Deep Betrayal

Summary: The masters have betrayed Kenichi in the worst way possible so the young disciple runs away in the middle of a rain shower.

"Please…please…" Kenichi Shinohama whispered under his breath, the clock hanging on the classroom wall was a mere minute away from the dismissal bell.

Normally the little brunette wouldn't care about the swiftness of the clock, but today was different. Today Kenichi affirmed in his mind not to go back to the dojo, he was leaving, and he wouldn't even go back for his things. Because if he did, he knew the 'masters' wouldn't let him leave.

"Bbbbrrrrrnnnngggg!" Finally! Acting causal, Kenichi quietly collected his school bag he'd stuffed with essentials, like fresh underpants and food rations.

"Hey there Kenichi!" the warm and friendly voice of Kenichi's secret crush Takeda Ikki caught his attention. The tan skinned boxer looked so handsome and perfect with his crayola blue hair neatly tied back like that. The little fighter couldn't help the painful twinges that assaulted his wavering heart. He wasn't aware that Takeda was now frowning "Hey, earth to Kenichi; why are you so spaced out today huh?"

Kenichi did his best to smile for the teen boy and said "Oh sorry Takeda, I guess I have been a little out there today" he scratched his head in a bashful fashion.

This only caused Takeda's frown to deepen further with concern "are you really okay Kenichi? Did something happen?" he asked reaching out to grip the smaller boy's shoulders. His mocha brown eyes narrowed in concern for his secret crush, Kenichi just didn't seem like his happy slightly high strung self.

"Well…I guess I'll see you late then…" Kenichi mumbled wiggling away from Takeda's touch, the aspiring boxer shouldn't touch someone as filthy he. In fact after today, he doubted they would see each other again….Wait! They wouldn't see each other again "Hey um…" now was the moment of truth. It was do or die time.

"Keni-mpf!" Takeda's cocoa eyes widened in surpirse when the little fighter jumped forward to connect their lips in a desperate kiss. His mind couldn't really register the reality until Kenichi pulled back, a sad little smile on his cute little face "You…You kissed me" he sputtered.

"I'm sorry" Kenichi sniffed "I figured you don't feel the same way, but I just wanted you to know I always liked you Takeda".

The stunned boxer managed to recover enough to respond in full sentences. This whole thing that was going on with Kenichi was so serious it was bringing him to tears and depression "Tell me, so I can help you" the blue haired teen pleaded grasping the smaller teens shoulders gently "I don't want to see you so sad" this time Kenichi slumped lifelessly into his crushes firm chest. It was so warm and comforting he almost couldn't bring himself to steel his resolve and spill everything.

"I have been hurt…by the deepest betrayal" was all the brunette whispered before breaking out of Takeda's hold and making a mad dash to the school exit.

"Kenichi! Hey Kenichi wait!" the boxer hopeful cried taking off after the little fighter. But Kenichi was too fast, the nimble boy cleared the front courtyard with Takeda hot on his heels narrowly missing the automatic gate "Kenichi stop!" Takeda shouted at the retreating form. Reaching through the bars, Takeda managed to grab ahold of the smaller brunettes shirt, causing the material to rip apart. The blue haired boxer gasped at the state Kenichi's body was in, he could instantly tell the pattern of bruises, bites, and hickies were not from a fight "Keni..." he gaped.

The disciple froze in surprise and grief when his upper body was exposed to the one he didn't want to be seen by "I...I did not want you to see" Kenichi sniffed, a fresh wave of tumoultous turmoil threatened to spill from his eyes "Good bye" Kenichi willed himself not to look back, knowing that's all it would take for him to crack and run back the delinquent he so admired. It had to be this way, he and his friends had been hurt enough without them knowing about the forced drunken orgies his so call ed 'masters' subjected him too.

At first the little fighter had been willing to put up with the abuse, he relied on the training he received to protect himself from muscle headed thugs like Daimonji, and Tsuji. But Kenichi couldn't lie to himself forever, it was his time now. To run far away and hone his martial arts skills on his own. He was strong enough now to take on a group of gangsters, he figured he would be okay.

For now all he could do was run "Farewell my love".

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