Alright a new story for now on! Wow I feel lame today and a bit half-assed on writing/typing my work. Well let's just start with the prologue. Let's just say what if Keima had a male childhood or best friend with him? Like since middle school perhaps? Well this is just my opinion of how a well good job his childhood friend is.

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Prologue: Meeting.

I wonder since when was the last time I remembered the first meeting with Keima? Well if I remember correctly it would have been the times when he keeps asking me if I was his best friend which I would always answer with a smile and a nod. But it seems he keeps on doubting but I don't really mind as long as he keeps remembering me. Up to this point, Keima is my only friend since he stood up to his ideals which I do not. Knowing him he wouldn't really care anyway on how it became like this. But to me it's the very day on how he showed how dominant he was towards the others.

*That day, 5 years ago after the great escape of the runaway spirits and the day he move away to Maijima City.*

"Well class~ Today we will be having a new student… please treat him well for me okay?" I found it strange that my teacher was seemingly begging us to do so which confused me but I let it slide. My classmates, however, agreed with her as always. I find it weird that we always just agree to what they say but then again they are older than us.

"My name is… Katsuragi, Keima…" Holding his Nintendo DS(let's just say he moves to Nintendo DS after the Earthquake.) and not paying any attention to us as if we were a nuisance to him. Without a second thought he turned to the teacher and asked "Sensei, where is my sit?"

"Uwah! What is he doing? Doesn't he want to make any friends?" This would be me speaking my mind out a bit but I just ignored the thought and returned to our subject. However, after 30 minutes our Modern Japanese teacher has already gone berserk over him as he keeps ignoring her lectures and playing his games. We had to stop her from smacking him; I wouldn't want her to cause a scene.

*After class break*

"I knew it... now he is all alone," My predictions were correct. After what transpired earlier, our dear new classmate is already alone but it seems he really doesn't mind anyway. His lifestyle is questionable but I didn't really payed much attention back then. I only knew that I shouldn't get involved with him.

Before I knew it my classmates are already starting to spread rumors. Some of them on how he ignored us and the worst part of it is how he pissed off our teacher. The rumors, however, ended up on the teachers' lounge and he was sent in for questioning. After about 3 hours, which somehow gave relief to the heavy atmosphere the class is having, Katsuragi-san finally made it back while still holding onto his games. It seems the teachers didn't win him over, as our teacher returned and told the class that he is a trouble student but his grades are high and told us not to bother or relate to him. Back then, I thought that she was joking but not after a few seconds have passed that Katsuragi dissed us again. "It's fine this way… I don't want to get involve with the real world!"

My jaw instantly dropped to the floor once I heard this. The whole class has then started an uproar on how pathetic he is and stuff that I wouldn't want to mention. But to him… he would have stared you in the eye and would ask if they had said something. (Familiar to Jun Nagase's approach and her first impression on him.)

*After school*

As always, I would leave towards the Arcades since I am from the Go Home Club. I loved going there as it always brought a smile to my face, I am also a true gamer of fighting games which always sparked my interest. I was even famous on winning 5 times running in an event here mostly winning games that need me to use a PS2(not really galges like Keima just fighting ones.).

Well it was supposed to be like that until I lost to him, Katsuragi, Keima, in an event that very day. I was one of the remaining 2 contestants, I wiped the floor with my other opponents and I am eager to defeat my last opponent like I did the rest. But this case was different, Katsuragi-san was my last opponent. The prize for said tournament is a game I am not too familiar with at the time but I took a note that it involves girls which I don't have interest in… but I really love how I torment my opponents in tournaments and having a long history of winning, I was going to bring them to shame. I was arrogant at that time and I told Katsuragi that I will win this tournament but the wind suddenly changed around him. He wasn't the same no caring gamer in class but a Deity of some sort. (Note this is his God Mode. But this is his just underdevelopment so he is only in semi-God mode.)

"Correction! My dear friend." He said as he adjusted his glasses and gave me a smirk.

"Only I will win." That smirk turned into a smile which really pissed me off. How dare he say that so confidently! That's when I decided that I should show him my true power and use all of my experience to bring him down.

But in the end, he won our match. It was my ace pick of Samurai while Katsuragi-san picks female Ninja. A first for me to fight a female character but I knew that I had outmatched him for my long special use of the Samurai class.

I was pretty good at the first fight, I charged right in with the first combo of my character and once it was down I started grounding my opponent but the ninja quickly turned into a log and the ninja appeared behind me. I wasn't ready for Katsuragi-san to instantly use a finisher right there when I couldn't react. I was automatically K.O.'d.

The second round of the tournament, this time I waited for my opponent to attack me first as she throws a kunai at my direction. I quickly countered her attempt of her attack by swinging the blade of my sword and revert it back to the ninja. Looks like my opponent didn't expect this to happen to him as the kunai explodes as it makes contact with it. I took this change and dashed towards my opponent while sending out my finisher. A black screen appeared and quickly turned into a powerful slash. This is one of my characters hidden specials only available if you had accessed on story mode. Victory is in my favor but things have already began to change.

"You're not bad human! But know this; I will defeat you! It's time to use god mode!" Keima suddenly shined into gold. I was shock at the resolve of my opponent that I have to make a comeback somehow.

