What if you lived in a different world…? A world so strange and far off, yet you knew somehow that it existed… If you were the only normal Human in this world… But-who exactly is normal in this world…?

Kurt Hummel drove up to the towering high school that was Dalton Academy. He sighed as he stepped out, his books in hand as he slowly started towards the intimidating private school.

Looking around, he realized that no one was outside. Strange, because, it was only eight hours into the day-An hour before the school day officially starts, but his old school would have plenty of scholars running around outside. Few of them were actually running for fun, mind you…

William McKinely High School was a place of terror for Kurt. Burly men who called themselves teenagers with a knack for 'Blood Sports,' as Kurt calls them. 'Them' as in: Football, Lacrosse, Hockey, or even Soccer at times. Because of those self-absorbed jerks-jocks, Kurt was forced to change schools.

Though, athletic ability was not his reason for leaving. On the contrary, Kurt was very athletic. He used to partake in Cheerleading-something that includes a lot of anaerobic and aerobic exercise. Being a Third-Year High scholar, Kurt has done Cheerleading for two years-His Freshmen, and his Sophomore. It wasn't until this year that he had to drop his love for Cheer-because of the jocks.

They weren't so much a problem in the earlier years, so much as they were this year-Because they all thought he was a fruit-Homosexual. Not that Kurt would really disagree, he just never thought himself to be attracted to men. No, Kurt Hummel didn't think he was gay-He just had a tendency for liking 'girly' things. There should be nothing wrong with that, right?

"Blow the candles out…"

Kurt spun around, hearing a voice behind him, only to find that not only was no one there, but also to find that his car had disappeared.

"Oh… Oh no…" the boy tried to keep his cool. 'Okay, this is okay, this is a joke-from the upperclassmen, yeah…' He reassured himself, breathing in sharp breaths through his nose as he clenched his teeth so impeccably hard. 'Yes. It's just a joke from the upperclassmen on the new guy-Okay this is-But how did they have a key?' Kurt's eyes widened as he wondered if someone had stolen his keys.

Kurt searched around in his pockets, dropping his things while doing so, in search of his keys. He sighed out of relief when he found them in his inner jacket pocket. Upon finding and holding them out, though, Kurt froze, staring at the keys in his hand. He spun around again, searching the side-lot for his car. He knows he parked it right where the sidewalk starts, but not seeing it scared him terribly. You can't start a car without the keys.

"Looks like a solo tonight…"

Kurt heard the voice again-It sounded beautiful-muffled somehow, but beautiful and deep. Though, it wasn't only words being spoken out to whomever they were being spoken to, it was sung. As if someone was singing through the wind.

Upon thinking such, a gust of wind blew past Kurt and would have knocked him over had he paid any less attention to his surroundings. His books, though, were not so lucky. The books themselves were safe, but his paperwork that gave him permission to dorm at Dalton was off in a flash. "No!" he called, trying to pick up his belongings and run for the runaway paperwork, and tripping over himself while doing so.

He was just about to grab the last when a foot stopped both the paper and him in place. A black shoed foot, standing where his dorm assignment paper now stopped in place. Kurt slowly looked up the foot to reveal a leg, covered by dark blue jeans, to two hands on each hip-lined with a few bracelets of the most masculine nature-to a torso, covered with a dark blue and purple plaid long-sleeve T-Shirt-With the cuffed sleeves rolled to the elbow-up to a face: A beautiful smiling face. A face that consisted of: A full head of short, black, curly-yet gelled-hair, brown eyes like a puppy-Kurt thought-pinkish lips that curled up at the ends in an amused smile, and a clean shave.

'Oh my god, it's the man of my dreams!' Kurt inwardly swooned. He knew his jaw had dropped at the sight of such a beautiful man, and closed it quickly, flashing the boy a tight smile.

"Is this yours?" Oh, what a deep voice… Kurt swooned again. He swallowed out of embarrassment, looking down as he felt a blush rise to his face.

"Um, yes, this-this is mine…" he answered, referring to his paper as he tried to bump his super-high pitch voice down a few octaves. The boy standing above him chuckled-Chuckled at him.

Kurt gasped softly when he suddenly met eye-to-eye with the boy.

