Dark Desires Part II


Part One left off with Lily Aurora Evans and Remus John Lupin vieing for the title of Gryffindor Champion and for a chance to win the title of Hogwarts Dueling Champion.

But who won for their House?

Will Lily transfer to Slytherin?

What side, Darkness or Light, shall she choose?

Let's find out shall we...

Chapter 15: Silver and Gold

A month had passed since the House Preliminaries. It was in the middle of November and life at Hogwarts had started returning to normal. Well, almost.

"I can't believe this!" Potter exclaimed for the one hundred thousandth time since the Gryffindor Preliminary. "It was so close! Now it's..."

"Prongs... SHUT UP!" an irritated Lupin hissed back.

The four troublemakers were in the library, supposedly working on the Transfiguration essay that happened to be due next Monday, but not much was actually getting done. Instead, Potter was using that time to complain and moan about the end result of the Preliminary match.

After an intense duel, which consisted of dodging, rebounding and throwing a variety of spells, Lily had been deamed the winner and became the Gryffindor House Champion for the fourth year in a row. Lupin, Sirius and Peter had acted like good sports and congradulated her on her victory. Potter, on the other hand, had kept fuming and giving his werewolf friend heated looks about it. He had been saying that if Lily lost to the Slytherin Champion, he would be more than happy to give all the credit to Lupin for not trying hard enough.

This, of course, got Potter in the others' badbooks and they had started ignoring him long enough for their friend to finally calm down and apologize to the let down Prefect. Lupin forgave him, naturally, but he could still feel the heated looks his companion kept giving him and was still annoyed whenever he brought up the match.

"Look, mate," Sirius said, doing more of the peacekeeping now that their usual one- Remus- was at odds with Potter at the moment. "We're all worried about Roary losing to whoever the Snake in Scaly Armor is, but let's not forget, she is the best duelist this school has ever had. So, let's forget about her for awhile and actually try to focus on our work. Minnie did say that if you don't clean up your act and study for her tests then that would count as another bad mark against you, Prongs."

Nodding, Potter turned back to his notes and tried to forget about the match, and Lily.

Unfortunatly Lily and Severus were at a table near the Restricted Section, right in front of him, and were sitting beside each other studying their notes. This would only annoy him slightly, and normally he would cause a big disturbance to break them up so he could steal some of Lily's time to ask her out. But this time there was something more going on between the "study buddies", and it drove Potter absolutely up the wall.

For instance, they were sitting very close to each other. So close that they were practically touching shoulders, slightly brushing the skin of their hands and trying to be even closer by shifting in their chairs. It was the same sort of movements he usually saw couples do if they wanted to sneak a quick-

"No!" Potter thought fiercly to himself. "Lily would NEVER kiss that big-nosed git! He isn't good enough for her! His hair is abnormally greasy, his skin is a few shades too sallow, and he preferred the Dark Arts to any other form of magic."

That might have comforted him a little, had he not picked up what they had just said at that moment.

"Lily?" Severus asked, looking up from his notes to glance into the eyes of the girl beside him.

"Yes?" Lily answered with a smile.

"Well," he started, feeling increasingly nervous, "the next Hogsmeade weekend is the day after tomorrow, and I've noticed that we haven't spent a lot of time to ourselves lately."

"That's true," she replied, excitement and butterflies filling up her stomach.

Since the beginning of the year the only time they had to themselves was just during Prefect duties and rare study times, like right now.

"So, I was wondering..." he paused and took a deep breath before boldly asking, "Would you like to go with me?"

He and, unbeknownst to him, Potter braced themselves for the impending response: Like her laughter; her rejection; her making up an excuse about being busy that day, or, better yet, that someone had already asked her.

Both nearly feel out their seats, however, when she replied, with an even bigger smile on her face, "Sure Sev. I'd love to go with you to Hogsmeade."

"Did she just say..." Potter thought, hoping he was wrong.

"Did she just say..." Severus thought, hoping he was right.

"Love?" they both thought.

Composing himself quickly Severus said, "Great. So, I'll see you at the Entrance Hall at, say, eleven o'clock?"

Nodding her head Lily went back to work and Severus followed suit, happiness and elation dancing in both of their stomachs, though the other did not know about it.

Potter, naturally, had the look of purest devastation on his face and his insides echoed it. His stomach started making suddle, queasy movements and his head was starting to spin. When his vision started getting blurry, he knew what he had to do...

