HEY EVERYONE! I'm back and writing! Here's the deal: my first fanfiction I ever wrote was for MTR and was NO FUTURE. This was when I was in eighth grade. I am now in 11th grade and was looking back over this and was like "Man, thats everything I dont like in MTR fanfictions and I had a good idea but got lazy and didnt do it right." My solution? Re write it. The only thing is that it is pracitcally a completely different story. That makes me happy. So here it is. If you have read NO FUTURE, let me know how they compare and which is better. If you havent, dont worry, you're not missing anything. So here is SAVING THEIR FRIEND! Keep moving forward and DFTBA!

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-Chapter 1: Keep Moving Forward?-

Wilbur lay across his bed staring at the ceiling. He listened silently as his dad picked up the ringing phone down the hall. He counted down the seconds as from the time his dad answered: three… two… one…

"What?" Wilbur jumped a little even though he had been mentally prepared for the outburst since one in the morning. He took a few steadying breaths to calm himself as he got dressed. He did so slowly as he focused on trying to make his hands stop shaking. He had just finished slipping his shoes on when Carl, the robot, came bursting through the room. He slammed it shut behind him and tried to barricade the door with himself. His LED eyes were wild as they darted around the room until they found Wilbur, "Oh man, we're in for it now little buddy!"

Wilbur rolled his eyes, "Carl, you didn't do anything."

"Exactly my point," Carl said as he started to place a chair blocking the door. "I should have done something. Then the prototype your dad was working on would still be with us. By the way, did you ever find out what the prototype was exactly?"

Wilbur shook his head no as his eyes shifted towards the door. He could hear his mother's footsteps hurry by as she raced to see what was the matter. He could also hear the indistinguishable argument that was taking place between his mother and father as they ran through the house, looking for something that was never going to be found. Wilbur started to calculate his possible escape routes. He could just climb out the window, or he could…

THUMP! Wilbur was drawn back from his plans as Mr. Robinson called to his son, "Wilbur Matthew Robinson, you have exactly one minute to get dressed and out here before I send the whole family in there to get you!"

After waiting to hear the angry footsteps lead away from his room, Wilbur glared at Carl, "You didn't say anything to them did you?"

Carl wrung his hands nervously and tried to avoid the death stare the teen was aiming at him, "I didn't say anything about the fact that you snuck out to go to the party your parents told you specifically not to go to, if that's what you are asking."

"Let me rephrase the question," Wilbur sighed without letting his stare drop. "What did you tell them?"

Carl slowly started to walk away from Wilbur, "Well, your father asked if I knew where the prototype was, and I said yes. But that it was gone until he makes another. Then we would both know where the prototype is... will be…"

"Carl, that's just as bad." Wilbur stopped glaring and started to pace. He ran his hand through his hair, a habit he picked up from his father, but was only seen in times of extreme stress. "There has to be a way out of this… I could use the time…"

"Machine," Carl interrupted, "Yeah no. First thing your dad did was change the code to the garage and he amped up security."

"Or I could…" Wilbur started again.

BANG! Cornelius Robinson literally kicked down the door to his son's room. For a geek in a lab coat, Wilbur had to admit that his father looked pretty bad ass doing that. Carl shrieked and ran into the nearest closet. Mr. Robinson grabbed Wilbur by the ear and dragged him down the hall and into the empty music room. There they met Franny who looked like she was just about ready to kill her only son. Cornelius closed the door, toed Wilbur to the small couch and walked over to Franny's side.

"Look, we think we know most of what happened. So spill."

Wilbur studied his parents closely. His father's face was burning with anger and Franny was giving Wilbur a death stare frighteningly similar to the one Wilbur had just given Carl. There was no hope of talking his way out of this without any consequences. It was best to be truthful and "face the music".

Wilbur shuffled his feet and mumbled, "What do you already know?"

"Where to start?" Cornelius asked exasperated, "At nine last night you snuck out to that unsupervised party we told you specifically not to go to. For some reason you thought it would be cool to bring along a prototype I was working on. While at the party, you turned my prototype on and it combusted. Long story short, it caught the house on fire. And to make your mother and I even less happy, there is evidence that there was alcohol at the party! What were you thinking?"

Wilbur sat there quietly. The short answer was that he was thinking that it sounded like fun at the time. But admittedly it was a stupid move in the end. For the record, he hadn't turned on the prototype, someone else did but he didn't know who. And he didn't drink anything; his job was to make sure that everyone got home alright. But the fact of the matter remains that he was there none the less. And his parents were correct, except for blaming him for everything. It wasn't his entire fault. But he didn't want to get everyone in trouble.

Wilbur didn't dare start speaking freely at first. He always seemed to give the same spiel to his parents. It was to the point where it almost seemed rehearsed.

"Okay, I did do all of those things you said," Wilbur admitted after a minute. "I was wrong; it was a stupid idea to sneak off to the party. It won't happen again. I'll pay to replace or repair all damages." So much for not using the same old lines, he thought.

Cornelius shook his head sadly, "It's not that simple, Wilbur. You say you're sorry, you pay to fix the damages, and you say it won't happen again. But it doesn't seem to matter, it happens anyway."

"What do you want us to do with you?" Franny asked as she sat down next to her son. She gently put her hand on his shoulder and for some reason, this kind gesture bothered the teenager. From all of the times that she had done this, Wilbur knew what it meant and what his mother couldn't seem to find the words to say. It meant that she felt sorry for him, for his situation. But it also meant that, for some reason or another, she felt like she wasn't doing enough for her son. She had done everything she was supposed to; both of his parents had. Sure he had made mistakes, but don't all teenagers? And hadn't his parents instilled in him that from failure you learn?

"Well Wilbur?" asked sternly. Wilbur looked into the blue eyes and could tell that his father was not only annoyed, but he was also exhausted. This could make disaster occur faster for Wilbur if he wasn't ready. Panic started to swell inside of him.

"How about we just keep moving forward?" Wilbur regretted the words as soon as they left his lips. The last three words seemed to hang in the air causing the atmosphere to become a more hostile. Cornelius turned away and muttered something under his breath as he took his glasses off and began to clean them on his lab coat. Franny sighed and just shook her head slowly, "We could move forward if you learned from your past mistakes. We can't keep going through this. Something has to change…"

"I didn't mean for anything to happen," Wilbur interrupted. "Can you just tell me what my punishment is for sneaking out of the house?"

Cornelius sighed, "What's today's date?" Wilbur rolled his eyes. This was how his father seemed to dish out punishments based off of the dates when he was too tired or if all of his attention was with a project.

Wilbur looked at his mother and noticed a sudden change in the room. Franny looked at her hands, "It's October 9th." Silence followed as the two adults stared at the floor.

"Wilbur, go get ready for school."

Wilbur stared in disbelief at his father. Did he seriously just blow off his son's punishment? Not that Wilbur wanted to be punished, but this seemed… strange.

"Dad, are you…"

"Wilbur, go do as your father asked," Franny snapped. Wilbur didn't need to be told twice. He bolted for the door but not before looking at the clock, he was going to be late if he didn't hurry. As soon as he was out the door, Wilbur collided with Carl.

"Carl, what are you doing?"

"I… uh… I came to make sure you get to school!"

Wilbur looked at the robot suspiciously but went on his way to pick up his back pack from his room. Carl followed him "So what…"

"I got off the hook," Wilbur answered as he flung his bag over his shoulder. "And I have no idea how that happened, before you ask."

Carl followed Wilbur to the door and handed the kid his lunch. Wilbur accepted the lunch knowing full well that when he got to school he would end up putting it in the band room for whichever kid ended up deciding that losing their lunch was better than losing their underwear.

Wilbur walked down the walkway to the street and waited for the bus. Hopefully at school, things would make more sense.

Once at school, Wilbur realized that things were normal. He reached school with five minutes before the bell. He entered through the back entrance and dropped off the lunch in the band room with a typed note that read, "Sorry they're all jerks." He slipped out and made his way to his locker. He was met by the usual crowd: the girls all wearing matching cheerleading uniforms, the guys all standing around talking about the big game coming up. He just nodded in acknowledgement to all of the teens trying to catch his attention with a smile. Wilbur grabbed his books and closed his locker. He turned around went to class, walking through the door right as the bell rang.

The balding chemistry teacher walked into the classroom and started rambling about who knows what. Wilbur sat there and smiled as a note was passed to him from one of the guys in the class: "So how much trouble are you in?"

Wilbur scribbled back "I don't know."

Another hand writer came into the conversation somewhere in between the passing of the note: "How do you not know?"

"My parents were acting weird and just didn't ground me or anything."

"Man, I wish I was that lucky. I got grounded and, man, am I dealing with a hang over."

"That's rough man. James didn't even show up today."

"I wouldn't be surprised if his parents locked him up or something in his basement."

"Well, Wilbur?" The teacher said a bit louder. Wilbur slipped the note into the middle of his binder and looked at the teacher blankly. The teacher rolled his eyes and restated the question that he had apparently asked more than once already. "What major development in medicine has Robinson Industries come up with most recently?"

Wilbur sat there awkwardly for a moment, fully aware that all of the eyes in the class room were on him, "I don't know. My dad hasn't been home a whole lot, which now makes sense. But I haven't talked to him about his work in a while."

"I see," the teacher said. "Well, they have recently developed a cure for leukemia. Millions of lives will be saved because the research department found that…"

Wilbur started to tune out the teacher once again. He didn't need to be told all of the ways that his father's company was amazing. He already knew the man behind it all better than most people could imagine. He didn't need to hear a teacher speculating as to why his father did anything, unless it was why his father was acting so strange this morning.


Cornelius Robinson walked through the halls of Robinson Industries as a man on a mission. A man on a mission to get to his office without being stopped by anyone for any reason. He knew that they all wanted to congratulate him for finding the cure to leukemia. Whatever.

He reached the office and brushed past the secretary who was literally tangled in wires that belonged to… something. Cornelius walked into his office and slammed the door close. He picked up the phone and gave the command "Call home." He ran his hands through his hair as he waited for the phone to finish ringing.

"So I heard you found a cure for cancer," Franny's voice said lightly through the phone when she answered it.

Cornelius couldn't help but smile at the sound of his wife's voice, "thank you, thank you, hold your applause, I'll take my noble prize now," he joked.

Franny's laugh rang through the phone, "Do you feel better now?"

"Not really," Mr. Robinson sighed. "But what can I expect? Its not like I have a way to bring her back to us. Well…" he corrected as he thought of the secret hidden in his garage, "not a way that would work."

"But at least you have helped others that could have suffered from the same fate," Franny reminded him gently.

Cornelius sighed, "You're right. It's funny, but you would think that after thirty years we wouldn't be so upset."

"I know," Franny sighed. "But you know we just have to…"

"Keep moving forward," Cornelius finished. "You're right. What are we having for dinner?"

"Whatever you want."

"When's dinner?"

"Whenever you get home," Franny laughed, "But remember that we need to deal with a certain son of ours. We let him off the hook earlier. Any ideas of what to do with him?"

Mr. Robinson smiled as he looked outside his large window into the blue sky, "Oh, I think I have an idea."


Well that's that. If you were curious, this was like three chapters worth of No Future. Plus things that have never been on a page before by me because, as I have said, No Future was a good attempt but not that great. So yeah. PLEASE REVEIW! Tell me what you think! Ask me questions! Keep moving forward, DFTBA, and REVEIW! :D