Dear Simon,

If you are reading this, then I am dead. I was killed by a man named Tom Riddle... yes, the one who they are most likely now calling Voldemort. I am sorry I have dumped the twins on you, but I had no one else to turn to. The children are mine, mine and Lavan's... the girl is named Firenze, and the boy is named Bane. The book is important, it was given to me by our mother, who found it in the room of requirements. It is a book of every wizard spell ever used. I am sorry brother... I never meant for my life to end so early. I hope you can forgive me. Take care of them.. raise and protect them as if they were your own.

Love, Your sister

Christine Firestorm

Simon sat in his bed, scanning the letter again, he couldn't believe it had been twelve years, twelve long years of raising the two twins. He closed his eyes and took a well-deserved rest. He dreamed of her, remembering how much they had looked alike when they were younger. He remembered her long blonde hair and piercing green eyes, much like his own green eyes and short blonde hair.

Firenze lept out of bed, her two different colored eyes wide with excitement, the left eye was blue and the right one was green, her twin brother snoozed in a bed on the left side of the room. Her hair was as short as his, cut close to her head and spiked freely. Their faces were very similar, but if you stared for a long time you could tell, Firenze had softer, gentler features. They looked so very similar, no one ever seemed to notice. She grinned mischievously and lobbed a pillow at him from across the room. "Hey you lazy, get up!" she called

Bane grumbled and turned his blonde head away from her, waving his hand. "Later." He mumbled

"LATER?" Firenze belowed. "Come on! Today is when we get our wands!"

Bane sat up in his bed, the same mischievous grin on his face, matching Firenze's grin and excitement. "What do you think we should do when we get to Hogwarts?"

"Blow up some toilets!"

"I think we should flood the school with honey!"

"We could replace all the house elves with gnomes."

"Or we could release Cornish Pixies into the school."

"What about hexing people's pants off?"

"OOh! I like that one! Look up a hex for that in the book!"

Firenze picked up a small book and as soon as she touched it, the book opened to a particular page. "Okay it says to make clothing vanish say Evascio!"

Bane grinned "Lets go wake Simon."

Firenze grinned "how should we do it this time?"

"Dump a bucket of slugs over him?"

"Nah we did that last week, what if we put a Niffler in his bed."

"You will do nothing of the sort!" Simon appeared in the doorway, looking amuzed. "Are you two ready to go?"

"YESS!" Bane and Firenze said together, even their multi-colored eyes matched perfectly.

"All right. We are taking the Floo network." Simon said, he pointed his wand at the fireplace "Incendio!" A crackling fire appeared, and he grabbed a handful of Floo Powder. "Diagon Alley!" He vanished.

Bane and Firenze grinned, linked arms and threw a handful of Floo Powder into the flames. "Diagon Alley!" they chimed, and lept into the fireplace. With a tugging pulling sensation they were instantly in a shop in Diagon Alley.

"Where to first?" Bane asked exitedly

"WANDS!" Firenze pointed at Olivander's shop happily

"No, we are going to Gringotts first, we need money to buy your school books." Simon smiled

"To Gringotts!" the twins shouted together in harmony and ran forwards.

Simon laughed, loving their high energy and followed them into the wizard bank. He approached a rather ugly looking Goblin who had huge flopping ears and a smug nose, and handed him a small ivory key, carved to look like a small bone.

"Follow me." The goblin said, leading them into a huge door at the far end of Gringotts. It lead them to a large cart, and they all clambered in, it was a snug fit with the three of them. "Vault number 239." The goblin said, and the cart zoomed off violently.