He clamped a hand over his mouth, bolted out the library door and went straight to the nearest boys' bathroom. He saw that it was empty, opened the first stall he came to, and started to tell his sorrows to the s-bend. His knuckles had turned white from holding on to the cool porceilin, and that was the only thing that kept him from going for the wand in his robe pocket and heading back to hex the basterd then and there.

Meanwhile, when the other Marauders noticed their friend's hasty departure and went to see where he was, Severus had noticed it too and a small smirk formed on his lips. He flicked his eyes quickly in his date's direction and saw that she was scribbling down more notes for their essay. He took this opportunity to quietly chuckle to himself as he remembered his foe's expression when Lily agreed to their rendezvous that weekend.

"That's right," he thought gleefully, "the most popular, beautiful, smartest, sweetest, and greatest witch Hogwarts has ever had is going to Hogsmeade with me! Me, Severus Tobias Snape, and not the great has-been James Daniel Potter! Oh how the mighty have fallen!"

Still smirking at the thought Severus turned his attention to Lily as she showed him the notes they made, and they started working on their essays.

When they had finished Severus went to the Slytherin common room to dispose of his books and Lily went to the Gryffindor common to do the same. She had Prefect rounds that night with Remus and did not want to be late. He liked to get these sort of things over with because he, thanks to the other Marauders, had put his work off to the last minute. He had a Charms paper due tomorrow and it was lucky for him that the club president was his partner.

Once dinner was over and nine o'clock came around, the two Gryffindors began their rounds. Usually they started talking about what their respective classes were like and when the next full moon was so she could cover for him if needed. But tonight Remus would not even talk to her, much less look at her.

After this had gone on for a good fifteen minutes Lily walked in front of him and stopped. Craning her neck to look into his golden eyes she asked, "Remus, what's wrong? If it has something to do with your condition you can tell me."

"MY condition, Evans?" he growled- yes, growled- at her. "What about your's?"

"What do you mean?" she asked, confused and angry at his attitude.

"Lily," he said still gazing at her with angry eyes, "James heard what you said to Snape earlier in the library. He's really upset about it. You know how he feels about him and about you."

Shaking her head Lily sighed, "Look Remus, I didn't mean to hurt Potter like that, but he has got to realize that whoever I decide to spend the day with is my choice and mine alone. You of all people should know that. Besides, wasn't it you who asked me to Hogsmeade once upon a time in third year?"

"Yes, but if you'll kindly remember, I felt bad about it and we decided to remain just friends because it was hurting James," he replied, crossing his arms over his chest. "He's my best mate and he really cares about you."

"Remus John Lupin," she said, anger rising in her own voice. "If your best mate really cared about me, he would let me go and live my life. If he really did care for me, he wouldn't have hurt me and he wouldn't have gone off the handle because of a silly joke."

She held up her left hand to emphasize her point. Her eyes started to water over with tears as she continued, "If he really cared I would have seen that earlier and would've given him a chance. That's right, Lupin. I was coming very close to giving him a chance, but he blew it and now he's paying the price for it.

"Don't get me wrong," she said, a bit of merciless laughter in her voice, "I really like Sev, and I would never use him as a tool for vengence. Severus Snape is the best friend I've ever had, and, should he ask me, I would love to be his girlfriend."

With that she marched off to complete her rounds, leaving a stunned Lupin with his mouth hanging open and an invisible Potter running for Gryffindor Tower and into his room brokenhearted.

When she got back to the tower Lily came into her room to find one of the school owls, a big black one, waiting for her at her desk, a note tied to its leg. Carefully she untied the parcel and gave the owl a treat as it waited to see if she would have a response made out to the letter.

Looking at it, Lily saw that it was from Severus, written in the mixed runes they had learned a month ago. They had started writing their messages to each other like this and could interpret them fairly easily without the use of their notes or textbooks.

His note read:

"Dear Lily,

The reason I'm writting to you so late is because Bellatrix and Rudolphus were in my room again resuming their...business, and I didn't want to have to dodge any objects tonight like the cats Tobias likes to 'play' with, so I left them alone. Anyway, I know you're just getting back from your rounds so I will make this very brief and let you go to sleep. (Hopefully without the nightmares I'm going to have later.)

I'm looking forward to Saturday in Hogsmeade. I wish I could see you tomorrow, but that is the only day we don't have classes or Prefect duties together, and I really do miss seeing you. I think without you to talk to I would go completely mental.

