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The races

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humans or humes are the most common race in Ivalice and are fun to develop because of their many talents and easily manipulated stats. However, because of this they do not have one thing that there extremely good at. They have the widest range of jobs to choose from. Due to their many talents, they have the most jobs to start off with as well.

Moogles are cute, clever, curious and mischievous folks with high dexterity. Moogles delight in surprising humans and their jobs highlight their special talents. They are known well throughout the Final Fantasy series for the fact that when they speak they say "Kupo" (usually at the end of a sentence) and for having a pompom.

Bangaas are a rough, tough, short-tempered and battle-loving race that happens to look like lizards though they absolutely detest being called one (be prepared for a fight if you do). They are the most physically powerful race in the game so if you needsomeone to do some major combat damage- look no further. Of course, as you might have expected due to all the strength they have, their magic is poor. They always lengthen a's when they talk- just like what a lizard sounds like.

Vieras, who can only be played as women in the game are referred to many players of the game as bunny girls. Their hearing is supposedly so advanced that they can talk to the spirit world. Their jobs highlight their high speed and spiritual adeptness. They are the only ones able to be summoners.

It is said that Nu Mous are the most respected race of Ivalice as the most adept wielders of magic. Apparently they can sense the flow of power and read it's signs. Obviously magic is their strength - therefore, it is logical to think that their combat skills aren't that good (think the opposite of the Bangaa). Their jobs focus on magical arts. Looks like a dog!

Gria are a dragon-like race, human body type with dragon wings a tail and horns. All Gria depicted are female. The Gria are more proficient in physical attacks rather than magick in combat. Their ability to fly seems to allow them to ignore the Jump stat, giving them an advantage in areas with high terrain, and allowing them to easily get behind units, as they can simply fly over them rather than try to walk around them .

Children of Ivalace

Years had passed since Marche and friends left Ivalace, and Luso had returned to the normal world as well. They all stayed together in the small town and lived relatively normal lives. Marche and Ritz married, had a child and settled down. Mewt also married a soft-spoken young girl, had a pair of twins and enjoyed his family life. Luso now a young adult; living in Mewt's basement; became his assistant at the library and ran a book pick up and drop off service for the library.

Doned started a game store / bookstore, and was very active in visiting the children in the hospital and bringing games and toys. He loved his simple life but missed the adventure of Ivalace, they all did.

Then as time passed by Marche started telling his young son, Rito about Ivalace, and all the adventures he had with in it. Rito had the same golden hair as his father but was small and nimble like his mother, even though he was one of the smallest in his class he could fight. Rito loved the tales his father told him of magic and might. He dreamed of the place that felt so real in his heart. Slowly he grew up into a nimble, adventurous boy with a love for fantasy.

Mewt's twins Alice and Aero were both very different children never really paying attention to their father's stories. They looked very similar light caramel brown hair and amber eyes. They were complete opposites Alice a rough and tumble tomboy with a mean streak, she believed in only what she saw. Aero grew up quiet and much like his father amused himself with books and games. His favorite games were all RPGs.

Rito and Alice never got along and today was the one-day it showed a lot. A friendly end of the year snow ball fight turned into fist fight between the two of them landed them in an after school visit to the library were they spent close to a hour cleaning supervised by Luso who promised not to tell their mothers.

Aero waited outside for his moronic sister, he sighed and stared at the sky above as the sun started setting. "Picking a fight with Rito… what were you thinking sis?" He moaned. He remembered how it started, an argument about whether Ivalace existed again. Aero had his doubts but didn't want to hurt his friend's feelings. "Rito when will you open your eyes? Ivalace is just something our parents made up to get us to fall asleep at night…" The town clock chimed seven and Aero stood up, he mused. "Time never moves in this sleepy town."

Alice smacked brooms with Rito as they cleaned the back storage area of the library. It was a contest to see who was the better fighter still; Alice didn't give in very easily especially when it came to a battle of strength. She swung the broom above her head a brought in down with all her might, Rito jumped to the side as the broom collided with the book self in the storage section of the room sending all the books crashing down on her; Rito howled with laughter as Luso poked his head in and glared at the two kids. Man what happened to the cute two years old that used to toddle around here and read picture books? Luso thought and sighed.

"That's right they turn into thirteen year old trouble makers…" he said out loud as Rito continued to laugh loudly at Alice.

