I kinda understand now why it is difficult to make songs appear on fanfiction even though it will probably make the story interesting. Anyways, I will continue to the main story and I will later reveal where Keima has been going with Koyuki, Fiore, and Hate during Sean's conquest.

Maijima Cultural Festival

Act 2: Midnight Reunion

I was standing still as I looked at the horizon in front of me; it was pure greenery everywhere I see. The plants, the trees, and the animals were peaceful in this place where I stand. For the first time in my life, I felt completely calm and breathe in the nice air as I got refreshed. I looked around and found Keima-san and a few of my friends from a distance near a Sakura tree. They were talking among each other except for Keima-san who just continued to play his games. I felt warmth overwhelm me as I saw that they were having fun, it was a first for me really… I was always tense and on my guard. I would never let others see right through me due to fear and trauma that I have gone through in the past. I wouldn't go as far as say I have barricaded myself from my friends, if I was I would have stayed forever hidden in the darkness and never return.

"You seem to be enjoying yourself." I turned around and saw I cloaked figure around my height and thought if this guy was my conscience.

"What do you want?" I asked nonchalantly as the figure gave me a smile beneath the shadows of his face.

"Don't you remember me?" He asked as I shook my head. He gave a pout and a frown as he turned around.

"Tell me kid, is this what you truly wanted?" He asked as I told him that I couldn't have possibly asked for more.

"Then whatever you do, do not let the curse placed on you be removed." He told me as I was quickly surprised. I had completely forgotten all about the curse that Koyuki-chan used on me.

"H-How did you-" He cut me off as he revealed himself to me.

"I am you… before the curse was activated." Yes, true enough he was me… but more gloomy and distant. I can tell all this from the way he was staring at me, or rather, the way he just looks at the ground and not making any proper eye contact.

"Was I really… so gloomy?" I asked myself as the other me laughed.

"I'll take that as compliment." I wasn't really sure if that was sarcasm but I can tell from his voice that he was happy.

"Gloomy and a Masochist. I must be the worst kind of scum in the world!" I declared out loud as the figure once again laughed.

"Good one! Well, enough with the dirty jokes. You know the reason I appeared to you now despite many chances in the past?" The figure asked as I was indeed wondering the reason. The curse that was used on me wasn't that powerful or dangerous… except for the fact that it may just erase the other possible possessors inside of me.

"They are fine if you are wondering, we all agreed that it will be your choice if you wish to return us or not." When he said that I was greatly troubled, was this other me giving up his existence just for me?

"Why are you doing this? Don't you want to return and see Keima-san again?" I asked as the figure sighed and looked down again. He was really a gloomy person.

"Truth be told even if you didn't decide on this we can just remove the seal and force ourselves out. But, we wanted to consider the other you who is not burdened by the me who is carrying something great." I tilted my head as he said something really cryptic.

"What are you getting at?" I asked as I wanted to know what he was hiding.

"I'm not going to tell you, because you already know what it means." That's when the two of us stared each other in the eyes. He saw through mine and I saw through his and what I saw was only darkness in his eyes.

"You also have very bright amber eyes despite being me." That's when I saw my reflection from his eyes and saw that mine turned to Amber again.

"I don't mind your eyes; it reminds me of my old self who still believed in miracles." He turned and looked at the skies and so did I. But I was caught on a strange idea of mine, what it would look like to him, whose eyes filled with darkness, see in the sky?

"It's beautiful even in a dream… the sky isn't it?" He asked as I was caught off guard. I answered him and he sighed.

"Time's up huh? I'll be going then." He walked away as I tried to chase after him only for me to wake up on the sight of the darkness in my room.

*Sean's room*

Sean woke up from the darkness in his room; he was sweating a lot since his heart was racing faster than normal. Believe it or not, Sean doesn't use an air conditioner. He opposed the idea of using one since it will be quite expensive and too cold in his room, that's why he often just opens the window to let in fresh air.

"I'm thirsty." Sean thought as he opened the door and went downstairs to the kitchen to get a drink. Before he could go any further he noticed Koyuki and Fiore sleeping at the sofa leaving the T.V. open.

"I would be angry at them if they weren't so defenseless to look at." He thought as he closed the T.V. and turned only to meet eye to eye with Hate who had bloodshot eyes due to a round of patrolling the area for possible Vintage members.

"You scared me man." Sean commented as Hate barely scoffed and went to the fridge to get some water. Sean wanted to tell him that he wanted some but he already brought two glasses.

"I can feel what you feel, Sean, sorry if I disturbed your sleep. I was looking into something in an area releasing steam from time to time." He pointed out as Sean nodded and drank his glass of water.

"…" Silence took in for a moment as Sean thought what to talk about since he was already wide awake. Hate just silently stared at his glass not trailing to anything else. Sean took that as a sign that he doesn't want to talk but he was surprised when Hate decided to break the ice.

"When are you going to tell your friends about your condition?" He asked bluntly as Sean was caught off guard on what to say. He checked behind him to see if Koyuki and Fiore are asleep before he could answer.

"I want to know now, before I continue any further. I can sense your darkness growing and the curse put in you failing. If I hadn't known better, I'd say you have already returned to normal by now but you didn't." He pointed out drinking his glass as Sean made a remark.

"How can you be sure if I hadn't come back yet?"

"Easy, you don't like to start a conversation. You only ever talk if it has anything to do with your… relation with four-eyes or others." Hate decided not to reveal everything to him yet. He knew that he would find out eventually and he didn't need to hurry or anything.

"I'll take that as a compliment then… does this have anything to do about my ability?" Sean asked as Hate looked at him for a while then nodded.

"If I have to put it kid, you are not normal. You can create, manipulate, and control darkness like it was yours all along. I'd go as far as to say you have already pushed the boundaries of common sense and logic." He pointed out as Sean sweatdropped.

"Hehehe, I don't know if I should be glad or not." Though confused, he knew what Hate meant and wanted to change the subject.

