Justifiable Actions

By: PhoenixJustice

Disclaimer: Cowboy Bebop is owned by those who aren't me; I only own this story and make no profit fromt this.

Warning: Rated T for language, mentions of slash, etc.

Pairing/Characters: Vicious, Vicious/Spike.

Setting: Last episode of the anime.

Summary: I will never apologize for my actions; for me, the end justifies the means.

Why do you think she was killed? Because you are mine, Spike. MINE. And no one elses.

...Just like I am yours.

What do you think it meant to me to find you laying with her? Her fucking dainty hands touching your arm, your chest, her lips daring to touch yours again and again. So yes, she had to be taken care of. I feel no remorse for it. I will do, I have done, everything for you.

It was supposed to be the two of us together against all others.

It's alright, vent your anger now.

Soon everything will be alright and we will be back together.