Chapter Three

Hinata and Kiba were on a duo mission and were on their way back. Every few minutes Hinata heard Kiba sigh and it was getting on nerves. He sighed again and Hinata twitched. "What is wrong with you?" she demanded angrily.

"Sorry it is just…" Kiba said while looking down and away with a blush. Hinata looked at him with a critical eye and saw the bulge in his pants.

"You are horny." She said matter of factly while Kiba nodded. "You won't shut up till you are relieved." She added as he nodded again. "Fine come on." Hinata said shocking him and leapt towards the ground. She landed gracefully. "You can fuck my asshole until you are fine again." Hinata said as she pulled her pants down and bent forward. She looked over her shoulder to see Kiba gapping at her. "If you don't hurry I will leave you here."

"Well Hinata-chan I don't want to stick it in dry." Kiba said with a blush as Hinata turned around and crossed her arms and soon stripped her shirt off and showed her rather large breasts to him.

"Just remember Kiba if you even breath a word of this to anyone I will tell everyone that you had sex with Akamaru-kun." Hinata threatened as Kiba looked shocked. "And coming from me they will believe me." She added before she looked down and smirked when she saw his nine inch long cock.

"Big isn't it?" Kiba asked cockily.

"I have had sex with Naruto-kun." Hinata said pointedly. "His is twelve inches long and about as wide as my fist." Hinata told him as Kiba's mouth dropped open in shock. "I'll have to heal my asshole so I can get pleasure from you but that is fine by me." She added before taking his nine inch cock into her mouth and down her throat. "How many times can you cum?" she asked after pulling him out of her mouth.

"Four… five times." Kiba said as Hinata nodded before swallowing his cock again and moaned at the taste.

'Not as good as Naruto-kun's… but still tasty.' Hinata thought as she continued to give him head. She brought her hand up and cupped his balls and channeled a little chakra into them. 'Heh that should do it.' Hinata thought with a smirk as she continued to bob her head she pulled him out of her mouth and a line of spit connected his cock to her lips. "There that should be good enough." Hinata said as she turned around on his hands and knees. "Fuck my ass now." She ordered as she ran a hand over her ass and felt her asshole tighten.

"If you say so Hinata-chan." Kiba said as he put the head of his cock to her puckered asshole. She moaned when he force the tip of his cock into her asshole. He didn't wait and thrust deeply into Hinata making her squeak at the sudden intrusion. Kiba instantly pulled out and rammed back into her making her moan loudly.

'I wonder if Naruto-kun will fuck me in public like he said… it was only bad luck that I had a mission to go on.' Hinata thought as she thrust against Kiba's hips and moaned. He did a rather harsh thrust and Hinata bucked forward. Kiba almost pulled completely out of her but he grabbed onto her waist and slammed her back against him making her moan loudly.

"Ah you like this don't you?" Kiba asked while Hinata moaned against his thrusts.

"You are… ahh… okay… but no oh god… where nearly as… ooohhhh… good as Naruto-kun." Hinata said as she thrust against him harder.

'Damn what is with me? It is like I can't cum.' Kiba thought as he thrust against her harder wanting to have his release.

"Have you… ohhhh… noticed that… ahhhh… you can't…. my goooood… cum?" She asked as he stopped making Hinata whimper. "I channeled my chakra into your balls preventing you to cum until I take that away." She explained as she felt him slam into her harshly.

"I bet that is why the Dobe is so good with you." Kiba insulted Naruto.

"Oh god… I never did… gooood… that with Naruto-kun." Hinata moaned out as her arms gave out as the pleasure made her arms go numb and she pressed her head against her folded arms. She reached around and tapped his balls and Hinata felt him tense before a rush of thick liquid rushed into her asshole making her moan loudly before tightening around him as he groaned and she felt another rush of the liquid and groaned. 'Damn that was a quick second shot…' Hinata thought with a groan of disappointment.