"You always act dumb when you wanted to avoid something involving you. How long are you going to bottle up everything in that fragile glass prison of yours?" Sean was now completely silent. Hate was drinking his water as Sean continued to glare at him. He wasn't bothered by this since he knew why he was like that.

"It is none of your-" He started but Hate smashed his glass to the table.

"It is one f*cking big business for me, child!" Unlike Sean's glare which was burning in rage, Hate's was cold and silent. It pierced right through Sean's subconscious as he looked away defeated.

"No matter how much I absorb or take it away, it will never leave you. You have to talk to your friends about this. You cannot continue to keep it all in and pretend like nothing is happening." Hate's words were like cold hard glass wounding Sean's skin as the kid he saw was shivering. Hate didn't continue to say more as he just stared him down to submission… well, that is what he was hoping for.

"My source is already missing. I also cannot possibly bend this all on something or someone. I fear what I might do if I did." He answered honestly as Hate took a step back at his honest answers.

"You are not denying me? That's a surprise. I thought you might continue to neglect this feeling deep down in your life." Hate pointed out as Sean shook his head.

"How could I possibly neglect this feeling when I keep remembering the scars they left… my parents?" Sean placed his right hand to his left and gripped it tight as he tried to forget the pain his parents left him but to no avail.

"This pain which words cannot describe won't leave me no matter how much I train or how much I try to forget. It will always haunt me, till the day I die or till the day I finally let go of this feeling." As he said that Hate felt burning sensations go through his body. He felt his master's sudden rush of anger going through him which was really dangerous.

"Calm yourself, if you continue to do anymore you will burn me up." Hate stated calmly as Sean took deep breaths and controlled his rage inside him as Hate managed to make the power of his hate subside.

"As you can see, I am not as normal as other people think I am. I only just need one little spark and you can go all out with it." The memory of what Nora did to Sean during the summer came into mind as Sean said that. Hate remembers it also, how Sean's heart burned with the fires of hatred. It gave birth to him; so that he may be of use to his master he collects and absorbs his hate as his own. But it proved too much even for him to take when he used it on Nora.

"That memory was a strong reminder of how dangerous you really are. What you had gone through made most humans turn to the darkness but you accepted that there was no other way into this." As Hate said that he noticed the two shifted to hear better as he just sighed.

"And the girls that are pretending to sleep were eavesdropping on us since the beginning." He pointed out causing the two girls to flinch as Sean turned and found them wide awake.

"So much for… forgiving them then… for leaving the T.V. open." Sean turned away pretty mad but somehow successfully tried not to show it.

"We're sorry but we were curious on how a simple man with a lot of demons could easily stand up and control the darkness without going insane." Koyuki apologized as Fiore smacked her on the head.

"What are you doing!? You're compromising our mission!" Fiore let out as she placed her hands on her mouth as Hate barely sighed.

"I knew already that you were tasked to observe me no matter what." Sean pointed out surprising the two.

"You wouldn't have possibly stayed with me for too long if I hadn't figured that out yet. And to be completely honest, I am not surprise. A lot of people tried to harness it for their own but I am different from them." Sean leaned a bit so that he could have a good look at them.

"I called my ability "Alluring Darkness" because it not only attracts people; it also attracts demons and divinities. Though I don't know why that is so, I am fine as long as they don't harm me." Though he said that in a very calm way; his unforgiving leer said otherwise. Both Koyuki and Fiore braced themselves for what Sean could do to them but he just pats their heads.

"If you plan to leave now is your chance. I am not going to ask anything from you since I will know eventually. Take care of yourselves and promise me that you will survive this ordeal." He smiled at let's go of their head as he turned. Hate merely turned to the side as the girls got strange feelings go down their demonic instincts.

"W-Why is he so caring about us!? Isn't he supposed to get rid of us!?" Fiore asked herself mentally as she was blushing like crazy over her new found feelings.

"You… haven't changed… I'm glad, that you remained the same… even though… it has been years." Koyuki thought hiding a smile behind her bangs; her heart raced which provided her a warm and happy feeling in her heart.

"I would like it if you inform me of such decision-making, Sean." Everyone turned to the door and found Diana wearing pajama's as she was controlling her host's body.

"Whoa… this is the second time I see you do this." Sean pointed out as Diana simply nodded.

"I want to hide some things from my host as much as possible. I'm sure that goes the same way for you as well."

"Actually, my relationship with my possessors is more of a give and take procedure." Sean pointed out as Hate confirms it.

"He doesn't unnecessary order me or anything unless provoked. If anything he is such a useless master." As Hate said that the sound of a knife stabbing a body could be heard as Sean writhed in pain.

"Your words sting more than a stab wound through the heart…" Sean complimented as Hate was flattered. Koyuki found their relationship quite strange and shrouded in mystery even though both seem quite on good terms with each other.

"Anyways, where is Keima? I have to talk to him, it's something urgent." Diana insisted in a hurry. Sean suggested the gaming room to which they find Keima just in time for him to begin his gaming.

*The Sacred room of the God of Conquest*

"Keima-san, glad to see you're still playing this late." Sean greeted him as Keima turned to meet with the rest of them and quickly turn his head back into the game.

"Ignore them and continue gaming." Was his chants as Keima continued gaming as the rest, except for Sean, got angry at his attitude. Koyuki proceeded to cut off the power of his gaming consoles by removing the plug.

"No! My game!" Keima was crying tears of blood and Sean can pretty much tell the reason behind his actions.

"He didn't save again did he?" True to the mark he didn't save his gaming time since he had other important things to do while his friends are with him.

"Katsuragi-san, have you made any progress with finding my sisters? We need… Apollo-nee-sama's strength… please call all the Goddesses you have found. Right here, right now." Diana ordered as Keima complied as he made a call. Sean then remembered Kanon's body which still looks like a liquefied form of her. If he hadn't known it was really her, then he would have mistaken it for a fetish Keima was beginning to develop.

"I've called on Elsei to bring the girls secretly here." Keima informed them as they nodded.