"Let me get that for you…" he whispered. Kurt stared in awe at the boy-now crouched over for just a moment to meet him at eye level, and then to grab his paper and return it to him. He didn't think much of the paper anymore, though, he just wanted to stare at the boy. Okay, maybe he was gay. Whatever. "Here." The boy was now crouched over his toes, poking the paper into his hands.

"Oh-oh, uh…" Kurt slowly took the paper, smiling bashfully at the boy. "Thank you…" he whispered, his voice accidentally moving back to it's original tone. "I-I mean-" he dropped his voice again, shooting the boy a 'tough-guy' smile. "Thank you." he repeated, trying to sound like Buzz LightYear-Which only made the other boy laugh again.

"You know," the boy started, shaking his head through his laughter, "you don't have to lower your voice because I'm a guy… I understand that some people have higher voices than others-Whatever, right?" the playful boy flashed him a smile, showing off all his pearly white teeth-And then some. Kurt then noticed the strangely elongated teeth where his Canine teeth should be. Actually, they were the teeth behind the canine pair on the top. 'Was this kid a Vampire?' Before Kurt could ask, as strange a question that would be, the boy stood up suddenly and reached his left hand out to him. "Here, up you go," he called softly, asking for Kurt's hand. Seeing the teeth, though, Kurt was a bit hesitant to grab his hand-But did so anyway.

He stood up, smiling down at the boy in thanks.


Smiling… Down?

Kurt then realized that the boy was an inch shorter than him.

'Oh. He's a freaking hobbit.' Kurt thought, though continued smiling at the boy. 'It's okay, he's not that much shorter than me-if he wears heels, he can still be the man of my dreams. It's all good.'

"Thanks again…" Kurt managed after a while, returning to his real voice. The mysterious boy released his right hand, only to hold out his own right hand in it's stead to introduce himself for Kurt.

"… My name's Blaine. Blaine Anderson." he said smoothly. Kurt's heart did little flips at just the name itself. Kurt took Blaine's hand in his own hand to shake.

"Kurt Hummel." he nodded, flashing Blaine a smile. The latter smiled back, releasing Kurt's hand once more, leaving Kurt in dismay.

"Nice name. Are you new here?" Kurt stared at the boy for a moment, not realizing that the handsome boy asked him a question. "Kurt?" said boy blinked, bringing himself back to Earth.

"Oh, what?" he asked confusedly. Blaine chuckled again, reaching his left hand out to grasp Kurt's right again, making Kurt gasp inwardly. Blaine's hands were so calloused and warm, but at the same time, soft and assuring somehow.

"I said: Are you new here?" he repeated with an amused smile. Kurt finally opened his mouth to answer, closing it and simply nodding when he couldn't get anything out. Blaine chuckled in amusement once more. "You're funny, hey-Let me show you around the school, are you dorming, or what?" Blaine started walking towards the school, dragging Kurt along. Kurt finally felt the ability to talk again and followed Blaine.

"Oh, uh, yes-I'm going to dorm here and uh, I'm-I'm also a Junior, so-"

"Oh, no way! So am I!" Blaine turned to him and smiled brightly, all his teeth showing again-Open enough for Kurt to get a better look at the 'Vampire Teeth.'

"Oh?" Kurt practically squeaked-Which was quite embarrassing. Though, Blaine didn't seem to notice-He had turned back to the school but was still smiling excitedly. "Oh, that's-that's cool…" Kurt breathed, not really sure he could say anymore-His mind mostly surrounded on how handsome this man was. Blaine didn't notice a thing.

Blaine opened the doors to the school, his hand still with Kurt's.

"So this is Dalton, as you can see…" Kurt marveled at the decor of the huge school-With it's long hallway that spanned down probably at least a mile or so. About half way down the hall, on the right, Kurt noticed, was a huge staircase-One that a Queen would probably walk down at her coronation. The stairs were even carpeted in a beautiful royalty-red. The flooring was tiled with marble, and the walls were beige, but covered with beautiful paintings by wonderful eighteenth and nineteenth century artists. Kurt was amazed-amazed didn't even cover the half of it. He was speechless. He was stupefied. He couldn't even explain it, he was so thrown aback, he didn't even realize Blaine was nudging him with his other hand. "You okay? You seem kind of stunned…" Kurt blinked a few times, pulling away from the amazing site that was the school.

