I do not own Gargoyles, but I do own Liz Maza. This is the sequel to Warrior of Change. Please enjoy and send your comments and reviews. It's been a while since I watched the later episodes of Gargoyles, so I will do my best to stay as true to character as I possibly can.

The last we heard from Liz Maza, she had completed her mission of stopping Demona from taking over her time. Since there was nothing for her to go back to, and she learned she had Fey magic in her blood, Liz was given the option to stay with the gargoyles or go to Avalon to learn to control her magic. Liz didn't believe she belonged in 1999 Manhattan, so she went with Coyote and the Weird Sisters to Avalon.

Liz: Now read on to find out what happens to me!

YYW: Please, do.

Liz concentrated on the object in front of her. She was supposed to turn a grouping of rocks into a stone being capable of destroying the mess of targets Coyote had set up. At the moment, it was not going well.

"Come on, Liz!" Coyote said, his arms crossed and a look of blatant disappointment on his face.

Liz, focusing, her magic swirling around the rocks, clenched her teeth. Finally she gave it up. She fell to her knees and pounded the barren ground with her fists.

"Why can't I get this?" she yelled, giving the ground another punch.

"You're not trying hard enough," said Coyote. "You need to focus on what you want your magic to do."

Liz glanced at Coyote through her long black hair. What did he think she was doing?

This had been going on for months. Liz and Coyote would say in the human realm to practice Liz's magic. There were too many distractions on Avalon, mainly the gargoyles. Liz got along well with them and was often wandering off in the night to play. So, Coyote decided that they could train in the human realm. In Flagstaff, Arizona to be precise. Liz wasn't too bummed out about this, because she did get to see Beth, her would-have-been mother.

Since they left Avalon, Liz allowed her quick-growing hair to grow out and had ditched the ripped jeans and red shirt. These days she preferred to sport a tight black tank top tucked into a pair of dark jeans and cowboy boots. She also had another pair of earrings, positioned directly behind the diamond studs Alexander had given her before she went on her mission. She no longer needed his protection spell to keep her from disappearing, but she kept them anyway. Her new earrings were gold, in the shape of the earth carving dedicated to Coyote.

Liz's magical studies were not going well. She could get some things, like energy blasts and transforming herself into a gargoyle, but other things, like turning a pile of rocks into a stone being, was slow going. They had been on this lesson for days with little progress.

"Let's just call it a day," said Coyote with a sigh.

Liz growled. She didn't want to give up, but she didn't know what else to do.

"I don't get it, Liz," said Coyote as they walked back to the abandoned shed that served as home. They didn't need the comforts of humans. Coyote could conjure up whatever he needed and Liz was used to the lack of luxury. "You can whip up a storm to rival Hurricane Agnus, but you can't turn a pile of rocks into something capable of destructive power."

Liz had a snide comment about Odin being a better teacher than Coyote, but kept it to herself. Coyote wouldn't hesitate to do something nasty to her. She just scrunched her nose and kept walking.

Back on Avalon, Odin had given Liz's an overview of how to create a storm. Odin had taken her someplace where any major damage would not be an issue, though he didn't believe that Liz would be able to do more than conjure a small rain cloud. She had surprised the elderly Fey by creating a Category 3 hurricane without much difficulty. Liz could easily make personal rain showers for the gloomy, one of which she used on Raven when he was moping about something. Raven challenged her to a duel, forgetting that a duel meant something different to Liz. Liz had knocked him out before Raven had a chance to cast a spell. She had gotten a chewing out for that, but didn't let Raven forget that she could deck him with little difficulty.

Liz went right to her cot when they entered the shed. She buried her face in the pillow and tried to suppress her frustrated sobs until Coyote wasn't looking. It did no good. As soon as she had her face in her pillow, the tears came.

"Liz." Coyote knelt down beside her cot. "Liz, crying about it isn't going to solve anything."

Liz lifted her head from the pillow so she could speak. "I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm focusing. Really, I am."

Coyote put his hand on her back, rubbing in small circles. "Maybe it's just not your strong point," he supplied, trying to make her feel better. He hated seeing someone cry. "You got some high level stuff down without a problem. The basics can be so simple, they're hard. It's possible you're over thinking it."

Liz sniffed and wiped her tears away.

"Don't cry," said Coyote. "Tell you what: I'll take you for ice cream. That always perks you up."

"Okay," Liz muttered.

Coyote took a handkerchief from his pocket and dabbed Liz's wet cheeks with it. "Smile, sunshine!"

Liz didn't smile, but the corners of her mouth twitched.

Liz: Okay, I'm terrible with the basics. So what? I can get the big stuff. I bet I could turn Goliath into a human. Or Elisa into a gargoyle.

YYW: Then go do it.

Liz: *Scowls* Maybe later.

YYW: Sure.