Well everyone, this has been great. I'm proud to say that this is the first story I'll have finished that wasn't a one shot. I've really enjoyed writing this. Here's the last chapter.

Am I dead? No, I'm not dead. Death wouldn't hurt this much.

*Thump thump*

Yeah, I'm still alive.

Everything hurt. I could feel myself breathing and it hurt like a bitch. With every breath, my lungs felt like they were being crushed and lit on fire.

"Edgar, you need some rest. Take a nap, for goodness sakes! She's not going anywhere any time soon."

That voice sounded familiar. Who was it? Where was it coming from? Everything was dark; I couldn't see. The voice was a woman.

"Lucy?" I called out hoarsely into the darkness.

"Mary? Are you awake?" It WAS Lucy.

"I don't know. I hurt. Everything is dark."

"Your eyes are closed, dear."

They were closed. I blinked and slowly allowed my eyes to grow used to the light. Where was I? How long had I been out? What had happened?

I tried to sit up, but was instantly hit with pain as my body screamed at me for my efforts.

"Be careful, Mary!" Lucy exclaimed when she saw my pain.

I looked around. I was in a strange, mint green hospital gown laying on a hospital bed in, you guessed it, a hospital room. I was hooked up to all sorts of tubes and machines, one of which was monitoring my heart beat. On the couch was Edgar, fast asleep.

"What happened?" I asked. "How long have I been out?"

"I'll explain everything in a moment, dear. I promised the nurse that I would go get her if you woke up. I'll be right back."

I nodded as Lucy got up to leave the room.

Did she say "if"? "If" I woke up?

Lucy returned a few minutes later with a woman dressed in scrubs.

"Well look who's finally awake!" she said cheerfully. "You've been out for quite a while. That must have been some car accident. You were in a coma for a week." She took my temperature, blood pressure, and a few other tests and rambled on about how lucky I was that I pulled out of the coma. I wasn't really paying attention. I wanted her to get out so I could talk to Lucy. "Alrighty, I'll let you chat with your mother now. Don't wear her out too much, Mrs. Emerson. She needs to take it easy." She started for the door, but then she looked back. "You've got quite the young man there, Miss. He hasn't left your side the whole time you've been in here. I'm pretty sure that's the first time he's slept all week." Then she left.

"She's right you know," Lucy said. "Edgar's been by your side the entire time. This is the first he's slept at all."

I glanced over at Edgar's sleeping form and smiled slightly. "So what happened?"

"Well, after you attacked Edgar, Michael and Max started to fight. Eventually my dad crashed his car into the house and one of the stakes for the fence he was making flew into Max's chest and killed him. Edgar said that you bit him and that he put a stake through your upper chest, and then you turned human again because Max was dead. You collapsed and Edgar brought you back up to the house. We brought you here to the hospital. Your body was having a hard time returning to normal because you hadn't been human in so long. That added with the fact that your right lung had been punctured and you had to undergo surgery and were in a coma for a week. Edgar stayed by your side every second he could."

(AN: I'm not actually sure if she could have actually survived something like that, or, more specifically, if they would have been able to save her in 1987, but we're going to say she can because I don't feel like killing her off)

Lucy left. Michael, Star, Laddie, Sam, Alan, and Grandpa Emerson came in and out. Around 9 pm, everyone had cleared out and gone back to the Frog house-everyone was staying there while the Emerson house was being rebuilt-and I was alone in the hospital room with the still-sleeping Edgar. A nurse had given me something to help with the pain and now I was fairly numb. I was laying on my side, facing where Edgar slept on the couch. Then his eye lids fluttered open. He gave a small smile which I returned.

"Hey," he muttered.


He sat up, yawned, and stretched. "What time is it?"


"When'd you get up?"

"Not too long after you crashed."


There was a long moment of uncomfortable silence.

"Edgar, I...I'm so sorry."

"You don't need to apologies, Mary. I know you couldn't control yourself. Now, that being said, doesn't mean I'm not going to get you back for this."

"You already put a stake into me. What else are you going to do?"

"I'll collect what's owed to me when you can walk again. You'll need your strength for it."

I rolled my eyes.

"Get some sleep, Mary. You need to heal up."

A few days after I woke up, I was allowed to leave the hospital. We stayed at the Frog house for about a month before the Emerson house was restored. The furniture was updated and there was even a TV now. Lucy had officially adopted me and Laddie as her children now. I was no longer Mary Erickson, but Mary Emerson.

My appetite was struggling to say the least. 400 years of living off of small amounts of animal blood does that to you. About a week after we moved back into the house, Lucy, Grandpa, Michael, Star, Sam, Alan, and Laddie went out to dinner. I knew I wasn't going to eat so I stayed behind. Edgar stayed with me to keep me company.

"You still owe me, you know," he said.

"Pardon?" I looked up from the book I had been reading. We were sitting in the living room, me on the love seat with my legs tucked next to me. Edgar sat in the arm chair.

"I told you when you were in the hospital that you owed me and that I would collect when you were better. You're better now and I'm collecting."

I rolled my eyes and set down my book. "Ok, what is it, Edgar? What do I owe you?"

He walked over to me, leaned in, and kissed me. The kiss was full of passion. I smiled into the kiss and wrapped my arms around his neck. His fingers trailed down my back as he wrapped me in a hug.

I broke this kiss to catch my breath. "Is this what I owe you?" I breathed.

"Yep." He caught my lips with his, pulling me into a deep kiss. His hands trailed down past my hips and to my thighs, gently leading them to his waist. I got the message and allowed myself to be lifted up, wrapping my legs around his waist for support. He carried me up to my bedroom and set me on my bed. He hovered above me, on leg on either side of me.


I snuggled up against Edgar's naked body. My blankets covered us.

"I love you, Mary," Edgar whispered into my hair as he kissed my forehead.

"I love you too, Edgar."

So much has changed since I was first born. I was first born Mary Erickson in 1552. The year is now 1987. My name is Mary Emerson and I love Edgar Frog

The End!

Thank you all for reading. I hope you enjoyed it.