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One for My Baby



"I know you won't answer me, but, what happened to your wife?"

Boone had been traveling with the courier for a while now, and several times in the first few days he had asked about Carla, but he always waved it off or flat refused. But now he was beginning to trust the man, and he did help but that bitch who sold her in the ground, so that night they made camp he sighed and sat down.

"Well, it took me a while to find her, but, when I did..."

Weapon: Hunting Rifle with attatched scope

Bullet: .308, JSP Hand Load

Distance: 300 meters

Wind: Slight breeze

Target: Her

"Your not going to cry damn it." Boone growled to himself quietly as he adjusted his scope. He was good, but he couldn't take out an that many legion on his own.

He rested his rifle on a nearby boulder because his hands wouldn't stop shaking. He shook his head to try and forget who he was about to kill. He tried, and failed.

She was standing there, with the other slaves. Her dress had been torn in several places, no doubt raped by the legionares.

He chambered the round and cocked the lever back into place. If he didn't act soon they would be gone, and she would be some slave or whore for the rest of her life; Boone would be damned if he ever let that happen.

Everyone was beginning to leave, and he took this as his opening. The crosshairs connected together at her pretty hair, now covered in mud; tangled, matted, and lightly blowing in the wind.

"I'll always love you, Carla."


He knew the bullet hit, so he didn't look, and, not caring what happened next, rolled onto his back and yelled loudly all of his frustration and anger into the sky as the legion below began to try and keep order and figure what just happened.