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Chapter 8-E is for Epilogue

We weren't even into the chorus of our second song when I instinctively knew in my heart and soul that we were going to win Nationals. Even Vocal Adrenaline was no match for us. They no longer had their star, Jesse St James, as he had graduated high school and without him they just weren't as strong. Though their member all had great technique in their dancing, their choreography lacked the imagination and creativity that Mike and Brittany had put into our routines.

Sunshine had an amazing voice, I wouldn't deny that. Sadly for her, she just didn't have the nerve. It was too much for her and she fell apart on stage. She missed the cue for her to start singing then messed up the lyrics and sang in the wrong key before running off.

After finishing our performance, we bowed to the crowd before heading backstage, exchanging hugs along the way. Puck lifted me up high and spun me around before kissing me deeply. Many of the other couples in the room were also involved in enthusiastic make-out sessions. Although the winners had yet to be announced, it already felt like a victory for the New Directions.

Then when we were presented with the first place trophy a little later, our celebration continued. Mr. Schue brought us all sparkling cider and wine coolers and we all went around the room giving speeches. Mr. Schue gushed over how proud he was of us, a tearful Tina reminded us all of how we had started out. We'd certainly come a long way since the group consisting of just Mercedes, Tina, Artie, Rachel and myself.

After a few drinks, Santana was sobbing her heart out and telling us all that she loved us. She even hugged Rachel and praised her for being the main support of Glee Club that kept us all together. When Brittany was close to stripping, Mr. Schue decided it was time for us to all go to bed. He had deliberately organised the rooming arrangements so that none of the couples were together.

As our teacher, it was the responsible thing for him to do, but it was ultimately pointless. We all ended up swapping rooms to be with our boyfriends and girlfriends anyway.

"Kurt?" Sam asked me while we were still in our shared room together. I was preening myself before heading across the hall to Puck's room.

"Yes?" I replied styling my hair into a sexy messy arrangement on my head.

"I want tonight to be the night with Mercedes." He told me sounding a little nervous. "And since you're her best friend I thought I should get your permission."

Adding the finishing touches to my hair, I spun round and moved towards him. His hands were in his pockets and he'd lowered his head to the ground. It was almost adorable that he seemed to be intimidated by me.

"You know if you hurt her I'll kill you." I stated and he nodded before assuring me that he only had love for Mercedes and would never mess her around. "Good answer." I smiled. "Treat her right and be sure to use protection."

I clapped him on the shoulder before leaving the room. Out in the corridor, I met Mercedes making her way to join Sam. Pulling her into a hug, I told her how amazing she looked before kissing her on the cheek.

"Wish me luck, white boy." Mercedes said as she stood outside mine and Sam's door.

"Good luck, have fun." I winked at her before watching her disappear into the room.

Moving to the door across the way, I knocked on the wood and waited for Puck to answer. He looked me over approvingly before leading me inside. Mike had already left to join Tina in her room.

"We did it." Puck commented unnecessarily. "We kicked ass tonight, babe."

"Totally." I agreed kissing him as we made our way to his bed. "But enough about that. It's time for you and me to have our own private celebration."

"I'm definitely up for that." Puck told me as I crawled on top of him, grinding my body against his as we kissed.

Unlike Sam and Mercedes, it wasn't mine and Puck's first time together. We'd done it many times. Fifty-six shags total and it was about to be made fifty-seven. We'd already done it once today, before we went on stage Puck gave it to me hard and fast in the changing room. He said it was a good luck fuck. New Directions had won, so technically I guess Puck's sex charms had worked.

Despite having lost my virginity to Puck months ago, it still felt like the first time whenever he was inside of me. It didn't matter if it was lust-driven shags in changing rooms and janitor closets or slow passionate love-making in a bed, it always felt amazing. Being naked with Puck, I was at my most vulnerable, yet he somehow made me feel I was at my most beautiful. No matter what words he whispered into my ear, dirty or sweet, I always felt worshiped and loved.

As my boyfriend rolled us over so he was on top of me, he placed his palm to my face and smiled at me tenderly. I knew in that moment that it would be love-making tonight rather than needy teenage fooling around.

"Love you." Puck told me as he slowly unbuttoned my shirt, pressing kisses to my chest whenever another part of my skin was exposed.

"I love you too, Noah." I replied as I allowed him to fully undress me before watching him move off the bed and strip himself.

"You're so gorgeous when your body's bathed in the moonlight." Puck whispered as he stroked his hands over my porcelain flesh, touching me reverently, as if I was something precious. But then, to him, I was precious, just as he was to me.

He moved down the bed, dropping kisses all over my body. He nibbled on my throat, no doubt leaving a mark before peppering kisses on my chest then attending to my nipples. I moaned beneath him, my hands running over the sparse hairs of his mohawk. He ventured lower, splashing kisses across my stomach, the feel and excitement causing my member to rise to full hardness.

Puck dropped a kiss to the crown of my cock and my hips bucked up at the feather light touch. On more than one occasion, Puck had been able to make me cum just by kissing that spot. It was quite embarrassing really, but Puck never laughed at me for it. He just smirked, taking it as a compliment to his sexual expertise. Luckily, I was able to keep control tonight and didn't blow my load before we got to the main action.

He roamed his hands up my thighs and all across my torso before leaving a whisper of a kiss on my mouth as he reached for his bag and pulled out lube and a condom. Placing the items beside him on the mattress, Puck moved his hands to my waist and guided me on to my stomach.

