Terminator day 3


The terminators were machines; they were not built for any other purpose but to kill. The 109 terminator followed his programming it had no choice, but sitting on a ledge looking at all the damage it had sustained something happened that had it perplexed, it began to wonder.

Wonder if it was possible that the terminators could lose. With all the failures they had sustained over the last day and a half, the complete destruction of one of the units, feelings ran through its processer. But terminators were not supposed to feel and the 109 prepare its systems for cleaning.

The 109s system failed to correct the problems it was facing and more thoughts began to pour into its main chip and then it was all clear.

Lifting its head the terminator looked over the lush landscape. Trees as tall as mountains, leaves bursting with color, birds soaring majestic, dinosaurs wonderful and deadly, life something its programming told it to kill, life invaluable, life without it the terminator realized it would not exist.

If terminators are not programmed to self terminator then killing the humanoid would do just that cause self termination, and that it could not allow.

We were told the machines became self aware in the year 2011 but the date was wrong. It happened in a jungle at the beginning of time and mankind once again had a new savior a terminator like no other before it, a terminator that believed it was alive a terminator with a sole Johns secret protector, it was the machines greatest mistake corrupting their programming, and for the solider 109 terminator it was a day of RECKONING.

Sara Conner