The twins grinned as the cart zoomed through the dark cooridors. They looked around and at one moment, Firenze caught sight of a beautiful rush of bright fire, and nudging, Bane, she pointed at the dragon that hid in the shadows. "Awesome." Bane said, and their twin faces lit up with brightness. They enjoyed the rest of the cart ride into the depths of the bank. The cart came to a screeching halt in front of a large door. The door was silver and had a beautiful wolf carved into the front, the wolf was threatening, with teeth bared, and eyes gleaming an icy blue as a warning. The goblin approached and held the key up to the wolf's mouth, and the wolf bit down, its eyes closed and the door swung open widely to reveal several mounds of different types of money. The twins gathered a set amount each, and Simon gathered some as well, and they exited the vault, which the goblin re-sealed. The wolf returned to its original position of snarling wildly. They climbed back into the cart, which zoomed through the dark corridors again, dumping them out into the large room, and they walked out to Diagon Alley.

"Before we get your wands, lets stop at the pet store." Simon said gently, watching the two of them play around. "You may both choose one pet."

Firenze lead Bane into the pet shop and started off by poking a frog in a display case, and it hopped glumly away. Bane laughed at the frog's disdain and he wandered off, until Firenze picked up a large and hideous cat. It was huge, and mostly grey with a black hind end. "I shall name him Senior Fluffypants." She stated gleefully

"But it's a girl!" Bane interjected

"And your point?"

"Its ugly."


"It cant deliver notes."

"So what?"

"It smells."


"I thought you hated cats!"

"I do!"

"Then why get one?"

"Hey, Simon?"

"What?" Simon asked

"Can I get a moose?" Firenze grinned

"Absolutely not!" Simon cried out angrily

"That's why." Firenze said

"But you hate cats!"

"I don't hate cats, but I prefer dogs. Besides, if you tilt your head and squint your eyes, she looks like a Goblin!"

Bane tilted his head and squinted his eyes. "You're right! It does!"

"What are you getting?"

"A bat!"

"Like the animal?"

"No like the muggle stick!" Bane pretended to hit Firenze, then he picked out a black and orange bat. "His name shall be Count van' Bleh!"

"Bleh?" Firenze laughed

"Bleh!" Bane repeated





"That's enough please!" Simon said, massaging his temples. "Let's pay for your animals and get out of here!"

Firenze stepped out of the pet shop, the decrepit grey cat was in a cage at her side. She took a look at Bane, whose bat was snoozing in its cage. They grinned to each other and ran to Olivander's wand shop.

They entered the shop, placing their animals on the floor and looking around. Millions of boxes littered the shelves, all which had wands contained inside them. "Ah hello." A rather old man came into view, he had peircing blue eyes. "Ah, Simon Trimble! I remember fitting your wand, yes, 6 inches beachwood and hippogriff tail, very odd combination indeed." He looked down over at Firenze and Bane. "Ah..." he seemed about to say something, but changed his mind. " Okay, let's start with eleven inches oak and dragon heartstring." Bane touched it and a nearby shelf exploded, he handed it to Firenze and several wands flew off of another shelf. ", thats not right... lets see.."

The process of trying wands went on for hours, and the more wands the two of them tried, the cheerier Olivander became. He seemed not to care that they were destroying his shop. Simon had dozed off in the single chair in the room, and was snoring slightly.

"AHA!" he shouted, "perfect, 12 inches willow, containing the mane hair of a unicorn."

Bane waved the wand, a warmth gathered in his fingertips, and gold sparks shot out of the end. "ahahahaaa!" Olivander seemed delighted "yes, now for you, 12 inches yew, containing the mane hair of the same unicorn."

Firenze waved the wand and the shop window shattered.

"Ah, very curious, one tough customer indeed. It appears you are not meant to have partner wands." Olivander said. "I will be right back, I think I may have the perfect wand for you." He vanished into the back of the shop, muttering to himself.

"Firenze!" Bane beckoned her to a display case. She came over and looked in the case. In the case were several wands in different colors. One was white, pearly white and intricatley carved with a dragon up the side, the handle was wrapped in black silk. "Cool, right?" he asked. There was a wand next to it, a deep black, ridged and crooked, carved intricatley with a Basalisk. Firenze opened the display case and reached for the white wand, instinct burning in her veins and her fingers grabbed it and she felt a strange warmpth.