"Noah." I moaned softly as my boyfriend travelled kisses down the knots of my spine before spreading my cheeks and licking at my little pink hole.

I released a gasp, pant or moan every time Puck's tongue met my puckered opening with a flick. After a few minutes of probing me with his tongue, a lubed finger dipped into my entrance. Then a second was joined with the first and Puck worked his digits slowly in and out of me so as to spare me from any real extreme pain.

My hands clenched at the sheets of the bed as Puck worked his fingers a little faster inside of me, brushing that special spot that made me cry out a clear high F. He withdrew his fingers from me and I turned round before sitting up so I could look my lover in the eye. Facing each other during sex always made it more intense for both Puck and myself.

Fully aroused, I shifted closer to Puck, wrapping my legs around his waist. Holding his condom protected penis, Puck guided his thick length inside of me, pushing slowly to allow me to adjust to his impressive size. Throwing one arm about Puck's neck, I squeezed my anal walls, clamping around Puck's cock that was buried fully inside my tightness.

"You're so beautiful, Kurt." Puck whispered to me, slightly breathless as he started up his thrusting.

Our lips met and our foreheads rested together, both of us playing with my leaking cock. His free hand was at my back, tracing patterns into my skin as he forced his way in and out of me. Leaving Puck to tend to my member, I moved my hand away from my penis and over his six pack then up to tug lightly on his nipple ring. He grunted in arousal before moving his lips down to my throat, creating a fresh love bite before meeting my lips again.

His hand was pumping furiously on my dick and I knew I wouldn't last much longer, especially when he moved us so I was flat on my back, legs spread up in a V shape as he pounded into me over and over, hitting my prostate with each stroke. My hands moved up to grip at his shoulders as he squeezed the base of my cock, staving off my climax for a few more minutes. I whimpered a little and took his face in my hands then pulled his mouth down to mine.

In bed, our kisses tended to become more sloppy but certainly no less passionate. Tasting cider and what I suspected was my ass crack on his tongue should have repulsed me, but it only heightened my pleasure as he rocked in and out of me, the headboard constantly hitting the wall. Had I not been so focused on the pleasure Puck was giving me, I might have taken more than a split second to pity Mr. Schue who was in the next room and probably being subjected to our sounds, and I never was one to keep quiet during sex unless Puck gagged me.

"Mmm, Kurt, baby, I love you so much, you feel so good." Puck panted between kisses.

"Oh Noah," I moaned as my fingers curled around his strong biceps. "I'm so close."

"Me too, princess." Puck replied and I tossed my head back against the pillow before meeting his eyes. Sweat was falling down his face and my own hair was sticking to my forehead, the heels of my feet now digging into the quilt rather than being in the air. "You ready?" He asked wrapping his hand round my cock again.

"Y-yes. I'm there, Noah… I'm there." I panted out.

"Good, cum with me, baby." Puck instructed. "On three."

I nodded in confirmation and counted the numbers off in time with him. My entire body convulsed and the chamber of my buttocks gripped at Puck's manhood like a vice, milking him for all he was with as he shot load after load of his Jewish sperm inside of me. My own load squirted out across our sweaty chests, a little bit catching Puck's chin which I instantly licked off.

He slumped down on top of me, his warm breath tickling my neck as our hearts hammered. As he pulled out of me to snuggle up to my side, my lips quirked into a smile. I had come to love the sensation of having Puck's seed oozing inside of me, and dripping down the backs of my thighs.

We kissed lazily before Puck pulled the condom off and tossed it over his shoulder where it landed on Mike's bed. He danced his hand along my stomach while I idly played with his hair.

"What?" I asked with a smile when I caught him looking at me with a wide grin.

"Look under the pillow." He told me and I did as he asked.

I pulled out a small black box and slowly opened it to reveal a silver ring with a simple sapphire glinting up at me.

"Oh sweet Gaga, it's beautiful." I proclaimed kissing Puck firmly on the mouth in gratitude.

"It isn't just a ring, Kurt." Puck said as he took it from the box and poised it over a very important finger of mine. "It's an engagement ring. If you'll have me."

"Noah?" I asked in surprised wonder, not entirely sure if this was real or just a hallucination brought about by a very intense orgasm.

"I love you, Kurt." Puck declared. "And I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Princess, will you marry me?"

"Yes," I smiled quite proud of myself for not bursting into happy tears. "Noah, of course I will."

A relieved grin spread over his face as he placed the ring on my finger before kissing my hand. I admired the sapphire as I rested my head on his chest, hardly able to wait to show it off to Mercedes and the others.

"Noah, how are we going to tell my dad?" I asked.

"It's ok." Puck assured me stroking my face with the back of his knuckles. "I already asked him for his permission."

"Dad said yes?" I asked in shock.

"Actually, 'fuck off and go to hell' were his exact words." Puck told me. "But I looked him in the eye and said, 'Mr. Hummel, I'm marrying your boy anyway' so even though we don't have his blessing, it won't come as a shock to him."

"You really said that to my dad?" I asked, impressed. "And you're alive to tell the tale?"

"Ok, I may have run away immediately afterwards." Puck admitted. "I started running while I was saying it actually. Kind of a pussy move, huh?"

"You're still a badass to me." I assured him with a kiss. "I love you."

"Love you more." Puck said.

Sharing another kiss, we snuggled up together and that night I fell asleep in the arms of my fiancé.

The End

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