"Very well! But you will regret challenging the Dark side of the fighters gaming style!" My instincts turned sharper and my game control which was a bit sloppy from the beginning was now getting greater. If one were to look closely on how I look using resolve back then, you would say I looked like a devil. Both of us are now getting serious on beating the hell out of each other. I was also getting excited at this as well.

To any other game, the last round would seem like an ordinary battle but it is actually not. In this game, the resolve of our characters become stronger as both know that they must not lose. My Samurai removed the upper part of his Hakama while the Ninja just tied her hair. But if one were to know this game fully, it would actually mean to you that this is a battle towards the death. Both Keima and I went on towards the offensive and then shifting to the defensive from time to time. Having resolve powering up our characters, their stats doubles and increases damage but not health. I was giving Keima the defensive as I attack against with all of my well-known combos against him. I was getting good at it until a nerve in my arm stopped me from my advance leaving me open for Keima. He quickly went to the offensive, showering me with kunais and shurikens as I tried to raise my guard. But to my surprise all the Kunais he threw are actually exploding ones used earlier. I was losing my momentum fast and wasn't able to counter due to the pain I felt in my hands. Defeat never felt so bitter before after a special attack from the Ninja ending on Keima's victory and my first ever defeat.

Of course, I was mad at first and wouldn't believe it until Keima told me that I didn't use my Character with much love and instead used him with tactics and moves which are far more complicated even in story mode unlocked. But, he still congratulated me since I put up a good battle. I was surprise at his sudden change of heart. This was my first time that someone praised me. I told him to make a promise to me that next time that we would fight I would had become stronger. Thus ending up becoming friends with him but still becoming cold to our classmates much to my surprise.

*Back to Maijima Private High*

"… and that's how I met with Keima-san, Imouto-san. Do you have any questions?" I asked Elsie who is now a new student in our class.

"Ehh!? You mean to say that you nearly had beaten Kami-nii-sama if your hands didn't cramp!" Elsie exclaimed with surprise and awe as I nodded.

"Well, actually, even if I did my fingers would still be cramped due to my part-time jobs back then before the event." I told her honestly as back then I had to work for my food.

"What were you earning back then, Sean-kun?" Elsie asked curiously as the others listened in as well.

"Well... I was trying to earn 500 million yen due to my parents debt. But that's a story for another time," I told her with a smile. The others, however, seem to feel awkward around me and I don't understand why.

"Sean-kun, you shouldn't tell them about your debt. They wouldn't comprehend how much money you needed on that large amount," Keima pointed out sparring me a glance before focusing to his game once again.

"Naruhodo… well, think about buying a lot of games like Keima which are 50 a piece every Thursday. The price being about roughly 20, 000 yen. Then think those 50 pieces x500," I explained to them, their faces quickly turned pale at the amount of games that would have been.

"Really now… you led such an interesting life, Sean-kun," Elsie said trying to cheer me up.

"Yup! Definitely! I get all sorts of experience from my part-time jobs! Though I had to go through an extreme diet of salt or sugar with water." I pointed out with pride and honesty which made them even more awkward and pale.

"W-We feel so sorry for you Sean-kun! I promise to make some lunch with you sometimes," I smiled at Elsie but I don't know why they would actually give me some lunch at school. It's not like my diet was that bad now was it?

"It's alright everyone. Sean is normal even with his strange lifestyle. It is going to be impossible for any of you to convince him otherwise. Once I even gave him my sweets and commented that his Onigiri will be good tonight," Keima pointed out giving a slight tear but wipe it as soon as I noticed. The others around me gave me pitiful looks but I waved my hands in complaint to Keima telling him that I was a kid back then and didn't knew of the debt.

"Still, when it was lunch time your only food was rice. I can hardly call pickles a healthy lifestyle Sean-kun," Keima countered which froze me on the spot.

"K-KEIMA! YOU BIG IDIOT!" I tackled him and knocked him down while shaking him. He forgot that he made a promise to after their graduation that he should keep the contents of his food a secret.

"But... to think they are good friends… well, at least Kami-nii-sama has a good friend to rely on~" Elsie smiled as I was enjoying myself with lecturing Keima.

*At lunch*

"See, Keima-san, at least my lunch this time isn't only rice!" I proudly showed the contents of my bento to Keima and the other students to see only for them to show tears.

"T-to think you reduced yourself to eating seeds! You have our pity Sean-kun." Elsie patted my shoulder as she wipes her tears which seem to fail stop. I, on the other hand, was really hurt to hear this as I had my pride crush so easily. Is it really problematic to just eat seeds these days? I mean, I still have about 450 million more money to pay to my debt. It will probably take about 20 more years but I will do my best.

*Third person POV*

"Wah! How pitiful to only eat seed. Here Sean-kun have some of my bread." A student said as he gave Sean a piece of bread forcibly. Soon the other students began to rally on Sean and gave some to him too. Sean, on the other hand, thanked them with a smile and spoke to himself that dinner will be a feast tonight. Keima, on the other hand, returned to his gaming as he eats some of Sean's seed which he shared to him.

To be continued.

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