Chapter One: Reborn

I have been in a deep sleep for a long time. I do not mind, because I know that my death was not meaningless. I died saving the woman I love, the Earth's beautiful future ruler, Sailor Moon. I recall her crying as I breathed my last breath, and then I was gone. My only regret is not being able to keep my promise to my brother. In my desire for power, I had forgotten the real reason we wanted to go to Earth: to see and live among beautiful flowers.

I have been left undisturbed for a long time, though I can sense Saphir's presence around me. I am saddened, yet comforted, by this.

Suddenly, I am awake. What is this bright light that has disturbed my sleep? I recognize it in an instant: this is the power of Sailor Moon, no—Serenity. I am alive, and I yearn to meet her once again.

Usagi's love for the world had allowed her to use the full power of the Silver Crystal and light up the galaxy. This power had resurrected her companions; however, the light was so bright that it also reached former foes of Sailor Moon who had died in redemption. Both Saphir and Prince Dimande were awoken by the Silver Crystal's light.

"Saphir! Wake up, Saphir!" Tears of joy streamed down Dimande's face when he realized that his brother had also been resurrected. The guilt Dimande had felt in allowing his brother to die had finally been lifted. Finally, Saphir opened his eyes.

Seeing his brother standing over him, and sensing that Dimande was no longer corrupted by Wiseman, Saphir also began to cry.

"Where am I? Wiseman…" Saphir did not know what had happened, and only recalled his struggle in his final moments to warn his brother of Wiseman's motives.

"Wiseman is gone, Saphir. I don't know what has happened, but the light of the Silver Crystal has given us a second chance," Dimande smiled at has younger brother. Thank you, Sailor Moon.

Saphir was thankful that his brother was no longer being corrupted, and that the struggles with Wiseman were over, but he could sense that Dimande's obsession with Neo-Queen Serenity remained, and this bothered him deeply.

"What will you do now, brother?" Saphir asked, wanting to know whether Dimande still had plans to win Sailor Moon's affections by any means. Saphir was suddenly reminded of his own love. Petz… what are you doing now?

"It has been years since any of that took place, Saphir. And we have been reborn in the past, the time of Sailor Moon, not Crystal Tokyo. I do not know where my place is anymore," Dimande answered. But I know that I must find her.

It has been years since… Saphir could not even think it. Petz… surely she is over me now. I should not interfere with her life, she thinks I am dead… and she is probably better off without me.

Dimande could not stop thinking about Sailor Moon. I love you, Sailor Moon. We will meet again.


"What do you want to do today, Mamo-chan? I thought we could go shopping… A new store just opened up and I thought we could go see what the new styles are!" Usagi clung to Mamoru as though she were determined to never let go again.

"Don't you ever get suspicious of new stores suddenly opening up?" Mamoru queried. Noting Usagi's puzzled expression, he explained, "Well, have you never noticed that the latest enemy activity always seems to end up appearing from new businesses? Every time we try a new place we're attacked it seems. Either way, I guess we should take a look."

"Oh, Mamo-chan, there hasn't been any attacks since before…" Usagi did not want to be reminded of the horrible battle that had so recently ended. Galaxia… ChibiChibi… Seiya… I hope that you are all living happy, peaceful lives now, wherever you are.

Usagi and Mamoru, so soon after the recent battle in which Usagi revealed her true powers and lit up the galaxy, had returned to normal lives. Still, in the back of their minds they knew that they had not faced their last battle. At the very least, some calamity was going to occur in only a few years that would lead to Usagi and Mamoru becoming Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion. Despite knowing this, they tried as best they could to not think about the future, and to focus on living normal lives in the present, as Usagi had always wanted.

Suddenly, while walking through a crowd of people on a busy street, Usagi's arm brushed against someone else. When she turned to look, she sensed that she knew this person already. The white hair… cool, vacant expression... silver eyes… could it be? Dimande…

By the time Usagi had realized who she had seen, he had disappeared completely from the crowd. Maybe I'm seeing things… it couldn't be him, I saw Wiseman kill him years ago, right in front of me.

"Usako… is something wrong? You look pale, like you just saw a ghost." Mamoru was worried; it wasn't like Usagi to be so silent.

"Maybe I did…"