Chapter 3

"TO HELL WILL HOMEWORK, DAMMIT!" Maka cringed as she heard Soul yelling from his room upstairs. Trying to shut out his yelling, she took a deep breath and flipped open her book to her previous point.

If he disturbs me one more time, thought Maka, I will get up there and Maka chop his numbskull of a brain! Being industrious, managing, and at the top of the class, Maka had already finished her homework with ease, unlike her weapon, and cooked a full meal in a matter of time. All there was to do was to wait for Blair to come home from working at Chupa Cabra's, or wherever Blair happened to be at the moment.

"I'm home!" Blair sang, waltzing in their apartment in her human form. She slapped her pay lazily down on the small table in their family room. Maka raised her eyebrows suspiciously, because it was unusual that Blair brought money home. Usually Blair would go shopping immediately afterwards for whatever junk, and end up spending all her money earned.

"Good! Now we can eat!" Maka set her book down gently, and stood up, clapping her hands. "I cooked a large, delicious fish dish today!" Blair grinned upon hearing this.

Not long after, the 'family' of meister, weapon, and random magic cat were all seated at the dining table, with Maka's culinary masterpiece placed in front of their eyes. In seconds, the fish dish was devoured.

"Ah, I'm stuffed," groaned Soul, holding his belly, which bulged out due to him eating the most.

"Yum, I luuuvvveed that! Thank you Maka!" Blair cheered enthusiastically in her original cat form.

"I didn't eat anything, but it looked good." commented Rulu.


"HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET INTO OUR APARTMENT?" Soul yelled, mouth gapped open and his eyes popping out in bewilderment. Rulu cocked her head questioningly.

"What me? Oh yeah, right." Rulu showed her index finger, which like previously, had morphed into a thin spike. "My weapon form is a flail, or a chain mace. Like I said, locks don't work on me." Rulu held up a piece of paper with important-looking print on it. "By the way, I was sent here to tell Soul that if he doesn't turn in that important essay from a while back in the school year, then he will fail his year and will probably have to be held back. And Maka will be held back with him."

The crickets outside could be heard.

"Soul…" Maka started.


"WHY THE HELL ARE YOU STILL SITTING HERE DUMBFOUNDED WHEN THERE IS A GIGANTIC ASSIGNMENT THAT WILL POSSIBLY CAUSE US TO BE HELD BACK? IF I GET HELD BACK BECAUSE OF YOU I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU! I'M SUPPOSED TO BE MAKA ALBURN, TOP OF HER CLASS, EXCELLENT STUDENT, AND I HAVE A WORTHLESS PARTNER LIKE YOU? YOU'LL NEVER BECOME A DEATHSCYTHE LIKE THIS! COME ONE! WE ARE GOING TO GET THAT DONE NOW!" After being Maka chopped and screamed at, poor Soul was dragged by the back of his shirt collar by Maka up the bumpy steps to his room to work on the essay assignment. Blair was rolling over in a fit of giggling, and Rulu just sat there at the dinner table, emotionless.

"My, they are wonderful people to live with, eh?" Blair said, wiping a tear from her eye. She transformed into her curvy human form, and gathered the dinner dishes.

"Well, it's rare that I ever do the dishes, since Maka usually takes care of them. But I guess today is an exception!" Blair turned and opened the window, letting the cool night breeze flow in. She winked at Rulu. "Thanks for coming today, sweetie!" As emotionless as ever, Rulu walked solemnly over to the opened window. Heaving herself up on the window pane, Rulu stared out into the night, before lashing out her arm as a chain. Without a good-bye, she had already escaped into the night. Quickly after she left, Blair shut the window and even fastened the bolt.

"A girl who smells so much of demonic crime," Blair thought aloud, quietly to herself, "should not be trusted so often."