Well, I better get some sleep and you should too. You know how McGonagall is about tardiness and we'll probably have to pay full attention when she starts going over more OWL level Transfiguration projects.

Good luck tomorrow in your classes.

Yours truely,


P.S. I'm sleeping on the couch until my bed is properly sanitized and free of Eu de Slut."

Once she had finished reading the letter she grabbed a piece of parchment and started to write a response of her own.

It read:

"Dear Sev,

I'm sorry Bellatrix has been using your room to conduct her 'business' with Rudolphus, but you would've thought, with her being a Prefect, she would've exhibited some sort of self-control. Of course this is Bellatrix Black we're talking about, not a happy little convect or innocent school girl. (God help Rudolphus's preferences.)

Don't worry though, Sev. I'll save you, and the others, from having to put up with her once I figure out what I'm going to do to her in the near future.

I agree with you, Sev, I'm going to miss seeing you tomorrow, but I can't wait until Saturday either. Hopefully, we can actually be alone without Trixie interrupting us like she did when we were at the Leaky Cauldron.

Good luck in classes yourself, and see you Saturday at eleven.

Yours as well,


P.S. Just to be on the safe side, conjure a cot or something to sleep on instead of the couch. She may have it spritzed with Eu de Slut, too."

Finishing her letter, she tied it to the waiting owl's leg and sent it on its way.

As she watched him fly away in the distance, a sudden realisation hit Lily so hard that she collapsed on her bed.

"I have a date. I just made a date with Severus Snape!"

"And didn't you tell Lupin that would love to be Sev's girlfriend should he ask you?"

Even as the realisation sunk in a small smile could not help but illuminate her face, especially as it was at the aspect of making her dream a reality.

Friday had passed by rather quickly for the students and soon Saturday had arrived, along with the first Hogmeade weekend of the year. The first visit to the village was regularly held the week of Halloween, but during that time the House Preliminaries were commencing and nobody was interested in going until they were completed. They were far too busy preparing and practicing to even think about Honeyduke's chocolates and butterbeer from the Three Broomsticks.

Now that the Preliminaries were over everybody was excited to be able to spend a Saturday in the village. Some, like Lily and Severus, were going on their first date, and others were making their way to the shops, trying to get out of the nippy Novemeber winds into the tempting stores.

"So," Severus asked as they made their way down the path, "where would you like to go first, Lily?"

Before she could answer she heard an unwelcoming voice shout out. Turning around both of the Prefects saw a mane of long, sleek black hair running to a boy with dark brown hair and began to clamp her mouth to his. It was Bellatrix, naturally.

Getting her wand out quickly Lily tapped Severus on the head, then did the same to herself. At once it seemed as if a bucket of cold water had been dumped onto them. Looking down at themselves they noticed that they resembled a pair of camelons, blending in with the background of their surroundings.

"Was that a..." Severus started, very impressed by his date's wandwork.

"Silent Disillusionment Charm? Yes," Lily said smiling, even though he could not see it. "Despirate times you know."

"I'm not complaining in the least," Severus replied, also smiling and he lead the way to the village, holding on to her hand the entire time.

When they got to a busy section of the town, near Honeydukes Sweet Shop, Lily lifted the charm with another tap of her wand, this time sending a shower of hot water over them. They quickly went inside and started browsing the shelves of different flavored chocolates, candies and other sugar confections. One shelf held one of Lily's favorite sweets: raspberry-strawberry-cherry mixed chocoballs.

Severus saw her eyes light up when they passed by and asked, "Would you like to get them now, or when it's nearly time to leave?"

"Oh, no thanks," Lily said dismissfully. "I'd rather just look around today and see what we've missed while being stuck in the castle for a bit."

Then she turned and looked him in the eyes before saying, "Besides, I'd rather spend time alone with you than in a crowded shop like this."

"Then, why don't we head out of a bit?" he replied a smile and blush creeping up his face. "I know a good spot just on the outskirts of the village that we can go to."

Taking her hand in his again Severus lead Lily out of the sweet shop and into the streets, heading toward their new destination. They were faintly aware of the amazed and annoyed expressions everybody from Hogwarts was giving them.

One boy whispered to his friend, "Lucky stiff. How'd a sodding snake like him get Queen Lily to go out with him?"