'It seems only Naruto-sama can pleasure us adequately now.' Ero-Hinata told Hinata.

'I think he was the only one who could pleasure us adequately from the beginning.' Hinata told her Eroself.

"How was that?" Kiba asked as he pulled out his wilted cock making her scowl slightly.

"I only cummed once." Hinata said as she stood up and tapped her ass and felt the muscles relax and reached into her ass and pulled a handful of cum out and drank it. "Eh not so bad." She said as she finished it with an audible gulp she pulled her panties up and Kiba couldn't help but notice the panties framed her pussy. He licked his lips as he felt himself harden again. He saw her bend down and he rushed forward and pulled her panties out of the way and slammed fully into her pussy.

"What the hell Kiba!" She exclaimed as he started to thrust into her and she couldn't help but moan in pleasure from the thrusts.

"You pussy looked so enticing I couldn't help myself." Kiba told her with a groan as she moaned again. "It is so wet…" He told her as she couldn't help but bring her hand down between her lets and tap her pussy healing it as her pleasure increased tenfold. Kiba moaned as he felt her tighten up on him making him want to thrust into her harder. Kiba suddenly felt her tighten unimaginably tight on him and ended up spilling his seed into her pussy. "I will get you pregnant with my child." He groaned into her ear to which Hinata snorted.

"I doubt that." Hinata told him as she pulled out and the cum poured out of her and was soaked up by her panties. "I am not stupid Kiba. I casted a birth control jutsu on myself before we even did sex anally." Hinata added as she pulled her pants back on followed by her shirt. "Let's get going Kiba." Hinata said as she shifted a little while the cum escaped her through her lower hole.

Several Hours Later

Hinata and Kiba had debriefed and were walking around when suddenly she was grabbed and had her mouth cover. She felt herself being dragged into the alley and slammed against the wall. She whimpered slightly when she saw the blonde hair. "Naruto-sama… what are you doing?" She asked quietly and fanning innocence.

"Why do I smell Kiba's scent on you?" Naruto growled to her looking slightly feral.

"He was getting annoying during the mission because he was horny." Hinata whimpered slightly as Naruto brought his knee up and ground it against her pussy making her moan. "Naruto-sama… what are you going to do to me?" she asked as she looked up at him innocently.

"I do believe I promised to fuck you in public if you cummed before me." Naruto whispered into her ear making her whimper as he stuck his hand between her legs. "Is all of his cum out?" he asked as she nodded.

"It s-should be." Hinata said with a moan as he started to rub her clit harshly. She felt a rush of water enter her pussy making her moan slightly as the water poured out of her.

"As punishment you will have to heal your pussy back to its perfect untouched state." Naruto told her as she whimpered while he pulled her pants down and he saw her green glowing hand tap her pussy and he saw it started to tighten making him smirk. "It is perfect again." He asked as she nodded and he brought his mouth to her lips and stuck his tongue into her savagely making her nearly scream in pleasure. She was forced to bite her arm as the pleasure coursed through her body. She bucked against his face as she felt him suck her clit into his mouth before slowly sticking his fingers into her pussy making her muffle another moan as she felt herself being stretched by his fingers.

"P-Please l-let m-me c-cum." Hinata begged weakly as her legs nearly gave out.

"Why should I do that?" Naruto asked as he ground his teeth against her clit making her quiver as she attempted to prolong her climax.

"B-because I-I w-w-will g-go i-insane." Hinata told him pleadingly as she forced herself from grinding against his face.

"Is that a bad thing?" He asked as he continued to nibble on her clit.

"Y-yes." She told him as she bucked her hips against his face making her moan loudly.

"Fine cum." He ordered as he felt a rush of liquid enter his mouth and tasted her sweet liquids. She heard him swallow and shivered slightly. "Now for the main course." He said as he pulled her shirt off. "I will fuck your brains out in the public." He told her as he stripped his clothes. "You will have to beg me to enter into you." He told her as he lightly pushed onto her slit making her groan.

