I lay in the sun, soaking up each ray I could get, not knowing if today would be the last day I would see its beauty. My short, messy platinum-blond hair spilled onto the sand as the waves crashed against the shore of Santa Carla and gently licked my toes. The sun's warmth kissed my stomach that my deep-purple camisole exposed. I had rolled up the legs of my dark jeans to save them from the ocean. My black leather jacket and purple sandals lay on the beach beside me. My sunglasses shielded my baby-blue eyes from the sun, the eyes that matched my brother's.

I thought back to a time when life was so much simpler for me. A time when I was alive.

"Mary, you have a letter," my father called.
I rushed down the stairs, my long hair trailing behind me.
"Another one?"
"Yes; you seem to be very popular among the gentlemen."
"I don't see why: she's practically a man herself," my brother said as he came into the foyer and kissed my forehead. "Good morning, Sis; deciding to great the day for a change?"
I pushed my brother playfully.
"Now, now-you two behave."
"Yes Father," we said in unison.

Those were the happy days. It was 1569 and I was 17 and very much alive.

I was happily living with my father, mother, and brother in the country side in England. My brother, David, was 20 and engaged to the most wonderful woman in the world. Anna was practically my sister.

The day I got that letter was the last happy day I had.

The letter had been from the son of an eccentric noblemen. I had seen the young man before in London, but had never spoken to him before. It hadn't surprised me that I had received his letter-in fact, I was surprised it hadn't come earlier; our fathers were friends. My family was not of noble descent, but was wealthy. His father must have made a deal with mine.

"So, Mary," my mother pried, "Don't keep us in suspense; who is it this time?"
"Perhaps you should ask Father."
"What do you mean my dear?" my father asked.
"The son of Lord Maxwell has asked for my hand."
"Really now?"
"Did you not arrange this Father?"
"No, I didn't. Never the less, as always, whatever you choose to do, you shall have my blessing."

I closed my eyes and tried to imagine myself as a the wife of a noblemen. The image didn't seem right, but...

"Father, could you please arrange for Lord Maxwell and his son to have tea with us?"

These were memories from a long time ago; they shouldn't matter to me anymore.

I stood from my place in the sand, slipped my sandals on my feet and my jacket over my arm, and left for the boardwalk.

It was probably 3 O'cloakish when I got to the boardwalk. I purchased a hot dog, which I drenched in ketchup, and went to the Frog brother's comic shop.

Edgar and Allen Frog were 14 and 13, respectively, and knew all about vampires. I had a little surprise for them.

I hid in the shadows of the comic shop. Edgar walked past me and I grabbed him and nibbled on his neck. He and Allen screamed as he pushed me off. I feel to the floor laughing.

"Mary?" both boys exclaimed when they realized it was me.
Edgar touched where I bit him. "Ketchup? Very funny."
"You should've seen your faces! Priceless!"
"Yeah, shut it Bloodling."


"Welcome to our home, Max," my father greeted his friend with a handshake.
It was evening, just after the sun had set. Lord Maxwell and his son Patrick were coming for dinner that night. Patrick was young, handsome, and charming. I had dressed in one of my finest dressed.
"Max, Patrick, may I present my daughter Mary Erickson. Mary, this is Lord Maxwell Bordu and his son Patrick."
I cursed deeply. "Pleased to meet you."
Patrick took my hand and kissed it. "The pleasure is all mine to meet such a beautiful young woman."
"And this is my son David." David came out of the shadows in which he had been hiding as our father announced him.
"Lord Maxwell."
"Do you know each other?"
"No!" the three men were firm in their answer.
"Mary, why don't you show Patrick around the house while I go see how dinner's coming?"
"Yes Father."

My father left for the kitchen to help my mother leaving David and I alone with our guests.

"Shall we?" Patrick asked as he offered his arm.
I smiled nervously, but took his arm and showed him my home.

"Well, this is my room," I said as I began lighting the candles in my room.
He sat on my bed and motioned for me to come.
I walked over to my bed, folded my legs under me, and smoothed out my skirt. Patrick held the tips of my fingers in one of his hands and touched my face with the other. He caressed my cheek with the side of his thumb. His hands were cold like ice.

Suddenly I heard a scream from downstairs and the sound of a struggle.
"That's Mother!" I exclaimed as i began to stand, but Patrick tightened the grip on my hand.
"Are you going to leave me Mary?"
I snatched my hand back. "I'll be right back; I just need to see if she's alright."

Patrick followed me downstairs where the lights were mostly out. I walked carefully through my dark home towards the kitchen where the seemed to be a little more light. As I approached the light, I tripped over something big and landed in something wet and sticky. I let out a scream as I came face to face with my mother's cold, dead body; I had landed in a pile of her blood. I backed up, only to run into the body of my father. Before I could utter a cry, Patrick-wild eyed and monstrous faced-grabbed me from behind and covered my mouth.
"No more of that now, Mary," He growled.
"Leave her alone!" a voice from behind said. I looked up to see my brother who had the same wild expression that Patrick did. He stood across the room from Lord Maxwell, who'd also become a monster. Maxwell held a normal, but frightened, Anna.
"Well, now that we're all here, make your choice David: Anna or Mary."
"Leave them alone Max; they have nothing to do with this!"
"Oh but they do: they are keeping you from completing the transition; they are keeping you away from me, my little Bloodling."


"Hey! Mary! Hey!" Edgar shinned a light in my eye.
"Ow! What was that for?" I shoved the flashlight away and rubbed my eyes.
"Revenge. And to get you to snap out of it."
"You alright Mary?" Allen asked.
"Yeah, just thinking of the night this all started." Anna died that night. She'd gotten between Patrick and David in a fight. Max was going to kill me but David attacked him. Patrick took over the fight and was about to kill David when Anna stepped in and took the blow. David couldn't fight his blood lust and killed her then turned and killed Patrick as well. Max, feeling satisfied that David had killed and become a vampire, bit me and made me a "Bloodling". He's furious that I haven't killed yet 415 years later.

Edgar put a hand on my shoulder. I could feel the emotions pouring off of him. They were conflicting. I knew he'd had a crush on me since we met when he was 12, but he was a vampire hunter and I'm a...

"Come on; let's go get some ice cream." I smiled at his suggestion.