His friend whispered back, "At least he has good taste. Lily's a far better choice than that banshee Rudolphus is betrothed to."

"You mean Slutatrix Black? Oh yeah, poor Lestrange."

When they had finally reached a spot where the crowd had thinned out and was nearly quiet, Lily asked Severus, "Rudolphus is engaged to Bellatrix? Since when?"

"Since birth," Severus explained. "Most pureblood families want to set their children up with other purebloods that are rich, have good connections, and are skilled sorcerers. From what Narcissa told me that is how she ended up with Lucius Malfoy, even though he's three or four years older than her."

"Learn something new everyday," Lily said. Then she snickered.

"What?" Severus asked.

"Nothing. Just that it's pretty much the same in the Muggle world," she said with a smile. "My grandparents on both sides of my family wanted to betroth Petunia and myself to other rich noble families."

"Is that so?" he asked, an edge of worry in his voice.

Lily noticed this and gave him a comforting peck on the cheek. "Don't worry though, Sev. My parents quickly squashed that idea when they said they wanted their daughters to marry for love and respect. Besides," she said, smiling at him, "I'd rather have a hard working, resourceful, quick-thinking wizard as a husband than a self-righteous, bumbling, half-witted Muggle."

"Did I just say that?" Lily thought with a quick glance to the ground. "What's happening to me?"

"She's starting to think more like the proud witch she's becoming," Severus thought happily. "And I heard the hint she was sending. She wants to marry me!"

At last they had reached the top of the hill that overlooked the village and the castle, and sat down on a blanket Severus had conjured up.

The view was incredibly beautiful, drenched in the fall colors of red, orange, yellow and browns. The sun was at the height of its zenith shining down on the Quidditch Pitch and on the windows of the castle and most of the buildings, and they could see the shimmering surfaces of the Black Lake.

"So Sev," Lily spoke up after a good ten minutes of trying to decipher her thoughts. "Did you have any problems sleeping outside of your dormroom? Any nightmares?"

Chuckling Severus replied, "No, I didn't have any trouble sleeping outside of my own room, though the cot was much more comfortable than I thought it would be, and yes, I did have a nightmare."

"Really? What?" she asked, intrigued.

"I dreamed that Bellatrix came into the common room, saw me there and tried to..." he blushed at that but continued, "but I refused and she became furious. She started firing hexes at me and was screaming, 'How can you refuse me? Am I not as good as Ms. Prim-and-Proper Evans?'."

"That really does sound like her," Lily nodded. "Then what happened?"

"Then, the next thing I know, she starts dueling you and you got turned into your least favorite animal, a crane, and had to do whatever Bellatrix said for the rest of your life," he concluded, reeling at the thought of Lily being subservant to a horrid person like Bellatrix.

This made Lily think for a bit. Would animal did Bellatrix like the least? Or, better yet, fear?

When she voiced these questions to Severus he shrugged, "I don't know. She keeps her fears and everything else to herself."

"Yeah right," she scoffed. "She doesn't keep everything to herself Sev. If she did, she would at least try to keep her dignaty instead of flouncing herself around like a tart."

At that they both laughed, then headed back down the hill to the Three Broomsticks to get some butterbeer and something to eat.

When they got there the place was packed, but they fortunatly located a table in the back corner of the room. They went over, sat down and order their meals from a passing Rosemerta, who greeted both of them with a smile. The biggest one going to her young friend, Lily, who she met when she was the Head Girl at Hogwarts about two years back.

"Hello Lily!" the waitress beamed. "I haven't seen you around here much. How is everything? The tournament going okay? Are you still Gryffindor Champion for the fourth year running?"
Giggling Lily said, "Rosemerta, even if I did win this year I can't tell you. Against the rules, of course, and I don't want to lose Gryffindor's chance at the House Cup this year."

Nodding her head in understanding Rosemerta went on her way. Before she got too far she turned her head, winked at them and mouthed something to the young Slytherin beside the young Gryffindor.

"What did she say?" Lily asked, still the curious cat.

"Nothing," Severus said with a smile on his face as he turned his attention back to the attractive lady. "Just that I should treat you right."

Squeezing his hand slightly she smiled back, "When haven't you?"

Aurthor's Note: The name for Lily's final female opponent (Natalie Lynx) came from another aurthor's use of her name, and it is to him/her that I give credit. Thank you whoever you are, and I am sorry for the use of that name without your permission. Be assured it was a one time thing.