x ɖɨƒƒεɼɳεƭѡ σ ʀƪɖʂ x

It just couldn't be.
One was a shogun.
The other, an android.
Each were on different sides concerning the Deep City.

The shogun sides with the Senatus.
The android sides with the Abyssal King.
Two enemies never meant to acknowledge each other besides on the battlefield.

Kujura, the man with the katanas.
Kujura, with piercing eyes and calm demeanor.
Kujura, gradually gaining feelings for a forbidden love.

Olympia, the android who analizes along the sides.
Olympia, with a warm smile and loyal.
Olympia, unable to deny these 'human' feelings.

Wasn't it true? That an android could never gain human feelings?
Wasn't it undeniably true that a shogun serves his master without a word?
Wasn't it true, that these two people should not interfere with each other's lives?

◘ x ◘ x ◘
"Kujura, should we continue with our search?" [1]
The posted sentry awaits for an answer.
Sighing, the blond man before him gives a stern nod, returning back to the stationed camp.
No matter what it took,
he'd find her.
The android who was on the other side of the world [2].

A/N ; [1] Got the guard idea from the B7F

[2] Metaphorically. c:

Etrian Odyssey 3 fangirlness, yesyes.