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Beck Oliver was the first person able to get Jade to dance. I watched them dancing through the patio windows, watched them dancing the same way Jade's mother and I used to dance. They were gazing into each other's eyes, seeming to be lost in the moment; they were so much in love that they seemed to be alone out there, like no one else was in the world.

Not long ago I was enough for Jade; she always used to tell me how I was her number one. Jade had grown up a lot in the last few years; she matured and changed in ways I'd probably never understand but she still means the world to me.

Time changes everything, people and life must go on. If they wanted to marry when they're older I wasn't going to stand in their way but I was the one who loved her first. I held her in my arms before he did. A special part in my heart will always belong to my little Jade. I prayed that she'd find someone like Beck, someone protective and caring, he is everything Jade needs, and he's perfect for her even if it is hard for me to give her away.

How could that beautiful woman dancing with him be that same freckle face kid that I knew? The same little girl I had read all of those fairy tales to, the same little girl I had tucked into bed all those nights. The first time Jade had brought Beck home, I knew it was only a matter of time.

There is one thing I know for sure: despite Jade's snappy attitude, she would always be my little girl, my little angel sent from heaven. In all that I've done wrong in my life I must have done something right to deserve a daughter like her.

This is a short one shot about Jade and Beck (from Jade's dads perspective) I hope you liked it.

I just need to add something about Forgotten Forevers for those wondering about it:

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