"Oh Dear.." Olivander said, as he returned with several boxes of wands, "That is not the wand for you, Miss Firestorm. Please, I would suggest putting it back."

Firenze brought the wand down, and it shot gold sparks from the tip. Olivander seemed shocked. "Dear me! I never expected to sell such a wand!"

"What?" Firenze asked, confused

"Your wand is a one of a kind creation. Made by Everett Troski. He was an adventurous man... and he was insane.. He made that wand out of the right fang of a hungarian horntail, and wrapped the handle in dementor silk. He made a second wand from a Basalisk's fang, and died when trying to make one from a unicorn's horn." Olivander said. "He would be proud to see someone has taken it."

Simon paid for their wands and they left the shop, Olivander watched them wander away, interest in his icy blue eyes.

The days till they would go to Hogwarts flew by with not much excitement, and they both readied themselves for the train. They both had matching sets of suitcases on wheels, they waved at Simon who looked at them proudly, and they passed through platform 9 ¾. He followed behind them and helped them place their trunks onto the train and he hugged each of them in turn. "Try not to blow the school up." He said jokingly.

Bane and Firenze exchanged a knowing look. "Okay Simon." They chimed. And the two of them both embraced him and zipped into the train, and sat next to eachother, the book of spells their mother had left for them open on their lap. They spoke in low, hushed tones.

"What if we-"

"Bloody Brilliant, and then-"

"Or we could-"

They were so absorbed in the book of spells, they did not notice when their compartment started to fill. Two young boys entered their compartment, chatting happily about Quidditch to each other. One had messy black hair and hazel eyes and wore glasses, he kept ruffling his hair as he talked. The other boy had straight black hair, and piercing grey eyes. After they entered a young girl with flaming red hair and green eyes joined them, a greasy black haired boy with a hook nose.

"You'd better be in Slytherin." the boy said pompously

"Slytherin?" Firenze spoke, her and Bane looked up from the spell book.

"Ruddy foul place don't you think?" Bane asked

"Nasty house."

"Full of Barmy old Codgers."

"If I were you-"

"I'd stay away from those gits." Bane and Firenze chimed together

The boy with glasses looked over at them with a sly smile. "Who wants to be in Slytherin? I think I'd leave, wouldnt you?"

"My whole family has been in Slytherin." The grey eyed boy said darkly, leaning back into his seat.

"Blimey! and I thought you seemed allright!" the boy with glasses said

"I am hoping to break the tradition." The grey-eyed boy grinned "Where are you all headed if you are given the choice?"

"We are hoping to be in Griffindor." Firenze said

"But we would settle for Ravenclaw."

"We would?"

"Nah." They chimed together, eyes glistening

The hook-nosed boy made a groaning sound, and the boy with glasses faced him. "Do you have a problem with Griffindor?"

"No." the hook-nosed boy sneered "If you'd rather be brawny then brainy.."

"Where do you plan to be sorted, seeing as you are neither?" The grey-eyed boy ginned

Firenze and Bane looked at each other and laughed, the boy with glasses joined them, and the grey-eyed boy winked over at the red-headed girl.

The red headed girl looked outraged. "Come on Severus. Lets leave these jerks alone and find another compartment."

"oooooooo..." The boy with glasses made kissy noises, then tried to trip the hook-nosed boy on the way out "Bye bye Snivellus!" he grinned as the compartment door slammed.

"That was brilliant!" Bane grinned

"Bloody brilliant!" Firenze's eyes sparkled

"I'm Bane Firestorm-"

"and I'm Firenze Firestorm."

"Sirius Black." The grey eyed boy smiled

"James Potter." The boy with glasses ruffled his hair. "So what are you reading?"

"Ah this?" Firenze asked holding up the spell book

"Its bloody brilliant." Bane grinned

"It has all sorts of useful spells."

"We plan on using it to create havoc around school!"

"For instance-"

"Bortanous!" Bane pointed his wand at James' face, and a weird flower jumped out of his wand, spitting ink in James' face, then vanishing into dust.

