For all who loved the next generation, I have some sad news, I have been continuing the story on and off, but I've run into a problem, It appears I have deleted most of the next few chapters and the rewritten chapters. The story is not dead! I am currently rewriting it in my little spare time. But I encountered a problem, I need help finding the points in the story that were a bit off!the word version of this was over 130 pages and I'm having a hard time rereading it and fixing the story. I have only a few fake scenes left and origenally I wanted to save them for the end, But to say sorry I am giving you all one to read now.

So now a hidden scene that the story could have had happen when they had meet Toxica just to say sorry,

Rito awoke to the smell of incense and strangely perfume? He sat up to find Iden sleeping in a chair at his side. He looked around noted the red robe over him was warm and soft to touch. Suddenly a deep growl echoed around the room and Rito stared into the eyes of a panther. He gasped and jumped out of the bed searching for his blade.

"Good morning child…" Toxica said calmly as Rito looked up she was standing in the doorway. She smiled as the panther calmed down.

"Who?" Rito asked as Iden stirred and moaned. Iden sat up painfully aching from the four day's of hard back breaking labor.

"Ohh… I will never ever rebuild a stable in a swamp again…" Iden moaned. Rito laughed at him slightly.

"Well, all today you get to rest because I'm barrowing the kid…" Toxica replied as she pulled Rito towards her. Iden stood up; he was up and out of the chair in a heartbeat.

"All no I'm the working Moogle not the kid!" Iden yelled and puffed out his chest. Rito rolled his eyes as Toxica smiled.

"Great I need the Chocobo stall to be mucked out." Toxica replied. Iden simple growled and hissed as he stomped off to the stable. Rito was then dragged along by the witch to a deeper part of the swamp. She threw Rito his sword and smiled coldly; then turned around and grazed Rito with her blade.

"Huh?" Rito yelped and fell back as Toxica struck again.

"Kid it's all about grace. The grace and speed at which your weapon strikes can turn a flesh wound into a fatal one…" Toxica said as she continued her attacks leaving no room for Rito to strike back. She continued to beat him around as Rito noticed every movement she made flowed right into the next. She was taking her momentum and speed from the last attack into the next. He was nowhere near the level she was at and he knew it.

"Whaa!" Rito screamed and blocked one of her strikes with his blade. He was scared now. She was not going to go easy on him or anyone.

"Hmmm… So you can block." Toxica said and lifted Rito off the ground. She then pointed her blade to a nearby tree. Rito stared at it for a long time and then looked to Toxica. The tree was covered in slash, pierce and cut marks from the bottom to top.

"Did you do that?" Rito asked as Toxica smiled and nodded.

"Yep… every day at the time before the sun raised I was dragged out of bed by my mother and forced to practice. Rito stared in awe, he wished that he had that sort of training…

"Can I?" Rito asked as Toxica smiled and nodded. He ran to the tree and struck it repeatedly not minding the amused laughter of the witch. Toxica laughed out.

"He is strange… a boy who fights like that. No wonder the Moogle risked everything to save him…" Toxica muttered as Pam her beloved Panther ran to her roaring mad.

"AHHH!" Rito yelped as Pam ran up to him. He was scared to death of him after the encounter earlier. Pam ran around him and then growled at the swamp edge as a large judge suddenly appeared. It was fast faster then any judge Rito had seen and bigger; Toxica yelled in rage.

"Get away! You are not welcomed here!" Toxica hissed as she ran to the judge. She struck its armor and was thrown back.

"Toxica watch out!" Rito yelled as the judge picked Toxica up and began to squeeze her. Rito ran towards her as a swift small shape raced pasted him and barreled into the judges helm and ripped it off. That was a steal helm skill, and the small black shape was a Moogle smaller then Iden by and few inches. The Moogle had a more creamy pinkish hued fur color and a bright red pom pom. It was dressed all in greens and blacks. Around its waist was a green skirt that had pockets and a belt with a knife set holder and a large gun. Around the top was a green tube top covered by an open black vest with chain mail sewed inside. There was a tuff of light pink hair on the head that seemed to naturally spike forward but was held back by a bell shaped barrette. It was a strange sight indeed…

"Kupo! Don't attack people without introducing yourself dear!" the Moogle yelled as it struck the judge with a well-aimed knife to the exposed shadow shape head. The judge fell with in an instent and Toxica collapsed, she was panting and held her side in pain. She let go to find a bit of blood on her black gloves…

"DAMMIT!" Toxica yelled, the pain came back suddenly. Yep, as she feared, she had cracked a rib…

"Need a Potion? Kupo." The Moogle asked as she handed a potion to Toxica. Toxica drank it quickly as Rito looked over at the judge's corpse.