"So, what made the change to call them out this early?" Hate asked as he knew all too well where this is going.

"Everyone… I have a premonition of danger." Diana said feeling quite uncomfortable about the subject.

"A premonition… of danger?" Keima asked as Hate raised his hand.

"The enemy has come very close… to finding out about our movements. Just recently, I received their calling call." Hate revealed to them a bloody razor cutter which was inside a plastic bag.

"Did you touch it?" Sean asked as Hate shook his head.

"I thought you might need it as evidence so I carefully removed it from the crime scene and kept it sealed so that we can dig it for evidence later." Hate pointed out as he got the idea from Sean as he ordered way before he lost his seven demons.

"Anyways, Diana, we've made some progress. Four-eyes, can you do thy honour?" Hate asked as Keima nodded albeit being a little uncomfortable by Hate's sudden change of accent.

"We've found two more Goddesses. Minerva and Mars… and there is a chance that Vintage could be among the runaway spirit squad. That's all." As soon as Diana heard about the news, she became very quiet.

"Let us here Apollo-nee-sama's oracle." Diana suggested causing everyone in the room to be confused, even Sean who knows the meaning of the term oracle.

"In our current state, we don't have enough power for battle… nee-sama is an excellent medium. She might teach us what we should do for now…" Hate hated the sound of getting a prophetic insight from the future since he always heard bad news from such mediums.

"With the power of the Goddesses we've found so far, you can lift the spell she has put herself into and return your sister to your side." Koyuki pointed out as Diana acknowledges her insight about her motives.

"Nii-sama, I'm here!" Elsie called in from the room's window as Hate's opens it and is surprised to find Fiore in their home.

"Eh? F-Fiore-chan!? Wha-!?" Keima cuts her short and demanded her to get in already as she complied though she felt left out since she didn't know that her classmate was staying with them.

"Fiore, can you explain to Imouto-san our current situation?" Sean requested.

"Imouto-san? Who do you mea- Oh! I get it, leave it to me." Fiore went ahead and explained everything to Elsie even though she was still confused about the situation.

"I don't really get it but it's nice to know that you're here!" Everyone except for Diana who has no clue what was going on merely sighed at her thick-headedness.

"We brought them! Will this do!?" Keima asked a bit annoyed as Diana nodded her head.

"Do you think I should hide somewhere for a while?" Sean huddled with Hate, Koyuki, and Fiore and asked them in a whisper.

"Why do you ask? I think it is alright if you stayed." Koyuki offered as Sean waved his hand.

"No, no, no, you don't understand Koyuki-chan. I saw this in an anime once but if three girls sharing the same love interest to one guy end up meeting each other in a single space spells-" Sean was mildly interrupted by a hand dragging him away from the others and locking eyes with the God of war… namely Mars who was holding him in an awkward position and holding his hand tightly.

"I was wondering who would be whispering by yonder but to think it was Yui's hubby? I'm quite surprise to meet you here." Silence entered the room as the three who were with Sean earlier finally realized what he meant by hiding.

"I was opposed to her love for a weird man like you… but since Yui was so earnest… I decided to cheer her on!" She declared blushing as this was the first time she had held the hand of a mortal. Sean tensed up as Mars was building up a 'nice mood' that was typical to bishounens and only exclusive to Yui, Mars being able to do this only means that she had managed to acquire her traits as well.

"Why that… thieving…" Koyuki and Hate were trying their best to hold off Fiore who was ready to explode on Mars, goddess or not. That's when another girl got in-between the two.

"…" Her silence only made things awkward and that she has a small stature and sitting on his lap only made things more awkward.

"Th-thi-this man… belongs to Shiori!" Minerva nervously declared while holding a book which was tightly hugged in her chest.

"Mi… Minerva? Who's Shi…Shiori?" Mars asked confused by her actions as Minerva tries her best to stop Mars's advance to Sean.

"Immanuel…" A hand grabs on to Sean's skull as he slowly turned to meet the gaze of a frightening doll holding a very dangerous weapon… a pair of scissors.

"You wretch… just as I thought… you've been tempting other women while you already have Tsukiyo!" The doll's hold on her dangerous weapon was aiming to remove his left eye as Sean was sweating bullets. If he wasn't afraid of dolls before then he was sure as hell scared sh*tless right now.

"Nee-sama! This man is Yui's hubby! Please don't injure him!" Mars pushed the doll away as Sean managed to evasively miss the scissors aim on his eye as it touched the ground.

"Immanuel is trash… but this is for Tsukiyo's sake! Sisters, I'm sorry, but you will have to hand him over!" Vulcan demanded as Mars shook her head furiously.

"I cannot! My friend's future at stake…" One would admire such qualities she holds for her friend.

"…Shiori's… shiori's…" And one would pity the little Goddess as she tried in vain to argue back with her sisters.

All parties involved who saw this carnage unfolding were silent all this time as the atmosphere suddenly became dreadful in an instant. Hate had it worse of all, since he was more used to the battlefield than anyone else except for Mars and Sean. The hostility they were emitting over this single individual… his master and creator is at the very epicenter of this brewing battle of wills and love.

"I sure hate to be him right now. And I'm Zou! I'm supposed to be used to this kind of environment!" Hate remarked as he was definitely shaking by the sheer raw power they were emitting. Alone, Hate can easily stand against them… but together is a whole different story. He would hate it if he gets caught in the crossfire between these three Goddesses.

As Hate was evaluating the situation, Sean was pleading with Hate using eye contact as he looked around until he finally points at himself.

"Help me!"

"No way, master! If I go in there, I'll be tossed around and grinded to the Earth in no time flat!"

"Are you going to abandon your master so easily!?" Hate thought about it for a moment, all the good and bad times they had together were fun… but this is now a matter of life or death between powers beyond his own.

"It wasn't long but it was nice meeting you master."

"No way…"

"Thou art time short, I plea that thy strong in thy battlefield!"

"You're abandoning me you bastard!"

"Au revoir mon capitan."

"You're changing from British to French already!?"

