I could feel the Earth rumble under my feet. Not that I cared. Because at this moment, I was running to my son.

The wind whipped my tears of my face, but they renewed. How could they not? My son was free. Free from Voldemort. Because he had killed him. We could be a family. Something that hasn't been ours for 16 years.

I felt my fingers touch his shirt, but just as they did, I vanished.

I landed with a thump on a hard wood floor. Angry, I lifted myself from the ground, ready to show whom every my wrath, but stopped dead.

People, people everywhere. Thousands. And with a jilt, I realized we were in the Room of Requirement.

"What is-?"

"LILY!" called a voice, and I looked to the voice, and found Sirius running at me. "LILY! What's going on?"

He caught up, out of breath, but confused none the less.

"If I knew I would tell you" I snapped, aggravated. All I wanted was to see Harry. See him, make sure he is okay, and above all, tell him I'm here.

"James!" I called to the bushy haired boy. He shoved his way through the crowd, tears of joy now tears of aggravation, as I threw myself on him.

"I can't believe- Harry -" I cried into his shirt.

Something was swelling in my chest. Relief? Happiness? Sadness? All of the above?

"I know" he replied gravely

I pulled back, wiping my eyes, and split into a grin. "He did it" I said

He smiled at me, and we stared at each other for a while. We would be a family. I took in a deep breath, full of emotion and began to stand on the nearest chair. I whistled.

Everyone fell silent. I began awkwardly.

"So-um, judging my the way you all, er, shut up, your just as confused as I am." I looked around at every face, and everyone nodded there head in confirmation. "Well, er, does anyone know why were here?"

Many people exchanged looks, until one women spoke up. She looked hesitant "I, well, er, I don't really remember anything other than waking up today in a graveyard." She looked at me, as if seeing if I find her crazy. "And well, before that I remember being attacked by, well a Death Eater." She statement.

A little bit of relief swept through me. Okay, so this had to mean something. I was killed by Voldemort, and had woken up in a graveyard as well.

"Are you Lily Potter?" asked a sudden voice, and I looked to an elderly man, standing with a cane.

Taken a back, I replied "Wh-uh, yes. I am"

There were a few gasp. People began to speak amongst themselves. A little aggravated, I called silence, and they looked up. "Look, I know as much as you do. The last thing I remember is-"

"Being attacked by Voldemort" said another women "That's how you died. You and James Potter" she gestured to my husband and continued "But you're suppose to be dead. You died."

There were a few mummers, and head nods, but someone finally voiced what I was afraid to.

"Do you think this is a room full of deceased people?"

"Maybe. There was something weird going on before the war, with dead people and what not" Sirius spoke up. I felt uncomfortable talking about this as if we were dicussing the time of day. NO, we were talking death, and returning.

"Look, whatever's going on is weird" I said, looking around at everyone. This would have been really important, but to me, the only thing I could think of was Harry. "But now is not the time. The war has ended, and there a few people I need to attend t-to-." I said, and then felt like I had been punched in the gut. And a few dead ones to bury, I thought.

I stood down from my chair, walking to the doors, crying. Remus. Tonks. Fred-who else?


I knew that voice.

It was Remus Lupin. I turned to the voice, hopefule and happy once again. Did this mean-?

"YES!" called a boy, who Remus seemed to be dragging by the wrist. I recognized him as Fred. "Fred!" I called.

He looked surprised I knew his name, but before he could question James and Sirius had tackled them to the floor. "Sirius!" called Fred, who was squashed to the floor by Padfoot.

And in that moment, someone shouted "Well, I don't know about you, but I have a family to attend to-a family who will be happy to know Im still around, mind yea." He called, walking through the door.

Suddenly everyone was following. Following to the Great Hall. To Harry.

I walked up and down the hall, staring at every face-living and dead.

Chills swept through my body. Dead. Gone. The guilt seemed to squeeze me alive, threatening to smother me with the knowledge that I, I had done this. It was my fault.

And as I made my way slowly further into the hall, I knew I had to. Though my knees felt weak and my head pounded with exhaustion, stinging my eyes, I had to do this. I owed them.

I owed them my life. They died to give me time, and the least I could do was acknowledge this. That's why, when I returned from Dumbledore's office with Ron and Hermione, you could find me sulking about in guilt, wandering through the dead.

I stared into there faces. One by one. Some young, some older. Some I couldn't see, due to the mob of family around them. Fred for instance. I didn't want to approach him, afraid that the lump in my throat might finally burst. I couldn't stare into there faces, with the knowledge I had done this. I was the one to blame for the burden of a missing brother or son in the Weasley clan.

Ginny: ***

I searched the Hall over Hermione's shoulder. I saw Ron and Neville some feet from Fred's body. Luna was with her father, who had just found her a few minutes ago in the ruins of the castle. I looked back to all my classmates and families, scattered everywhere, attending to mourning and celebration. I didn't feel like I won. No, not at all.

I let go of Hermione, who was wrapped in my arms. Her body shook with sobs, and I felt like the walls were crushing me. Hermione sniffed and wiped her nose with her sleeve, trying to pull together. My gaze wondered over to Harry, and my heart suddenly felt heavy.

He walked slowly through the dead, oblivious to everyone. His face was masked with guilt, and his body shook as he stopped by Remus and Tonks. And with a shaky foot, he took one more step.

It took me a moment to realize both Hermione and I had stopped, and were now watching Harry. He looked broken. I sighed, turning to Hermione, who caught my gaze and sighed. She had more tears running down her face as she looked back to Remus and Tonks.

And suddenly I thought of Fred. I loved him, and god, Im going to miss him. But no, that's not what hurt. What hurt was Harry. He felt this everyday, since his parents left him at one. Since Sirius, and since Dumbledore left him-

So much for pulling together, I thought, as I to felt the tears sting my eyes once again.

