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It was a peaceful day at Castle Wyvern. Petros Xanatos had come to visit and was currently bouncing his young grandson on his knee. Alexander was giggling, spreading smiles on all of the adults' faces.

"He's getting big," said Petros. He chuckled. "It looks like he's taking after his mother with his looks, David."

Xanatos chuckled. "Give him a few years. I remember you saying something like that about me before."

"Yes," said Petros, looking at Alexander. "I remember as well." He smiled a moment before frowning slightly. "It's hard to believe that he's anything other than. . ." he trailed off.

Fox and Xanatos knew what he was going to say. It was hard to believe that Alexander was anything other than human. He acted like a normal toddler around everyone, but when lesson time came around, it was like he was a different child.

Owen glanced over to Alexander. Alexander looked at him and smiled. Lesson time would be soon. Inside the human guise, Puck wondered what he should teach Alexander today. He had been such a good boy for his grandfather and his parents that Puck was half tempted to give him some sweets. Fox would not like that before he went to bed. Sugar tended to make Alexander hyper.

Alexander let out a happy squeal when he looked over at the clock on the wall.

Fox laughed. "You know what time it is, don't you?" she asked.

"You know it's his favorite time of day," said Xanatos. He turned to the majordomo. "I think that's all for today, Owen."

Alexander's happy expression quickly turned solemn as he looked outside. It was not quite time for the sun to set, but it did not appear to be late afternoon either. Black storm clouds had rolled in, seeming to have appeared out of thin air. The wind was picking up as well and there was a crash of thunder that shook the windowpanes. Puck did not like what he was feeling, and it was apparent that Alexander was sensing it, too. This was no ordinary storm, but one conjured by powerful magic.

There was a burst of green light and Oberon appeared in the room. Behind him stood Liz Maza, looking exhausted and a complete mess. Petros grabbed Alexander and held him close, both Fox and Xanatos jumping up to protect their son.

Oberon turned to them. "I am not here for the child," he said coldly. He turned his icy blue eyes to Owen. "I am here for Puck."

Owen transformed into the banished trickster. Before Puck could properly kneel before Oberon, Oberon flung his hands out at Puck, green light emanating from them. Puck immediately became fearful. The green light enveloped Puck and he let out a cry of surprise before being released from its grip and falling to the floor.

Oberon whirled on Liz. "Are you satisfied?"

"Yes," replied Liz, keeping her voice level. "Thank you."

Oberon gave Liz a glare before disappearing.

"Puck!" Xanatos kneeled beside the trickster.

"Uncle Puck!" cried Alexander, getting free from Petros and coming over to his mentor.

Puck was on his hands and knees, panting hard like he had just run a race. His pale features were flushed. He managed to sit on his knees and raise his head to look at Xanatos.

"Are you all right?" asked Xanatos.

Puck looked passed Xanatos at Liz. "I think you should be asking her that question, David," he said. A look of concern and then fear came over the trickster's face. "Someone catch her!" he yelled.

Petros whirled around in time to see Liz begin to sink to the floor. He jumped up from his seat and grabbed the half-breed before she fell and hit her head. Petros helped Liz to his chair.

"Oh, Liz," said Fox, coming over to her. "What happened?"

Liz opened her eyes. "Got into a fight with Oberon," she said in a low voice. "Won. Granted me a wish."

"What did you wish for?" asked Fox.

Liz's brown eyes slid over to Puck. Puck got to his feet and looked at his hands. He then looked back at Liz in utter shock.

"You did this for me?" he asked in a small voice.

"What?" asked Xanatos.

Puck ignored Xanatos. "Does that mean I can. . . ?"

Liz nodded.

"And I can go. . . ?"

Liz nodded again.

Puck's look of shock slowly disappeared as he became elated. "YES!" he yelled, shooting up into the air and spinning around. "Thank you! Oh, thankyouthankyouthankyou!" Puck zipped around the room in a blur of color.

All three adults had no idea what was going on. Alexander just watched his uncle and laughed along with him.

Puck stopped briefly in front of Liz, cupped her tired face in his hands, and kissed her. He broke away after two seconds and looked her in the eye. "Lizzie, I love you!" he said before kissing her again.

"Will someone please tell us what in the world is happening?" asked Xanatos, a bit annoyed at this point.

"I'M BACK, DAVY-BOY, THAT'S WHAT!" roared Puck, several magical fireworks exploding from his hands.

Liz spoke up from her seat. "I wished for Puck to have his powers back and that he could return to Avalon anytime he wants."

Xanatos turned to Liz. "You have a lot to tell us," he said.

Petros put his hand on Liz's shoulder. "After you get cleaned up and have some rest."

Liz smiled at the elder Xanatos before closing her eyes. Puck's whoops were her lullaby as she slipped into a well-deserved slumber.

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