Sean has been left to his fate by Hate who refused to get him out of there due to the fear of being squashed by the three Goddesses. Who would blame him? Three Goddesses were quite the handful and since Hate is the only capable of matching a single Goddess in battle he wasn't up for the task of taking 3 at once, 4 if Diana decided to interfere as well.

"Ano… what exactly happened… while I was gone?" Elsie asked Diana as she scoffed and turned.

"Please don't ask me!" True to her statement, she was kept entirely on the dark because both Keima and Sean find it dangerous for her to come out during the day.

"Umm, why don't we just end with the emotional reunion?" Sean proposed as Diana quickly came in to stop her sister's actions.

"Everyone! We don't have much time! Let's get down to the real issue at hand!" She declared as she clench his fist as Koyuki, Keima, Fiore, and Hate found a new form of respect for her.

"You are the luckiest man in history, to the point where even the Gods would be envious. To be desired by such a beautiful girl as this…" However, she was completely ignored as Sean took a seat as Vulcan, the eldest of the sisters, complimented him on how he managed to attract the heart of Tsukiyo.

"Don't say anything! Don't say anything!" Sean decided to make that his mantra as to not offend her. As he continued his mantra, he decided to look at his right which was a bad move.

"Yui is much more gallant, womanly, and perfect girl… take a look." Mars offered as Sean immediately decided it was better to just close his eyes and silently pray that things will be just fine.

"Please let me be at peace!" He prayed so hard though it doesn't show in his iron wall called a body.

"Mars! Don't fight with weapons that Tsukiyo doesn't have! That is extremely unfair!" Vulcan's doll yelled as Sean wanted to remark that Tsukiyo is fine even without such assets but decided not to make things worse.

"This is war! Nothing is fair in war!" Mars retorted back as Hate wanted to intervene but the cold dark glare she received from her stopped him from his tracks.

"Ano… please listen…" Diana tried to retake control of the entire situation but she was once again ignored.

"How deplorable! Should we even be fighting at a place like this?!" Vulcan asked as she launched some plates and a few miscellaneous objects at Mars as Sean easily evaded the items.

"Then please give up! There is no difference between this and the ancient battle!" Mars said as she deflected and dodge the objects sent at her as Sean twitched his ears every time a dish broke.

"This is a holy war!"

"This isn't war! It's madness!" Hate yelled as the place is being torn apart.



"11, 175 yen for every broken piece of plates and furniture down the drain." Sean silently told himself whilst crying. In the same moment, Sean felt a strong burning sensation go through his body as he reacted a bit too late by the sudden attack. The dust cleared and it was Minerva who did it.

"…" She silently stayed in place in his laugh amid the pain he was going through as the two other Goddesses were shocked.

"Minerva!?" Everyone except that Goddesses were surprised and they took note that this must be a first for them for that to happen.

"Minerva, let me in!"

"Again with your usual sit-in! Your appearance may have changed, but your actions are the same as always." Mars complained as Sean had finally had enough and snapped at the three Goddesses.

"Enough with your childish bickering all of you!" Sean yelled from the top of his lunges as everyone fell to the floor. They never knew that his lungs was this powerful and to even send everyone down to their knees was an amazing feat even by a mortal such as him.

"*pant**pant*" Apparently, it has taken a good toll on him as he took in breaths of air to calm himself down.

"Ahh… my head." The damage that he took earlier had also taken a toll on him as he winced in pain as he fell to his knees. Once by one, the others began to get back on their feet as Sean recovered.

"Vul-nee-sama! Mars, Minerva! None of this is important right now! The important thing is… this person is Tenri's partner." She introduced as Sean fell face first to the ground.

"Hey… that's not it at all! You were way off!" Sean pointed out as he recovered from the shock.

"No, never mind; let's just go back to the real business." Sean insisted as he couldn't possibly stick up to this any longer.

"The other sisters… have grown wings…" As Sean heard that, he paled a whitish blue and moved away from her.

"As I thought, only I lack wings… my powers have returned the least… where have I gone wrong?" Keima felt reluctant to respond to that as Sean merely walked away from her.

"Must be tough… handling multiple women one at a time." Koyuki complimented as she, Hate, Fiore, and Elsie have decided to be spectators.

"You've already decided to be a spectator!" Keima yelled as he composed himself and brought things back to order.

"All of you, come with me to the second floor! When you get there, you won't be talking about stuff like this!" Keima demanded as everyone followed him and made their way to Kanon's room where Sean immediately stops them from going any further.

"Keima-san, I almost forgot about what I told you back then." He said as he turned to Keima who was confused.

"Forgot about what?" He asked as Sean's left hand shined the place like the sun as the sounds of chains being removed from their binds can be heard in the background.

"If anyone were to ever come in, remind me to check it up first so that I can remove the barrier." He reminded him as Keima face palmed himself as he completely forgot.

"Anyways, let's go in. I doubt any enemies have spotted her." He told as he let everyone go in first as he was left outside to take care of using the barrier once again while closing the door behind them.

*Second Floor: Kanon's Room*

Nothing has changed since then as Sean noted, she was still in locked away by her own spell. The others on the other hand were horrified, not because of Kanon, but because of something else completely.

"Sean-kun… what have you done while you were up here?" Keima asked as Sean glance at his direction and then to the wall as he sighed.

"Oh nothing… just sealing the location of a Goddess from the prying eyes of others." Sean pointed out as Koyuki shook her head.

"No, isn't this, a bit too much?" She asked as the mere sight of what was on the wall made her disgusted.

"Nothing is too much when you're up against demons of a higher caliber. Think about it, if Elsie's class is treated as a peon, then I fear what the Weiss are like when they find out about a Goddess in her vulnerable state." Sean stated the obvious as the Goddess respect that part of his of being completely and utterly ready for any kind of scenario that may befall him… or his allies.

"Is this Enochian?" Minerva asked Sean as she tugged his sleeve as he nodded and pats his head.

