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Hinata Hyugga was thought of as the most innocent person in the village, but how wrong was everyone. She was currently in a nightclub under a henge of a simple civilian girl. She was wearing a really short skirt and a shirt that stuck to her like a second skin. It was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra under the shirt. Hinata saw five guys watching her like a hawk and she sauntered over to them.

"Hello boys." Hinata purred seductively as she dropped her purse. "Opps." She purred and turned around and bent to pick it up and gave the five guys a perfect view of her ass. They saw that she had a buttplug in her ass while she had a dildo stuffed into her pussy. "My name is Hikari what is yours?" Hinata asked.

"How about I tell you after a dance?" One of the guys asked as Hinata saw the bulge in his pants and she licked her lips.

"Sure let me get ready." Hinata told him as she turned so her back was to the men and she reached and pulled the buttplug out of her ass and placed it into her purse. "Hmm now I am ready." She said seductively as she grabbed his hand and brought him to the crowded dance floor and she slowly started to grind into him. Hinata reached a hand down between the two and unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. 'It is so big… at least a foot.' Hinata thought as she lined it up and pushed his cock into her ass the two moaned as it went in but was unheard by everyone because of the blasting music. Once at the base Hinata started to grind against him again. Hinata reached behind her and brought the man's head closer to her mouth. "How does it feel?"

"You are so hot." He groaned out as Hinata increased her grinding and she felt him shot his cum deep into her ass. Hinata grabbed his hands while she clenched her ass and started to pull him towards his friends. Once there she bent down into her purse giving the mans friends a clear view of her stuffed ass. She pulled out the buttplug and pull the man out of her ass and pushed the buttplug into it.

"So what is your names?" Hinata asked.

"I am Shinji." The man that just came in her ass told her. "These are my friends Moji, Mora, Kenji, and Kei." Shinji told her.

"Do you five want to go somewhere more private?" Hinata asked as they nodded eagerly and led her out of the club.

Twenty Minutes Later

Hinata was at a motel and was stripping slowly in front of the five guys. They couldn't wait and grabbed her and ripped her clothing off. They saw the massive dildo stuffed into her pussy and Shinji went to take it out but Hinata stopped him. "Sorry boys but that hole is off limits." Hinata told them seriously.

"Fine my me your ass was amazing." Shinji told her as he ripped the buttplug out of her making her moan and squeal at the same time. He watched as some of his cum that he shot into her drip out. Shinji laid on his back and pulled Hinata onto his stomach and rammed his cock into her ass making her moan. He started to fuck her ass at a fast pace making her moans louder.

"Add another one!" Hinata begged as she moaned. She released an ear shattering scream as another twelve inch cock entered her already stuffed ass. "Oh god." She moaned out as the two started to fuck her harder. 'They are so big.' Hinata thought with a moan as her mouth was sudden stuffed with another massive cock. Her muffled moans were turning them on even more.

"Ugh I am about to cum." Shinji moaned as he pulled out the dildo that was in her pussy. Hinata forced the cock in her mouth out of it.

"I said you can't fuck that hole!" Hinata told him.

"Don't worry I am not." Shinji told her with a smirk as he pulled her pussy lips apart and shot his load into it with a moan. Hinata gasped at the scolding hot cum coating her walls. Shinji slammed the dildo back into her making her moan out loudly as the man entered her mouth again. 'Man she is such a slut.' He thought as he saw Kei slip underneath her and started to slam into Hinata's ass.

Hinata's eyes snapped open when she felt the man fucking her mouth roughly cum into her mouth. "Oh god her mouth was fucking amazing!" Mora exclaimed.

Hinata felt the wetness in her pussy increase begging her to give it attention. 'Oh god I want them to fuck my pussy hard.' Hinata thought with a moan as she felt one of the people fucking her ass blow their load into it. 'But I want Naruto-kun to be the first one to fuck my pussy.' She thought. 'But with that toy in your pussy I am sure he wouldn't know if you fucked a few guys.' Hinata heard a voice say. 'You know the pleasure you got from him blowing his load into your pussy from outside made you hornier imagine if he came in your pussy.' The voice added as Hinata moaned loudly again as the two in her ass started to speed up. 'But Naruto-kun…' Hinata began. 'Isn't here.' The voice finished as Hinata's muscles tightened as ger orgasm hit her hard making her scream in pleasure. She felt the two cocks in her ass release their loads into her ass. Hinata moaned again as the two guys pulled out of her stretched ass. "That felt amazing." Hinata said as she reached into her ass and scooped the cum out and started to drink it. "Hmm tasty." Hinata moaned out. She pulled the dildo out of herself and reached her hand into it and scooped some more cum out and drank it too. She looked up to see that all five cocks were at full attention again. 'Let them fuck your pussy.' The voice begged. "Come fuck me." Hinata begged as she felt one enter her ass and a second one about to but she grabbed it right before he slammed into her and put it in front of her pussy and moaned as he slammed all the way into her. Hinata moaned loudly as the two started to fuck her hard.

"Oh my god her pussy is so amazing." Kei moaned as he increased his speed making her moans louder. He slammed all the way into Hinata and entered her womb making her orgasm again tightening on the two men making them cum with her. She felt the rush of cum enter her and felt warm inside. Right as the two pulled out Hinata felt two more slam into her sensitive holes making her groan out as they fucked her again.

'God they have so much stamina.' She thought. 'I don't know if I will be able to handle much more.' Hinata thought as she groaned again as they rammed into her a lot of force. She felt her muscles tighten again as she orgasmed making the two guys come in her again. "I… don't… know… if… I… can… go… again." Hinata panted out as the cum poured out of her stretched ass and pussy. Shinji moved her up the bed as she slowly succumbed to unconsciousness.

'Damn Ero-sennin was right it is always the quiet ones who are nympho's.' Shinji thought as the other four men disappeared in puffs of smoke.