I didn't understand how my feet kept functioning. They were numb, I couldn't feel them, but they kept moving. I found myself at the back of the Hall, and ignored the gaze of everyone.

Everything was peaceful, quiet, while my very blood seemed to pound so loud I was afraid it would echo through the Hall.

I kept my head down as I continued to roam, but my vision kept being blurred over by tears threatening to spill out.

I felt one escape my eye, roll down my cheek, and hit the floor.

His mother-father-Sirius, all gone. Never in his life had it him so hard. Gone, forever. Just like Remus, and Tonks, and Colin, and Fred-

The Hall doors burst open, and Harry's blood shot eyes snapped up.

There was a crowd of people storming in. Tons. Old. Young. And they stormed in as if they had a destination, as if they were meant to be here.

This was insane. Did they not know the battle was over? I pushed my way through the crowd. They had to-

His eyes roamed to the other side of the hall. There, standing on the other side of the room, was a familiar pair of black hair and eyes, staring at him.

"Sirius" I breathed. I wouldn't smile. Couldn't. I had to make sure. Had to be absolute sure it was not a cruel joke, or hallucination. My pace quickened, as the man too walked faster, shoving and pushing people harder as they got closer, more sure-

And with the decreasing space, came the increasing surety.

I threw my arms around his neck. How was this possible? The battle- the veil- I felt light headed with joy. Sirius's grip around mewas tight, but I hugged him just as hard. Alive. Sirius.

I finally pulled back, tears of joy in my eyes, "Sirius-what-how-?" But was cut off by a mane of familiar brown hair, and the feeling of being smothered.

"Remus!" I muffled into his shoulder. My brain couldn't function. All I could feel was the amazing sense of relief. I picked my head up, opened my mouth to talk, but felt it never close, when no words came out.

Nothing, ever, could have prepared me for this.

Remus noticed my sudden change of mood, and so did the crowd, for they all hushed and looked about as Remus looked over his shoulder.

I knew that messy black hair and thin face, for I saw it everytime I looked into a mirror. This was no mirror. And I knew those bright green eyes, for they as well reflected everytime he saw himself. But again, this was not a mirror.

This was Lily and James Potter. His parents.

And just like before, thousands of eyes were centered on the boy in the middle of the hall and the commotion. This time, it was not a fearful silence. It was a happy, peaceful one.

But no one understood like I.

Everyone knew the story of the unfortunate boy who lost his parents at age one. Of how Harry Potter defied the Dark Lord many times through Hogwarts. How on Many 1st Harry Potter vanquished the Dark Lord once and for all.

But no one knew, that at this moment, Harry Potter felt like a kid. A kid who wanted nothing more than to be in his mother and fathers arm-

And suddenly I was running at them, not caring myspeed, or the crowd, only them. And for the first time in 16 years, Harry Potter threw his arms around his parents.

My mother's sobs were muffled into my black hair, as the sniffles of my father alerted he too, was crying.

I felt the tears finally fall from my face as my mother's hair tickled my face. In all my years of live, not once, have I ever felt like this. So happy. So free. So loved.

The crowd proceeded to there families, as I looked up at my parents. Curios, yes I was, but right now, I was too happy to care- to happy-

"Your Death Eaters"I said, stepping away. My whole inside seemed to callapse with my heart. For one good minute I just thought-

"I assure you, they are not" spoke a grave voice from him, and I whipped around into the smiling face of Albus Dumbledore. "Sir- but I just saw you- I don't-"

I was overjoyed, yet terribly confused. Who else was here? Was-

There was a mane of red hair, and Fred Weasley came grinning into view. "You did it!" he cried "You did it, you bloody git!" His family followed up behind him, and my eyes found Ginny.

"I told him to see you" she said sincerely, looking so deep into my eyes I felt she could see into my soul. "You looked-well – pretty depressed-"

"And guilty" put in George

But my heart felt light, all I could do was smile. I felt a hand on my shoulder, and thought briefly of the Mirror of Erised, except then I looked back, and saw no one, now though, they were there.


I watched as Harry sat over in the remaining fields of Hogwarts, staring over at the sun.

"He's a good kid" said a voice, and I turned to find Sirius Black, hands in his pocket and hair whipping in the wind, staring at the sun as well.

I sent him a smile, turning my gaze back to Harry.

I didn't understand why, in the happiness moment of my life, I felt so sad. Maybe it was look in Harry's eyes every time he looked at me, as if I was too good to be true.

It was hard to believe that what seemed just like yesterday, Harry was with his family in Godrics Hallow. He was seventeen now.

"Sirius?" I chocked. Tears threatening to spill, but I pushed them back. "Who did Harry live with?"

I could feel the tension come of him as he answered "The Dursleys"

The silence that followed seemed to sum up how he grew up. A tear ran down my face.

A hand was on my shoulder and a voice in my ear "He's a strong kid" When I looked back, he was gone.

I just wish there was a way to start over- give Harry the life he never had. Or atleast know how Harry grew up- his real childhood-

A sudden idea struck me, and I shot up like a rocket.

"Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone" said Hermione, staring down at the book in her hands, looking accomplished with a smile on her face.

Her and I had used the ever-complex memory spell on Harry, and were able to conjure seven books of his years at Hogwarts.

"Oh yea," said Ron, ripping the book from Hermione's hands. "Were reading it to Hogwarts? Harry's going to love this." He tossed the book on the couch

"It's a good idea." Spoke Hermione "Not only for Mr. and Mrs. Potter's sake, but for Hogwarts, to you know, get together and..bond."

"Like I said, Harry is going to love it"

I smiled, I know I would.