There are so many things in this world that we can't explain. So many sightings, beliefs, occurances, it's quite heavy. So heavy in fact that it causes people who want to believe - not to believe. It causes them to put themselves in danger for proof, for a visual stimulant for a problem or something they cannot solve. I was one of these people and I failed, like all the others who had visited 1408, to obtain proof.

Did I lose my life in 1408?

Yes, in a way, but in a way, no. Once you're in the room, you cannot leave. Not even when your human body is shed and all that is left is your soul, your core. Even that is not bid permission to leave. You are forever trapped in the room, forever a hostage. Stuck in between the Otherworld and the living.

This is the story of I, Carrie Manslin, and the destruction of the room known only as "1408."