"I tried to apply as little as possible and dry it as quickly as I can, a bit tricky but I managed somehow but I wasn't satisfied until I fully know that Kanon-chan *points at the bed*. Is not in this house and not in this room when I come in." He pointed out as the Goddesses commend him for his wise decision.

"Enough about me writing my blood on the wall, all of you need to focus on what's hand." Sean turned as everyone looked at Kanon as they were troubled.

"This spell is probably tricky to remove…" Minerva voiced out as it caught Keima's attention.



"It's extremely difficult to remove, and if you fail… she'll really turn into water…" The thought of Kanon turning into water gave Sean a bad aftertaste.

"This is Nee-sama's do or die plan. To prevent her from being turned over to the enemy at all costs…" Diana pointed out as Fiore eye's rolled.

"That's a waste, we only wanted to kill her." She pointed out as the Goddesses immediately reacted to her words but no more faster than Hate who stood in-between the two Goddesses, Mars and Vulcan.

"If you harm her in any way I will personally see to it that you will not see another day." Hate warned as his chains are coming out of his sleeves and his glare focused on the two Goddesses.


"Mars… it's better to do as he says, I… cannot control his chains." Vulcan pointed out as Mars was surprised. Usually, Vulcan can control any inanimate object with great ease but to find someone who outmatched her own power is unbelievable.

"Well? Are you two going to back down or not? Even if you did manage to defeat me and pin me on the ground I will have you chained down with the entire world." That's when his simple sympathetic glare turned into a sadistic demonic glare as the Goddesses felt threatened. So threatened that they backed away by instinct as Sean went to smack both Fiore and Hate on the head with a paper fan.

"Enough of that you two. This place is a hostility free zone. Do not fight among each other until this issue is resolved." Sean then went on to chastise the two.

"Though they are being chastised, they seem to be very happy about it." Koyuki pointed out as Keima nodded.

"It's one of many traits Sean-kun had even back then. I know you still remembered him like that right?" He asked as Koyuki blushed and lowered her head a little as she nodded. Keima gave a small smile as the Goddesses collected themselves.

"Anyways, if you can't remove it… then what are you going to do?" Sean asked in a very gentle and calm manner as he was done nagging at the two who were completely fine.

"We will call her… we'll call her from the outside… and have Apollo remove it herself." She informed them as the four Goddesses joined hands together around Kanon.

"Minerva… you can amplify our powers. We're counting on you. Hold hands tightly… everyone, call Apollo…" Vulcan ordered as altogether they started calling out to Apollo as the rest who aren't involved stepped back and kept their silence.


"Uh-oh? What do you mean by 'uh-oh?'" Keima asked Sean as he pointed forward as the other three Goddesses were using their full power which was severely damaging the barrier that Sean placed in the room.

"Nee-sama… if we use this much power… won't the enemy notice?" Diana asked her elder sister as Sean gulped at what would be the worst case scenario.

"We will only call out for a few seconds… if she does not come back after that, we will desist." She reassured her as Sean wasn't sure at all as he glanced to Hate, Fiore and Koyuki to try and hide their presence by using their demonic energy.

"We will try." Koyuki offered though not sure if it will help or not. Sean released his barrier seal and the seal inside the room was deactivated so that it will receive no more damage than necessary.

"Kanon…" Keima came close and touched Kanon's cheek as Sean saw this and tapped him on the shoulder. As he did this, the two were being eaten by the hydration spell as the two panicked.

"Koyuki! Fiore! Hate! Help me out here!" Sean ordered but the two didn't seem to notice or hear him. Keima did the same for Elsie but to no avail.

"Sean… it seems we are being cast away." Apathy spoke out as his presence inside Sean's heart disappeared.

"It seems this Goddess plans to take you inside to have a private chat with you. Don't worry, we will take care of everything from here." Beast reassured him as he too disappeared from his heart as Sean turned to Keima.

It didn't take long before the two were completely swallowed by the water and brought inside another reality within Apollo's hydration spell.

*Unknown Area*

"Keima-san!" Sean called out as they got inside and are freefalling. Sean immediately used his Dark Wings and grabs Keima's hand as they land at the roof of a Church.

"Thanks." Keima thanked him as the two saw the most breath-taking thing in their lives. They were seeing bells that are synchronous in turns and the City of Maijima below them.

"Ow!" The two covered their ears as a bell near them rang aloud.

"What the…? What is this place?" Keima questioned aloud as Sean wanted to know the same thing.

"This is a divination world… that I created!" Exclaimed a girl from behind them as they turned and found Apollo in the flesh and completely fine.

"Long time no see! Kanon's lover!" Apollo cheered while making a peace sign at her forehead as if giving some fan service to them.

"Apollo!" The two called out to her at the same time as they walk to her.

"Hmm? You know my name? Sean, did you tell him about us?" Apollo asked with a wink as Sean froze and shuddered.

"Why are you making it sound like we're having an intimate relationship!?" Sean asked a bit mad as he sighed and continued.

"I told him after he took us in that day. I contacted Diana and… she didn't liked what she saw."

"I can guess what her face looked like if she did. Anyways, I've been hearing my sisters' voices for a while now. Above all, I'm glad everyone is fine." She said in complete relief as Sean informed her that he took extra precaution and doubled the need to be careful around suspicious characters.

"Good, that's good. Could the two of you tell them I'm busy praying, so I can't come back?!" She asked as the two boys glance at each other.

"Praying?" They both asked at the same time as Apollo turned and began explaining the situation.

"Yup, look at that! I created this Maijima town for divination! And I'm trying to tell the town's fortune…" That's when the two finally noticed the dark energy spreading around town and even the school they go to.

"That atmosphere is hinting at the "future"! Right now, your town is filled with misfortune! So I'm using bells… to purify this stagnant town!" She explained as the bells were really purifying it.

"Will this make the misfortune disappear?" Keima asked as he looked on ahead.

"That's impossible." Apollo honestly answered as a nerve popped out of Sean's head.