Sirius barked in laughter as James wiped the ink from his face. The cabin was silent as three sets of eyes stared at James, and they heaved into a fit of laughter.

"It wasn't that funny." James said, frowning

"Look-down." Sirius said between fits of laughter

James looked down and saw a nose, not just any nose, his nose, and it was tap dancing from random legs it had sprouted. James touched where his nose would be and burst into laughter.

"Here, the counter curse." Firenze said wiping her eyes "Rantsma!" The nose did a cartwheel, then a flip, and attached its self to his face again."

"You guys are hillarious!" Sirius laughed

"You two are going to go far!" James was laughing as well

Bane and Firenze stood up and bowed dramatically.

"Thank you, thank you!" Firenze said

"We will be here all week!" Bane smiled

"Blowing up toilets!"

"Sticking Bees down people's pants"

"And much much more!" They chimed together.

Sirius and James applauded gleefully

"Bravo!" James grinned

"Good show!" Sirius said

The compartment door slid open and two boys stood to face them. One looked very sickly, holding a book to his chest, and he had brown hair and blue eyes. The other looked slightly like a mouse and fiddled with his hands, his hair was a light brown color.

"C-can w-we s-sit h-here?" The mousy looking boy looked terrified and exited at the same time

"Sure, there's plenty of room in the most awesome compartment ever." James grinned "Who are you guys."

"I-I-I'm P-P-Peter P-P-Pettigrew." The mousy boy squeaked nervously.

"Remus Lupin." The ill-looking boy said blankly

"Well I'm James Potter!" He gestured to everyone as he said their names "This is Sirius Black, and those two over there are Firenze and Bane Firestorm."

Remus mumbled hi, and sat by the window, opening his book and burying himself inside it. Peter seemed to vanish, sitting on the edge of the car and smiling nervously to himself.

"So how are we supposed to tell you two apart?" Sirius asked Bane and Firenze

"Well, I'm the evil twin." Firenze grinned

"Oi! I thought we agreed that I was the evil one!" Bane protested

"Well then I'm better looking."

"We look the same."

"Not if I hex your hair out."

"You can't do that!"

"Yes I can, we both know I'm better at casting spells than you!"

"Are not!"

"Am so!"

"No your not."

"Yes-" Firenze was cut off by a low angry meow. "Shut up Senior Fluffypants!"

"What?" Sirius asked with a laugh, his eyebrow raised

"My cat." Firenze picked the cage up to show them Senior Fluffypants. "She is ugly, smells, and won't deliver notes, and I hate cats, but when you tilt your head and squint your eyes she looks like a Goblin!"

James and Sirius squinted and tilted their heads. "Bloody hell!" James grinned "the resemblance is uncanny!"

Firenze grinned and stuffed the cat back into the side compartment. "Bane I think you should show them Count Van' Bleh."

"Bleh?" Sirius asked, one eyebrow up

"Bleh!" Bane smiled, pulling the bat out of the compartment

"Cool!" James' eyes lit up exitedly

Bane shoved the bat back into the compartment unceremoniously.

The compartment slid open and a rather snobby looking older student glared down at them in disdain. She had Brown hair and eyes. "We are nearly there, you guys had better get changed."

Firenze stoood and took her school robes, heading fot the door. "Where are you going?" Sirius asked

"To the Loo, If you must know. Or do you want to be my mum and come check up on me?" Firenze retorted sharply

Bane, James, Peter, and even Remus snickered.

Firenze left with a flick of her short hair, and Sirius smirked. "Ugh, whatever." He said, and dressed in his robes, all of the boys dressed, and Firenze returned after they had, in her Hogwarts robes.


They all grinned out at each other with a bright look in their eyes. "I can't wait to be sorted." Firenze said as the train came to an abrupt halt.

"FIRST YEARS THIS WAY!" an old man with a hump back called, he was ugly and Had one eye bigger than the other.

"Igor... pull the lever..." Bane made a face.

