Okay my Supernatural fans, here is another Supernatural story for your viewing pleasure

Summary: Bobby sends Sam and Dean on a hunt in Queens, New York. There they meet a female hunter named Toni. Sam and Toni quickly fall in love, but Sam is still unsure of proceeding with another relationship after Jess.

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural. I only own any OC's that I add.

Warnings: Language and some graphic sex.

Two notes: 1) This is based off a fanfiction that I wrote for another site with a few changes. 2) I tried something new with this story: Each chapter will be a different character's POV. Please review and tell me how you like it.


Chapter 1: Sam

"Move your ass, Sammy." Dean called me on the other side of the bathroom door.

I stepped out of the bathroom, "What's the rush?"

"Bobby called; he has a hunt for us up in Queens, New York."

I followed Dean to the impala.

"What's the situation?" I asked curious.

Dean shrugged, "I don't know; Bobby just said that there's a hunt in Queens and that there is this hunter guy who needs our help."

"Hunter guy?"

"Yeah, Bobby said the hunter's name was Toni Jackson."

I nodded and got in the passenger seat, while Dean got behind the wheel.

"So Bobby didn't mention what the hunt was?"

"No, genius. Let's just hit Queens and hope the dude can tell us what we're up against."

I nodded and laid my head back. I needed a nap and I needed it badly. It had been a horrible week. The werewolf we had been hunting almost killed me. Besides I knew I should try to get sleep until Dean handed the wheel over to me. I feel into a deep sleep and surprisingly, dreamed of Jess. I hadn't thought about her in a long time. Soon I felt Dean shaking me awake.


"Dude, your turn to drive."

"Really, we've only been on the road for," I looked at my watch. "Four hours. Wow. I didn't realize I slept that long."

"Yup. So drive." Dean said getting out the driver's seat. I got out the car and switched spots with him.

"How's your arm?" Dean asked glancing at my left arm.


"You okay? You seem kinda distracted."

"No, I am fine," I said and started the car and continued driving toward Queens.

Dean leaned back and soon fell asleep. The silence allowed me to think. I was confused as to why I was thinking about Jess. I hadn't thought about her for years. I missed her so much, but in a way I was glad she was gone. Not that I didn't love, I did, but because I wouldn't want her to see me for what I am now. I continued to drive for another four hours and stopped at a gas station. Dean woke up suddenly.

"Where are we?"

"At a gas station. I need to get gas."

Dean nodded and went back to sleep. I wanted to wake him up to drive, but I didn't mind the driving. We made it into Queens by 8 the next morning. I was tired, but I was also hungry so I decided to pull up into the first diner I found. Besides Dean was awake and complaining about how hungry he was.

"Dude, you are always hungry."

"Yeah, well I am more hungry in the morning. Where are we?"

"At a diner, so you can get some food and perhaps hit on one or two of the waitresses," I said smiling.

Dean smiled, "I can do that."

We walked into the diner and were immediately seated at a table by the window.