"What are you doing!" Rito asked as the Moogle suddenly started to rip everything off the judge. She was pulling off all the metal and items she could find than the Gil… she then was about to walk away when Rito grabbed her pom pom and pulled her back.

"AHHH!" The Moogle screamed. She turned around and pouted. "What was that for Kupo?" She asked crossly. She seemed to be totally oblivious to the bleeding witch and the stunned kid…

"Walking away!" Toxica snapped and then moaned. Screaming was so not helping at the moment. The Moogle nodded and walked back to Toxica as Pam helped her up. Rito and Pam were on each side of Toxica as the Moogle followed closely behind. They made it back to the shack as Iden walked into view with mud and um… other thing covering every square inch of clothes…

"Kupo…" Iden yelled and continued to walk away then turned back around and nearly screamed at the forest around them. "WHAT THE?"

There was a lot of crashing noises and screams of pure terror.

Suddenly a muddy beast crashed through the bushes racing right towards them. Everyone screamed in fear and raced towards the swamp house.

"What was that thing? Kupo!" Bell screamed as Toxica bolted the door.

"I have no idea!" She declared and Screamed as the door was pounded with force.

Iden stepped forward and pulled out his sword, Let me take care of it! No beast is making me into a coward!"

"So brave… what flowers do you want on your tombstone?" Bell asked.

"None, I'm not dieing!" Iden yelled as Bell looked out the window. Toxica was now in back hiding and Rito was watching out the window along with Pam and Bell.

"I'd think twice about that, it's a horrid monster." Iden unlocked the door and flung it open.

"Get away from here!" Iden screamed as he attacked the beast.

"Hit it hard Iden!" Rito screamed as Iden punch the thing's gut sending it falling back into the mud and it then suddenly sat up and Iden nearly fell over.

"PITCH?" He screamed. "What are you doing?" Sure enough there was Pitch and Rain sitting in the mud. Iden leaned down towards them as Pitch pointed to a small group of people standing as far away from the door as they could get. The group was Valo, Alice, Nono, Lilia, Nora and a set of green Chocobos… Rito smiled as he saw some of his friends there then noticed there was another person laying face down in the mud with Alice's boot over him, Jin.

"What happened?" Toxica asked as she walked outside. She then stared at the group. "Sorry, no tours today come back next month…"

"WE'RE NOT HERE FOR SOME TOUR WE ARE HERE FOR TWO IDIOTS!" Alice screamed she was pissed off and for good reason… She was stuck in the same room on the air ship and had to ride on the same Chocobo with Nora, who she wanted to kill now.

"Iden!" Nono screamed and hugged his nephew. Bell stared at him and smiled. She knew they would be getting along really well…

"Hey sleeping beauty awake?" Valo whistled as Rito glared. Alice moaned and pushed Jin back into the mud.

"Ohh… wrong person." Alice said as Valo snickered and found himself also in the mud. "Right person!"

"Uh…" Pitch moaned as he wringed his hat out and plopped it back on his head only to have water drip down his face and a live fish to land inside the front of his shirt… "Fish!" Pitch screamed and pulled his shirt off to get rid of the fish. Rito turned to where Toxica was to find she had left suddenly she appeared next to Rito with a bottle of pink powder.

"Shut up!"

"Tell me what's going on?"

"Hi there, I'm Bell!"

"Will everyone stop talking?"

"SILENCE!" Toxica yelled in pain as she opened the bottle unleashing a pink mist that suddenly stopped every one from talking. She had used a bottle of soundless powder…