"Where-Where is everyone?" he asked Blaine, but not before realizing that again-No one was around. Blaine flashed Kurt a mischievous, narrowed-eye smile.

"In their dorms! Where else?" he answered, slowly dragging out the 's' sound in 'else.' Kurt's heart flipped again, completely oblivious to the school's secrets. "Come on, let's get your schedule then…" Blaine offered, clutching Kurt's hand as Blaine started to walk again. Kurt held back a little, remembering that he had all his paperwork.

"Actually, that's not really necessary…" he started, causing Blaine to turn around and flash him a somewhat confused look. "You see, I already have my classes. My dorm too! I-my dad and I came here yesterday-on Sunday-for the classes and everything, and I have all the information I need." Blaine looked a little skeptical. Kurt smiled softly, bringing one hand up to count with. "Well, I have my classes: Madame Crawford, Mister Gerane, Mister McEntire, Miss Ventire, and… My, uh, Science teacher is…" Kurt scrambled around for a moment, dropping Blaine's hand as he frantically looked through his books and bag for his class schedule. He bit his lip and smiled in triumph when he found it, accidentally dropping everything else. "Dammit." he cursed, staring down at his things on the floor. Blaine stared as well, biting his lip to keep from smiling. Kurt sighed as he leaned down, yelping softly when he felt two hands clutch both sides of his right shoulder. He looked up, seeing that wonderfully smiling face that was Blaine's.

"I'll get this, who's your Science professor?" he asked softly, crouching over to pick up the pile of books and paper all over the floor. Kurt tried not to stare at the boy's wonderfully sculpted ass through those black, tight jeans.

"Oh, uh…" Kurt swallowed nervously, looking through the half sheet of paper for his Science teacher's name. "Oh! Missis Tanner." Blaine's gaze shot up to Kurt's-his eyes wild with what looked to be confusion and fear-A lot of fear. "What, what's wrong?" Kurt asked worriedly, clutching the paper in both hands close to him and looking down at Blaine. Blaine slowly stood up, a few papers and a book in his hands and looked up at Kurt almost solemnly, but confused and worried at the same time.

"Uh, Kurt… Are you-are you sure you have Missis Tanner?" Blaine asked softly but sternly. He was obviously very worried for some reason, Kurt only wished he knew. Nodding slowly, he opened his mouth to answer.

"Uh, yes, right here it says-"

"Sandra Tanner?" Blaine asked sharply, ducking his head towards Kurt in concerned curiosity. Kurt stared at Blaine in disbelief.

"Yes, why?" he finally asked, "Why is she an issue to you…?" Blaine swallowed, reaching one hand up to rub the back of his neck. He craned his neck around, making a stressed sound in the back of his throat.

"Kurt, she's kind of…" Blaine suddenly whipped his head around to flash Kurt a sympathetic look. "Are you afraid of spiders, by any chance?" Kurt was struck so quickly with the question, his head actually bobbed backwards as if a ball had smacked him in the face.

"Excuse me?" he asked, strangely interested-Not about the spider business, but that Blaine would even ask. Said teenager cracked an awkward smile and stretched his neck to face the floor again, rubbing at the base of his neck still. His other hand still held Kurt's belongings, but it was stationary at his hip.

"Uh, it's just…" Blaine's right hand moved over to his face, leaving only for a moment to show whatever point he was trying to make. It wasn't working very well for Kurt, though. Blaine finally looked over at Kurt, dropping his hand to his side. "She owns a lot of spiders-that's all." he assured. Kurt still felt a little skeptical.

"Are you sure? I don't want to have her if she's like, a psycho killer or something…" the way Blaine laughed horsely made Kurt duck his head and give him a disgusted face. "Blaine." the boy shook his head and looked back over at Kurt with a guilty face.