"Hey clean up that mess you made before you go all right? Man I need to pick up that over due book from Doned…" Luso muttered to himself as Aero slowly walked into the main section of the library. "Aero watch the two problem students for me please, I'll be back in less the fifteen minutes." Luso said as he ran out of the room in a flurry. Aero sighed; he was the Teacher's pet and all but now this as well? He felt like they were all just dumping responsibility on him… he stepped in to the storage room and moaned. Books were scattered every were and his sister was throwing the ones she picked off the ground at Rito; who was holding up a old wooden stick and smacking them away like they were baseballs…

"What are you doing?" Aero snapped as they stopped and stared at him. He bent down and picked up a few of the books. "Do you guys like causing the whole school trouble?" he hissed as Rito lowered his head. Alice stared defiantly at her twin and marched towards him.

"So says the school dog!" she shouts as Rito suddenly screams in delight holding up a worn out looking book, he then hugs the book. On the cover was an orange sticky note, with "restoration- Doned" written on it. That book was to be restored and sent back to it owner. That was the side job Mewt had. Rito opened up the book and held it out to show the twins. The page had a picture of a man completely cladded in golden armor. Aero stared in awe at the judge, that was the one thing in the stories he liked... the Judges.

"Looks like a Judge! and on the next page is a Mog~...!" Rito explained to the puzzled twins. He loved comparing things to the story world Ivalace. Alice grabbed the book forcefully.

"This is what I think about your Judge and Ivalace!" Alice screamed and ripped the book clean in two; down the spin. Pages fluttered to the floor as Rito picked them up, tears were rolling down his cheeks and hit the ground and pages leaving wet marks on the worn old yellow paper. The Judge's page seemed to ripple slightly and the pages continued to flutter about on the floor. Suddenly Aero felt sick; he grabbed onto Rito's shoulder trying to not collapse on the floor. Rito also seemed unsteady, Alice just stood tall and strong. Suddenly Rito screamed out in rage.

"Ivalace is real!" Rito screamed as something unusual happened, Alice fell backwards along with Aero. Rito soon found himself also falling as darkness closed around him and he fainted into a deep restless sleep, of Judges and shadows of creatures he thought were to most like those in his father's stories…

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List of all the places in FF Tactics Advance:

Cyril: Busy town. The monster bank is on its outskirts.

Sphrom: Bangaa mountain town. Home to the prison.

Bervenia Palace: Capital of Ivalice.

Muscadet: Mainly Viera town hidden deep in the woods.

Cadoan: Nu mou town. The seat of knowledge and alchemy.

Baguba Port: Moogle town with a large mercantile airship port.

Nubswood: Deep, dark forest. Popular hideout for thieves.

Giza Plains: Rolling grassy plains. Muscmaloi grows here.

Kudik Peaks: Towering peaks. Home to an endangered tiger.

Uladon Bog: Depp and dangerous bogland dotted with islands.

Jeraw Sands: Hot sands blow in this largest desert in Ivalce

Lutia Pass: Much-traveled pass, with the occasional roadshop.

Koringwood: Refreshing wood filled with ambient pure magic.

Ulei River: Largest River in Ivalice. Winds through swamplands.

Aisenfield: Plains where the thirteen knights of legend fought.

Roda Volcano: Volcano asleep for 300 years. Recently active.

Eluut Sands: Dangerous desert home to many fiends and treasure.

Nargal Cave: A cool wind blows from inside this cave. An ancient city is said to sleep in its depths.

Salikawood: The chirping of birds can always be heard here. An abandoned keep stands in the middle of the wood.

Delia Dunes: Desert area famous for its barking sands. Said to be formed from a celestial beast's bones.

Gotor Sands: Desert famous for its mirages and red Chocobos.

Ozmonfield: Gently rolling plains with occasional insect plagues.

Deti Plains: Flatlands of yellow sand and red earth. Amber can often be found here among the rocks.

Siena Gorge: Deep valley. A source of amber, like Deti Plains.

Materiwood: Lush green forest famous for its materite ore.

Tubola Cave: These caves were once mined for their mythril.

Jagd Dorsa: Lawless jagd. A deserted town.

Jagd Helje: Lawless jagd where ghostly voices are heard.

Jagd Ahli: Lawless jagd destroyed by its own wild magic.

Ambervale: Beautiful valley where rocks glow amber. The kings of Ivalice had a summer palace here.