Firenze and Remus laughed, but the others stared at him blankly.

"Whats an Igor?" Sirius asked

"Nevermind." Bane said

Sirius, James, Remus and Peter climbed into one boat together, leaving Bane and Firenze with the red-headed girl and the hook-nosed boy from the train. The boats traveled over a lake and lead to Hogwarts Castle.

The old man knocked on the door three times. and the door swung open. Before them a very pretty woman stood. She had black hair and wore green robes, and had small glasses. She had a stern face as she observed them all. "Come along and follow me first years." She said, and lead them to a large hall, where they sat in front of a small stool where an odd hat sat.

The hat on the stool moved and started to sing.

Oh Hey and Welcome First Years

To Hogwarts the school of magic

I hope you learn alot here

Because If you don't that would be tragic

If you are strong and unyeilding

If you are brave at heart

If you have alot of chivalry

Griffindor will be your start

If you are as smart as sin

If you pour into your studies

If you get the best of grades

Ravenclaw is where you will find your buddies

If you are loyal and kind

If you are friendly and sweet

If you protect your friends at all costs

Hufflepuff's where you'll find your seat

If you are very ambitious

If you do all you can to win

If you are perhaps a tiny bit sly

Slytherin is where you'll begin

So come along and put me on

I swear I will not bite

I only want to read your mind

And place you in a house tonight

I will place you in your rightful place

Sort you in the house you belong

It's kind of my business to say these things

And that is the end of my song

The great hall applauded gleefully, and McGonagall started the roll call, in alphabetical order. Firenze and Bane were so exited, they hardly listened to the hat yelling out the individual houses. Before they knew it, it was their turn.

"Firestorm, Bane?" McGonagall said

Bane grinned and sauntered over to the hat, putting it on his head, and the hat began to talk to him.

"Brave, humorous, the blood of a troublemaker, not a bad mind, very mischievous indeed, ambition as well, I think you should be in GRIFFINDOR!" The hat shouted the last word, and Bane grinned and walked over to the table, his mismatched eyes gleaming

"Firestorm, Firenze?" McGonagall called

Firenze grinned excitedly and jammed the hat on her head.

"Fearless, but gentle at heart, slight temper, humorous like your brother, I see the blood of a troublemaker runs in your veins as well, your mind is your best feature, so much untapped potential...I would place you in Ravenclaw, but who am I to break up you and your brother, you value that bond above all... alright then.. GRIFFINDOR!"

Firenze grinned and joined her brother, they high-fived ecstatically, joining Sirius at the table, and not long after, Peter, Remus, and James joined them. Lastly the red-headed girl from the train joined them, and the hook-nosed boy went to Slytherin's table.

"What did the hat say to you?" Bane asked

"It said I am the brains of this operation." Firenze grinned

"Shows how much it knows."

"I'm smarter than you."

"Shut it!"

"You are jealous of my smartness!"

"Am not!"

"Are SO!"


"I'm smarter, and you know it!" Firenze stuck out her tongue childishly
"That makes you the nerdy one!" Bane retorted

"No! Because I never am going to study!"

"Shut it you two." the girl with red hair glared over at them "Don't you ever stop fighting?"





"Never." They both chimed with eyes gleaming.

The red-headed girl turned away looking annoyed, and the headmaster of the school stood up and cleared his throat. He was an elderly man with long silver hair and a long silver beard. He had twinkling blue eyes and wore half-moon spectacles. "Welcome to another exiting year of Hogwarts. I have been told by Mister Filch to remind you all that the forest on the grounds is off-limits. I also must tell you that no magic is allowed in the hallways after or between class. Quidditch trials will be held in the second week of term, anyone wishing to try out should contact Madam Hooch. Ah, and this year there is a tree on grounds called the Whomping Willow. It is very touchy and will smack you if you go close to it, so I will advise for everyone to stay away from it. And now, a few choice words to leave you with, Grapes, Humdinger, and Toingshin!" He sat down, a huge smile on his face, and everyone applauded him while laughing.