"Oi oi"

"After all, I'm just a medium! All I can do is change the flow a bit!" She said as she waved her ceremonial plant which Sean doesn't recognize.

"I don't know the exact situation outside. But the powers of the Weiss is increasing and we Goddesses are still powerless… in this battle… we are at a considerable disadvantage! Right now, even a little luck is as valuable as 'Gold'!" Apollo exclaimed as she continued with her process of changing the tides to their favor. Both of the boys find this completely unnecessary.

"Don't do unnecessary things. Relying on luck… that's not a conquest/strategic plan. Select the correct choices… that's all there is to it. There is no difference between games and reality. All I think about is the best ending/ending this war." Both of them told Apollo as she smiled. Though they lead different lives, they're methods are exactly the same which can lead into victory. Sean placed a hand on Keima's shoulder as he smiled as Keima merely turned and gives a thumb's up.

"I believe in you…" The two turned and found Kanon completely fine.

"Kanon…" Keima called as Kanon was still flustered.

"Thanks to you, Keima-kun… I… was saved… if it's you two, it can be managed." She said those words with the most pure of feelings. Sean felt his heart ache in pain for a bit, he never felt he was needed before. She was the only other person he knew that also needed him other than Keima. (FYI, he is referring to the time he wanted to move out of the Katsuragi residence so that he wouldn't be a bother to him.)

"I will also be praying… with Apollo…" Sean went to her and tapped her shoulder as she looked up as Sean smiled. His left shoulder glows an amazing light and the scar which was left in her soul was repaired.

"I completely repaired everything. This much I can do for you. But don't get damaged again or I won't be able to repair it this time." Sean warned her as she nodded and switched places with Apollo.

"Hmm… I never knew you could repair human souls." Apollo pointed out as Sean merely shook his head.

"It's something I learned way back then… from a certain deity who wanted me to carry out his will." He pointed out with a smile as Apollo gave her bright smile.

"I should've realized sooner… that you were such a key figure Katsuragi…" Apollo holds Sean's hand as he looked and noticed it.

"Sorry, but I can only pray for three more days. I won't be able to do more than that. I want to talk with Sean in private for a while. Be careful, Katsuragi!" And with that, Keima returned first as Sean was left behind as he immediately turned to Apollo who wore a grim face. That was the only image he can see before he returned to the very room they were staying in, Sean following behind not long after.

*Recalling back with Apollo*

"You're body cannot possibly keep up with this darkness you hold in your heart." Apollo said with a grim yet worried face. Sean was stunned for a moment until she continued.

"Not only that, but someone put a curse on you as well. Should I remove it from you?" She asked as she moved to remove the curse but Sean backed up a bit to her surprise.

"Do you really wish to hold back in this state of war we are in?" Apollo asked worried as Sean looked down not saying a word.

"Sean, I cannot possibly know what you have been through. But, I want to help ease even a bit of the pain you are going through." She said as she went forward once again as Sean stood there and allowed her to.

"I guess you are right. But, even if you ease my moment of pain… it will just come back tenfold." He muttered as she has completely removed the curse that Koyuki placed on him as Sean felt a certain wait lift and a very familiar weight return on him.

"I… guess you are right. You-!?" Apollo backed away as she saw the black mist of misfortune go around Sean as his left hand absorbs it all.

"Thanks Apollo, if you hadn't moved to remove the seal just now… Maijima might be buried to the ground in no time flat." Sean returned to his old self albeit there was still a lingering of his other self living inside him.

"Ah, yes… Sean… are you even human?" She asked as Sean looked at his right hand as it was full of darkness but it merely only caused a dent on the rest of the mist.

"Who knows? Maybe I am or maybe I am not. Either way, it won't change the mission I was given and my only purpose." Sean exclaimed as he expelled the rest of the darkness in Maijima.

"You are… unlike Katsuragi, you may just end everything that we have worked up to." Apollo said in worry as Sean shook his head.

"Then pin me down if that happens, but if it goes against what I've worked up to then I guess we will have to oppose each other… promise or not." He said as Apollo nodded and accepted his terms.

"But why? Why are you even helping us?" She asked as Sean glance at her with a sly smile.

"I wanted a favor and who better than the Goddesses? Well, even if I didn't help I will have to help in the end since I follow Keima-san." He pointed out as she noticed a bit of a bitter remark in his tone.

"Is he… related to this? You seem to know more than you even let out." Apollo pointed out as he nodded.

"Let's just say… I've been on this case since the beginning. In our estimate, it must have happened around ten years ago." He pointed out as Apollo nodded, the incident did happen around ten years ago. But she knew well that he was just a bystander during the tragedy.

"I'm sorry for dragging you into our problems." She apologized but Sean shook his head.

"It doesn't matter anymore, we have gotten this far already. Just promise me that all of us are going to see this through to the end. I want this to end; I've already gone through so much pain… I would certainly go insane if it was all for naught." He pointed out as he was already around his breaking point.

"Yes… hopefully it isn't and that all of our unanswered question will be answered." Apollo hoped as Sean once again shook his head.

"Sometimes questioned are meant not to be answered and often times I just get the answers even though it just leads to more questions than answers." He said with a deep sighed as Apollo laughed.

"I guess you are right." Sean gave her a questioned look as she continued to laugh but he joined in as well since it was a bit funny.

"Anyways, I will continue to uphold my promise. The time will come when our two forces will help each other." He said with a smile as Apollo nodded as she shook his hand.

"You will make a great addition to our war against the Weiss." She said with a smile as Sean blushed a bit and nodded.

"I'm not sure if I should be even near the Weiss but if its moral support and firepower you need then I can help. Also, Apollo… your hands are quite warm." He pointed out as his hands were getting warm due to Apollo.

"Oh, is it a bother? I already like you very much!" She confessed as Sean wasn't sure if he should be happy or not.

"No, it's just makes me think that I'm really cold." He said as he noticed that his hands did turn a bit pale.

"Sean, don't worry! If you think you are all alone then think of me!" She gave him a kiss on the chick as Sean immediately blushed from head to toe.