"You… Have no idea what this school is about… Do you…?" Kurt looked around, wondering if he would see something that could give him a clue. He finally turned back to Blaine and shook his head, still flashing that half-disgusted look. Blaine simply had his head down, though flashing Kurt with a sideways glance. His gaze sort of scared Kurt-It was dark and his brown eyes almost looked like they were glowing, but that was probably just the lights-The lights that suddenly flickered-for just a moment, and were now a bit dim. Blaine wasn't smiling anymore. "Kurt, this school isn't exactly… Normal…" Blaine started lowly, his gaze locked on Kurt's. The stare was almost intimidating for Kurt. He would probably jump the boy's bones if he was had any less self control.

"What do you mean?" he asked softly. Blaine chuckled darkly, his head dipped away from Kurt but eyes gazing Kurt over hungrily. His teeth were showing. Kurt almost felt scared of Blaine now.

"Did you notice my teeth, Kurt?" he asked almost drunkenly. Now, the boy was flashing Kurt his teeth like he was showing them off. "Well if you hadn't, I'll let you know now…" Blaine made two steps towards Kurt before lunging at him, somehow ending up behind Kurt with his chest flush against his back and arms wrapped tightly around his stomach. He had Kurt's neck bent to his left and Blaine's mouth was so close to the sensitive skin there. "… I'm a vampire, Kurt…" he whispered, causing Kurt to breathe hard. He could have gotten away-If the book in Blaine's hand wasn't pressed up against his thigh so tightly, keeping him in place. 'Is this how it's going to end? Am I going to get eaten by a vampire at my new school? That's a strange thought…' Suddenly, Blaine pulled back, though the feeling of Blaine's warm breath stayed in place. Kurt strangely missed it. He was now able to turn around, though was still held tight in Blaine's arms.

"…?" he was breathless-truly breathless. Blaine smiled up at him darkly again.

"This school is made for people called Humanoids, Kurt. Almost everyone here is a Humanoid. Do you know what that is?" Kurt took in a shaky breath, a bit unsure, but guessed anyway.

"An animal with different body parts from other animals?" Blaine chuckled again, dipping his head and looking up thoughtfully.

"Well, no, that's a Chimera-We have those too." Blaine said slowly. "I'm talking about Humanoids, Kurt… A human with animal-like qualities… Or, even, monster-like qualities…" Blaine whispered, his face so close to Kurt's, Kurt could smell the smoky yet minty breath. All he wanted to do was taste it, but at the same time: He was afraid too. "Like me…" Blaine said smoothly, flicking his tongue out to lick his lips. It looked to Kurt as if Blaine were staring at his lips. But Kurt wasn't sure if Blaine was staring at his lips in anticipation or hunger… Either way, Kurt would have succumbed to it.

"I don't… Think you're a monster…" Kurt said sincerely, "Actually, I think you're…" he flicked his eyes from Blaine's lips to Blaine's eyes-Now seeing the amount of hunger that filled the boy's gaze. The amount of intimidation almost turned Kurt on. "… Nice…" he added, losing himself in Blaine's eyes.

Blaine smiled. He smiled brightly, showing off all his teeth once more. The intimidation and arousal left in the blink of an eye when Blaine pulled away and handed Kurt his books-All of his books. Somehow, the books and papers on the floor were now in Blaine's hands. Blaine fixed him with an amused smile, and no more did Kurt sense that danger around him.

"Welcome to Dalton."

A.N: Hello there~ Okay, so, here's the deal: This is a story about Kurt going to Dalton. Only, Dalton isn't like the Dalton in the show. Okay, yeah, you've probably read some stories where Dalton is magical or Haunted, or whatever: But in MY version, Dalton isn't a school for only boys, and it doesn't have uniforms. You can wear whatever you want as long as it applies well to whatever you are. Note, this isn't just some alternate High School where everyone is human, no, this is a school that includes *Humanoids and **Chimera: Two fictional types of beings.

*Humanoid: A creature having human or human-like appearances.

**Chimera: Any mythical animal with parts taken from various animals.

Okay, so, Blaine got the definitions a little wrong, so what? He's not a scientist, give him some credit! (xD)

I really hope this story goes somewhere, I have a real tendency to get a good story going and then leave it hanging because I got bored with it. :I

Wish me luck, and I hope you like it! c: