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-Chapter 13: Figuring it out-

Cornelius Robinson sat down in the still empty park on an old wooden bench. Looking up at the sky he could see the approaching dawn starting to peak out from behind the cityscape. The cool breeze snuck its way through the air whistling through the streets. The middle aged man couldn't help but smile. This was, in more ways than one, his city.

A tall, thin man sat down next to him and handed him a cup of coffee, "Robinson, of all of the times you could have called, you just had to call in the middle of the night."

Cornelius smiled, "Hopefully I didn't wake you…"

Goob smiled, "Well it's not like I'm not used to it. After all of those years of being roommates I'm used to you keeping me up with some crazy idea. But for the record, no I was already up. Little Dominic had gotten up because of nightmares and Lizzie had wanted to sleep so I was on Daddy Dutty."

"You still coaching Dominic's little league," Robinson asked as he sipped his coffee.

"Yeah. Its been fun," Goob nodded. "But I have a feeling that that's not why you called me here. What do you need?"

"A favor."

"Very helpful. Care to be more specific?"

Cornelius looked around making sure they were alone, "I have someone who needs your help. Or more accurately, she needs the help of your friends."

Goob sipped his coffee, "My 'friends' that I helped the FBI bust all of those years ago?"

"Yeah, them." Mr. Robinson shifted uncomfortably. This plan was a huge risk after all. If anyone started to look into this, then there would be hell to pay.

Goob however had mastered keeping his cool while talking about his sensitive intel. "I see. Need someone to disappear or what?"

Cornelius swallowed and looked at his coffee cup, studying the Michael's Coffee label on the front. "A friend of mine has currently found herself in a situation where she needs the paperwork to appear."

"Do we need to create her from scratch?"

"No, she has a name and a birthday and all of that already created. She wanted to create it herself so that it would be easier to remember."

"I see."

After an awkward silence, Cornelius said in a hurry "Of course you understand that there can't be any questions asked…"

"Of course," Goob said with a reassuring smile.

"Think you can help us out?"

"I'll see what my friends say, but I imagine they'll be quite helpful."

"Great. Any idea how much this will cost? I know normally this costs an arm and a le.."

Goob put a hand up to stop the inventor, "Don't worry about it. They owe me a few favors and I owe you a few, so consider it good."

Mr. Robinson smiled, "You're a life saver Goob."

Goob stood up and smiled back, "I'll be in touch."

-Back in the hospital-

Wilbur sat in his hospital bed staring at the ceiling. Quite honestly he was tired of being stuck in one room. Concussion or no concussion he had to find something to do. Grabbing the rack that had the monitor and fluids which were connected to him, Wilbur pulled himself out of bed. It took him a second to balance himself.

Wilbur looked at the clock. It was really early in the morning, so nothing was supposedly going on. But of course, when nothing should be going on, whatever what was going on was sure to be interesting.

Wilbur poked his head in the hallway. He glanced over at the nurse's station and couldn't help but smile. There was a nurse with his feet propped up on the desk and snoring loudly. Clearly no one thought that the young Robinson would be at risk of hurting himself. Or maybe they thought that he would actually stay put for once.

"Where do you think you are going," a harsh whisper came from behind him startling the boy. He turned around and saw Carl glaring him. So this is why they weren't concerned about him getting into trouble, Carl was in charge.

"I'm just going to take a look around. No need to get all huffy."

"You cant go see Violet, if that's what you are thinking. Besides, she's in ICU. Now get back in the room."

Wilbur eye's sparked, "I wasn't planning on going to find her, but now that you mention it, that sounds like a wonderful idea." He started walking away from the room and towards the doors which lead to other parts of the hospital. He turned around, "Come on Carl."

Carl's eyes darted back and forth as he debated it for a moment. He followed; deciding that he couldn't just let the boy wander around the hospital. Besides, this was a good cause, wasn't it?

Wilbur walked through the building like he owned the place, turning down various hallways and passing through many doors. "Do you have any idea where you are going?" Carl asked after a moment.

"Nope," Wilbur admitted. "But if you act like you know where you are going, people don't stop you and ask questions."

"But if you are trying to go see Violet, shouldn't you be trying to get where she is?"

Wilbur turned to face his golden friend, "Do you know where she is?"

Carl smiled and ruffled Wilbur's dark hair, "Yeah, come on little buddy."

Carl lead Wilbur through the halls, thankful that he had just received an update that gave him the blueprints of the building. Carl kept looking at his friend, trying to get a read on his thoughts. Wilbur clearly was tired, but that was expected. However Wilbur's dark eyes seemed to be trying to convey some type of message. Was it worry or frustration or patience? That was hard to tell.

"We're here" Carl said finally as they sneaked in the door to the ICU. Oddly enough, the nurses' station wasn't occupied. "Looks a bit strange not seeing anyone here."

Wilbur shrugged, "maybe they're just understaffed at the moment."

Carl's eyes scanned the hallway looking for some indication of where things were. Directly on their left was Violet's room. He nodded in the room's direction, "You go ahead in. I'm going to see what's going on. I can go turn on some of the hospital's receptionist robots if they need them. They might have been too busy to do it themselves."

Wilbur nodded but said nothing. "You okay?" Carl asked.


-In Violet's Room-

Violet stared at the ceiling breathing heavily and trying to clear her mind. She wasn't allowing herself to think about her predicament. Either this was one crazy hallucination or… nope, she wasn't going to think about it.

Just think about it though: a future that she never thought exist was there, right in front of her. The possibilities were endless here in this new world. She could tell just by looking around the room that there had been countless advances in technology within the thirty year gap. The world had completely changed in the relatively short amount of time. If she was feeling herself she would go look around. But currently she wasn't going to go anywhere any time soon.

Violet heard the door creak open slowly. She ignored it at first, thinking it was just the doctors to check on her and seeing how she was doing.


Her eyes shot open and gave a small smile, "hey there Wilbur. How are you?"

Wilbur looked around at the machine's hooked up to his friends and swallowed hard, "I'm doing good. How about you?"

"Oh, you know, just peachy."

Wilbur nodded, he wasn't sure what to say. All of the wires and tubes had thrown him for a loop. She looked so small and helpless lying there. Wilbur could see why his parents had found it hard to talk about seeing her like this. They hadn't known what to say. It also explained why Cornelius had felt the overwhelming urge to find a cure. Just looking at her, you couldn't help but feel the need to have to do something. And Wilbur had only been dealing with this recently. His parents had been tortured with seeing her like that in their minds for thirty years.

"Can I ask you a question?" Violet asked, bringing Wilbur back from his thoughts.


"If this is the future, has the portal gun been created?"

Wilbur looked at her quizzically, "Huh? What the heck is a portal gun?"

Violet laughed, "Never mind. You answered the question."

"How do you do it?"

"Do what?"

Wilbur shrugged, "How are you not scared? I mean, what is half of this stuff anyway?"

"You're the future boy, you tell me," Violet sighed. "I don't know what specifically they are doing, but I do know that I trust Lewis and whatever it is that he thinks will work is worth a shot."

"So they are going to try and cure you?" Wilbur said kind of surprised.

"So it seems."

Wilbur laughed. "So the guy who says I can't change the course of time is going to go change the course of time? That's my dad for you."

"How is it? Having Lewis and Franny as parents."

Wilbur pulled a chair up next to the bed and sat down. "Well, it's never boring I'll tell you that much." Violet turned and looked at him expectantly. "Well, dad is very… very well talented and that is recognized now worldwide. He's in charge of Robinson Industries where they mass produce his inventions. If you see it, he probably had some connections in making it. And mom is a sensation because; you guessed it, the frog thing worked."

"It's not as bad as people think, it's not like they neglect me or spoil me. I have had the chance to get to meet people that other kids only dream of ever meeting, but its not like I am constantly meeting new people either. But in the end, since I get to meet these high people of society and our family is constantly under someone's watch my parents are tough. If I mess up, they make sure I know it. But I know that they do it because they love me and want what's best."

"Plus they are my best friends. They always make time for me. My dad has been there for every sporting event, my mom has been there for every homework question. And they haven't forced me into being like them. I don't have to be a science whiz or a musical genius to get their approval. I just always have to try my best and live up to my best. I wouldn't trade my parents for anything in the world."

"Do you get to play with the inventions?" Violet asked. "I mean, come on, if he's creating so much do you get the latest gadgets?"

Wilbur laughed, "No, I don't get any of those benefits. I'm not even allowed in the lab. If I want a new invention I have to wait just like everyone else. Although I do get some idea of what he's working on sometimes when he needs help talking things out. If I touch it before I'm allowed, I'm grounded."

"When was the last time that happened?"


"You're grounded now, aren't you?"

Wilbur sighed. "Technically, yes. Although to be honest I'm not sure if my parent remember that…"

Violet asked "what did you do?"

"I took my dad's project to a party. Some idiot turned it on and it had catastrophic failure. Needless to say that my parents weren't too happy about that."

"I imagine not," Violet agreed. "Are they figuring out what caused the failure?"

"I assume so." Wilbur yawned "Dad hasn't said much about it. I've kind of created other things for him to worry about for the time being. I haven't had a chance to ask about it. Hopefully it's going well."

-Robinson Industries-

Cornelius walked through the doors of his corporate office and immediately regretted it. As soon as he got five feet in, a swarm of people surrounded him. Soon Rachel pushed her way through the crowd and Cornelius raised his arm high, causing everyone to respectfully fall silent. "I apologize that I was unreachable earlier, but there was a family emergency. Right now I can't address every problem if everyone is talking at once. Call my office, make an appointment for later today. Thank you."

The crowd seemed to then run away, off to their phones to make the appointment. Hannah was going to kill him later for creating that huge wave of phone calls. Surprisingly, Rachel remained right in front of him, looking annoyed.

"What is it Rachel?"

"Sir, we have a huge problem…"