"Bye-bye!" With that, she prematurely left the stunned boy back to reality as she continues to pray for their safety and victory.

*Back to reality*

"Hey, Sean-kun, what did the two of you talked about?" Keima whispered to Sean as he blinks and turned to Keima.

"Ah, nothing, she just removed the curse that Koyuki-chan put on me." Sean answered as Keima suspects that he might be hiding something else as well. But knowing that he is going back to normal will help him in his endeavor.

"We've got the advantage of knowing the day that is coming, Keima-san. Should we tell this to the others?" Sean asked as Keima shook his head.

"Let's leave this among ourselves for the time being. You do your thing and I'll do mine." Sean nodded as Keima turned to talk with the other Goddesses.

"You girls should head back. We'll handle the rest by ourselves." He ordered as Mars was the first to object.


"Don't forget. Your bodies belong to your hosts. If you start wandering around, even uninvolved parties will be targeted by Vintage." Keima said as Sean nodded.

"The close call with me and Kanon-chan was quite enough. I failed that day but that will not happen again." He remarked with a bit of anger as he felt how helpless he was back then.

"Yes, wait patiently at home." Keima ordered as Diana was the next one to object.

"Umm, but… if that's the case, even Katsuragi-san… was uninvolved as well. This is our fight… so is there anything I can do… to be of assistance?" She asked while wearing a flushed face as Sean noted that this kind of development was what he was expecting for her.

"Score Diana!" He mentally noted to himself as he clench his fist.

"We will need the power of the Goddesses eventually. But now is not the time." Keima then turned to give a smile to Tenri.

"I'll be fine. More importantly, please protect Tenri." Diana blushed and kept silent as the others noticed this. Mars, Minerva and Vulcan turned to Sean. He was surprised that they only noticed this by now and gave a sigh and nodded his head.

"We have no choice but to leave things to these two. Only they know the precise situation, and it seems that they have no intention of sharing." Vulcan noted as the rest nodded. That's when two figures entered the room which they are not too familiar with.

"This… is quite troubling… ain't it?" Said a figure with a sullen face as he turned to his comrade whose face was being obscured.

"Doesn't matter, we have our own bodies now. Makes sense since we just got casted out." The guy said as the sullen one sighs and vanishes and re-appears in front of Sean.

"Sean… it seems that… it happened…" He wasn't making sense to anyone but the Goddesses felt danger emitting from the two parties as they draw their power which the sullen one just ignored.

"Wait a minute… are you two…?" Sean asked a bit confused as the sullen one nodded.

"Yes… it is us." That's when Sean nodded as the Goddesses glanced at each other as Keima went to ask him first.

"Sean-kun, who are your two friends?" He asked as Sean nodded and gave him an answer.

"These two are my other creations. The one with a sullen face is-" He was interrupted shortly by the one whose face is obscured.

"Lets us introduce ourselves to them." He said as Sean merely nodded as the two introduced themselves.

"I am… … … Apathy… … Apathy "Acedia" Lethargus…" The sullen one introduced himself albeit feeling too troubled to introduce himself.

"And I am Beast "Vanagloria" Vanity." The one with his face hidded introduced as the Goddesses felt uneasy.

"They're names are…" Vulcan started as Sean nodded.

"Have the same meaning even in latin. Well, except for perhaps Beast but he might be using the name as a term for his great physical prowess." Sean pointed out as the two figures went to Hate who was busy chatting with Elsie, Fiore, and Koyuki.

"Hey, Hate "Zou" Odium. Miss us?" Beast asked as Hate turned and backed away for a bit.

"Whoa! You two finally got out? …strange, you two seem different from before." Hate pointed out as they didn't look like that before when he met them.

"That's because… … … someone is being spoiled…" Apathy answered as Sean smacked him on the head.

"That's too misleading!" He yelled as the others sweatdrop.

"Okay… problem child…" He said as he pointed at Sean who ended up smacking him again.

"You're the smartest of the three and your limited vocabulary is hindered by your habits!" Sean yelled as Apathy merely sighed and nodded.

"Truth be told, it was quite difficult. But…" Beast turned to the Goddesses who flinched as he, for some reason, saw right through them.

"It isn't quite bad once you get used to it." He said with a sly smile as everyone shivered, except for Apathy who is already used to it.

"Anyways, Elsie, send everyone back to their homes." Keima ordered as Elsie was more than happy to send them back and away from these two creeps.

"I wish to… accompany with Vulcan… I want… something from her." Apathy said in a silent but serious tone as everyone stepped aside as he approached Vulcan.

"M-me!? Why me!?" She asked completely surprised as Apathy just stood there and stared down at her.

"You have something… I need… we shall… talk about it as we walk…" He said as he turned and went outside as everyone sweatdropped.

"Nee-sama… good luck."

"Do well not to get raped."

"May thy show mercy." The three Goddesses easily abandoned Vulcan as she is shocked.

"You'd abandon me that easily!?" She asked as Luna was begging to Sean who merely sighed.

"Welcome to my world." He said darkly as Vulcan flinch as she left to go with Apathy. Sean quickly turned to Koyuki, Fiore and Hate as they flinched.

"Watch them." He ordered as the three quickly nodded and went after the two.

"Arigatou, Sean." Diana thanked Sean as he merely smiled nodded.

"I fear what she might do to me if she is indeed… well, you know." Sean said as he paled as Diana felt he should go to.

"Don't worry, I know Apathy, he isn't going to do anything unless if it involves something he needed. He wouldn't pursue any further if he is rejected." He reassured her as Diana smiled a bright smile.

"More importantly, I want to talk with you a bit." He said as he escorted her outside as the other goddess felt jealous. On the way out of the house, Sean began to have a conversation with Diana.

"You are starting to warm up to Keima-san, that's good to know." He pointed out as Diana smiled and nodded her head.

"I am beginning to understand why Tenri loves him…" She said as they walked to their house which was right next door.

"That's good to know, I wanted to remind you that I'm still on your side." He said as Diana was confused.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean what I mean. I support your love to Keima-san." He said which instantly made Diana red.

"W-Wait a minute! I don't love-"

"You don't have to worry, it's completely fine. The others already caught on; of course I will continue to support you so that your love can be fulfilled." He said as Diana grabbed his hand and faces him.

"Sean, I think you are misunderstanding something." She said seriously albeit still being a little scared since she wasn't used to holding his hand.

"…" Sean was silent as he was surprised. What could he be misunderstanding in this situation? A girl likes a boy and the male companion of the boy wants to help the girl. That's the most logical reason he can come up with.

"Listen Sean, I made an oath to my father that I will stay a… pure maiden." She said putting emphasis to the word 'pure maiden'.

"But aren't you already a pure maiden? Isn't your father already happy about that and ordered you to get over it already?" He asked completely oblivious to her feelings as Diana shook her head.

"No, it's more complicated than that. You wouldn't understand… you haven't made an oath with him." She said as Sean frowned… that's when an idea came into mind.

"Then let me set up one with you." He said as she holds her hand as she waited for her response.

"Eh? You want to… establish an oath with me?" She asked completely surprised as this was a first for her.

"Yes. I have never made an oath with someone else before but I want to make one with you using an old method I learned abroad." He said as they went inside the house and went straight into the kitchen.

"Let me prepare the items, you can sit down and relax." He said as he let go of her hand as she sat down. It didn't take long for Sean to prepare as he brought them to the table. The items are as follows: Wine, a bowl, 2 cups, a knife, a wiping cloth and a spoon.

"What is this?" She asked confused by the foreign objects in the table as Sean cleared his throat.

""Sandugo" or "Pacto de Sangre" is a form of ritual. Two individuals or leaders of a group were to go and drink their blood mixed in wine to form a promise or oath to one another." He explained as he poured the wine on the bowl.

"In this case, we just need to pour two or three drops of blood on the bowl like so." He said as he cuts his left wrist a bit as blood drips down to the bowl. Sean didn't even flinch as he cleaned his blood and closes his wound.

"Ano… I'm exactly in no position to make a ritual like this with you." She said as Sean just shook his head.

"Even if the oath is between me and Tenri it's fine since I'll be making the same oath with her." He pointed out as Diana nodded in understanding as she cuts her wrist which caused her to show a bit of a pained expression as a few drops of blood go to the bowl mixed with wine and Sean's own blood.

"Are you okay?" Sean asked worried as he passed the cloth he used to Diana as she accepts it and closes Tenri's wound.

"You don't have to worry about me. Anyways, what is your oath to me?" Diana asked curious as her wound healed as Sean smiled.

"I promise to have your father lift the oath you have made with him or at least have you married. My second promise is that I will completely obey you and will not let you waste your tears for me or for anyone unless it is important." He said embarrassed as Diana was completely red.


"How about you?" Sean asked as Diana thought about it.

"What can I promise you, Sean?" She asked as Sean just smiled.

"Anything, I don't really mind but this is an important process for me." He said as Diana nodded and continued to think of her oath to him.

"Then… I promise you that I will help you find a legitimate love interest as well in return for your help. It's the least I can do so you better accept it!" She said a bit embarrassed as Sean nodded. He then mixed the bowl with a spoon and shared it equally among the two cups.

"What does it taste like? Our blood?" Diana asked as Sean gave a puzzled look.

"Who knows…" And with that the two drank their cups in one gulp as they immediately went to get a drink of water.

"That was… really bad." Sean remarked as Diana nodded.

"I'm not quite sure if it was the blood or if the wine has gone bad." Diana pointed out as Sean has put all the items away.

"Well then, with this I hope our relationship will flourish. There is no turning back now." He said as Diana nodded.

"I am in your care… Sean." She said with a bow as Sean shakes his hands.

"Ah, no I should be the one saying that!" He said as he too took a bow.

"Please take care of me." He said as Diana nodded and agreed.

"I'll be seeing you later. If you have any problems pertaining Keima-san then come to me. If you want a shoulder to cry to or an ear to talk about your problems then you know where to find me." He said with a smile as he left. Diana proceeded to go to Tenri's room with a flustered face.

"I am beginning to understand… the reason why we have no wings." She silently said to herself as she switched back with Tenri who woke up and is confused on what happened.

"Should I got to hell and rescue Haqua? Or should I just stay put and wait for an opportunity to move? I'm just hoping that she hasn't been brainwashed yet." Sean hoped as everyone met up on the living room just in time for Elsie to go ahead and leave.

"Everyone, I want to reconnaissance. I want Koyuki and Hate to follow me and go back to the Enforcers to report about the incident we had earlier with a former student of ours." Keima suggested as Sean turned to Koyuki and Hate who nodded.

"Who were you up against?" I asked as Keima looks at him and back to the others.

"Fiore, I want you and… Beast to watch over Kanon for us." He ordered as Beast scoffed.

"Why should we follow your orders?" Beast asked as Sean turned and pleaded for him to comply.

"Fine, but I'll get bored easily so I want to partner up with Apathy instead. Can I?" He asked as Keima thought about it and was granted.

"That leaves only Fiore and Sean-kun. Can the two of you go and try to get into contact with Haqua? I haven't seen her for a while now." He requested as the two nodded and Keima proceeded to go upstairs.

"Koyuki, Hate, and I will be team Alpha then and we will continue start at 700 hours. Beast and Apathy, you will be team Beta and you start immediately so take care of Kanon. As for Fiore and Sean-kun, they will be the Special Ops team and will either get into contact with Haqua or save her from trouble. Try and not be too conspicuous." He ordered them as they nodded and went ahead with their job as Hate and Koyuki took their time.

Beast and Apathy immediately went to Kanon's room where Beast protects the front and Apathy in the shadows. Sean and Fiore went ahead and left to get in contact with Haqua as they left for New hell. Little did they know that they're journey there will change the fate of battle and get a new ally as well.

To be continued.