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Japanese vocabulary:

Oi – Hey.

"That is, there's more to make fun of for him!" Okita said smiling so widely that his eyes had turn into upside down U's. It was a joke of course. He would never insult Sei. She meant too much to him. He wasn't even sure what she meant to him but he knew that she meant a lot to him. It was strange, the only time he had ever felt this way before was with Sae, and the way he felt about Sei practically tripled emotion wise compared to Sae.

Okita noticed Saito walking by. "Saito-san!" He called. "Saito…!" Okita trailed off. Sei was with him. She'd just run to catch up with Saito. Sei… her name resounded in his head. He felt a heartache wishing that he was the one that she had just ran to catch up with.

"Oi! It's Kamiya-han! Who's he with?" One of the children he was playing with said.

So she was free at the moment. Then why wasn't she… with him? There was the reason. That man. Saito-san was next to her, they were talking about something Okita couldn't be sure what though because he was out of earshot. All he could tell was that they were standing closer then he and Sei ever did. That they could practically be a couple they looked so cozy. That she was smiling at Saito the smile she usually reserved for him. That Sei was grabbing his arm as if clinging on to dear life. That she had free time and she was with Saito. Not him. His heart crumbled slowly. He didn't even know why but it did none the less.

"I'll be heading back now…" Okita said, walking away. He wasn't able to watch the scene any longer. He was too jealous. Jealous…? He couldn't be Jealous. Could he? But why should he be jealous? It was just Sei. She was only his friend. Nothing more. But… No. She was only his friend. That was all she meant to him. Wasn't it?

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