and said, "You are correct however that will also have to wait until after we've found him. There are some things even I don't quite understand that he will have to explain, assuming he understands them himself."

Before they could press for more answers, he sang, "Have fun searching~"

There was another silence once the screen flickered black as Toushiro rested his head in his hand and muttered, "That guy just dumped all the grunt work onto us didn't he?" A chorus of sighs ensued before they discussed a bit more on how to conduct the search.

Meanwhile, while the whole meeting had been in session…

"Remind me again why we're the ones doing the patrols out here?" Renji complained for what felt like the 50th time as he and Rukia roamed the Rukongai districts. "Because you idiot, as I've told you for the past two hours, I'm still recovering so I can't do any heavy-duty work. And Ukitake-taicho was worried about me doing these patrols alone so you were ordered to come with me by… nii-sama."

Wincing a little at having encroached on an uncomfortable topic, Renji quickly changed gears. He searched for something safe to chat about before settling with, "How long 'til your injuries heal?".

She seemed to look relieved at the simple question and sudden change and replied, "Not much longer now. Isane-fukutaicho told me that I will be fully recovered in about another week. How are you holding up?"

Both had been a little worried that the recent events that had occurred would make things extremely awkward between them so they were happy that they were able to continue to chat about casual, non-important things as they walked through a forest between two districts.

They had just begun to reminisce on their past when they quite literally, walked into a fated encounter that would challenge everything they once believed they knew.

Renji had just been saying, "Remember the ti-" when he tripped over something, doing a magnificent fall and landing with a resounding crash. "Renji, are you okay?" Rukia asked her childhood friend, torn between amusement and concern.

"Ouch, yeah. Geez what the he-"

He and Rukia stared at exactly what, better yet who, the former had tripped over.

A teenage boy with orange hair and wearing a yukata was lying on the ground unconscious, a sword grasped lightly in one of his hands. What really caught their attention though, was his reiatsu (or lack thereof) and the existence of a zanpakuto that apparently belonged to someone with absolutely no spiritual power.

"What the…?"

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