"But we… arahhh… in public… oh goooood… we could… ahhh… get caught." She groaned.

"Oh I won't be fucking you here." Naruto told her shocking her. "Try the middle of the street." He told her as she looked at him with wide eyes. "Where… every… person… can… see… you." Naruto told her and punctuated each word with tapping his finger against her pussy harder making her groan. She could feel her stomach tighten but she couldn't climax.


"What was that?" he asked.

"Please fuck me now! I don't care who watches!" she begged making Naruto smirk and bring her to the edge of the alley.

"If you are quiet enough they might not see you." Naruto whispered into her ear as he brought her back flush to his chest. "And you can cum as much as you want." He told her as he roughly entered her making her squeak quietly in pain and pleasure. He waited a second for her to get accustomed to his size and grabbed her around her stomach. "Wrap your legs around my waist." He told her as she followed his instructions and wrapped her legs around his waist and locked her ankles. "Ready?" he asked as she nodded and he bucked his hips up at her making her squeak again in pleasure.

'Is he attempting to get us caught?' She thought as pleasure coursed through her veins from the strange position he made her get into. "N-Naruto-sama p-please l-lets g-go s-somewhere m-more s-secluded." Hinata begged quietly while moaned quietly.

"Nope." He said as he gave her a harsh thrust. She could feel her stomach tightening and went to bring her arm up to muffle her scream of pleasure but found that Naruto had her arms locked by his bigger stronger arms. She was forced to bite her lip hard in order from screaming in pain. Hinata was shocked that Naruto didn't even slow down during her climax.

Forty Minutes Later

If Hinata could think properly she would have been amazed at the fact that in the past twenty minutes she had not been caught by anyone. She had a look of being fucked utterly stupid on her face. She had a small line of drool slipping down her chin. "How does it feel?" Naruto asked with a groan while she moaned in response. "That good huh?" he asked as she dumbly nodded. He concentrated his chakra at the tip of his cock and started to spin it and rammed it into Hinata's pussy before releasing the chakra. Hinata let loose a loud piercing scream of pleasure as she instantly tightened down on him. Naruto smirked when he saw the crowd stop and turn to the alley to see the innocent Hyugga girl being fucked from behind with a fucked stupid expression on her face.

'Who would have thought?' A woman thought as she covered her child's eyes but could tear her eyes away from the spectacle.

'It is always the shy ones that are the freaks in bed.' A man thought as more and more people stopped and watched the Hyugga girl getting fucked.

'Heh now they know what you are Hinata-chan.' He thought as he gave another chakra infused thrust making her scream again in pleasure. 'I am surprised she is still awake.' He thought as he felt him reaching his limit and rammed into her as hard as he could and felt his cock push through another barrier and released his seed directly into her womb making her moan lightly at the fullness she felt. Suddenly he felt Hinata go limp in his arms forcing him to keep her from falling over. "Well ladies and gentlemen the show is over." Naruto said as the two vanished. He reappeared in his apartment and grabbed some of his sleeping clothes and dressed Hinata in them. He pulled his pants on right as someone knocked on the door. Naruto went and opened it and saw Sakura standing there her mouth instantly fell open as she stared at his glistening chest. "Oh hey Sakura-chan what up?" he asked knocking her out of her funk.

'Damn I was fantasizing about him ravaging my body.' She thought as she walked in past him and saw the sweaty and unconscious Hinata making Naruto incredibly nervous. She even saw the slight bulge of her stomach which confused her. "Um Tsunade-sensei wants you about something." Sakura said in a daze. "Immediately." She added as Naruto nodded and put a shirt on and promptly vanished. Sakura curiously went to Hinata and did a diagnostic check. "Sperm Count: Seventeen trillion…" Sakura said in awe. 'He came in her so much he literally made it visible.' Sakura thought as she felt the wetness between her legs.

With Naruto

Naruto landed on Tsunade's office window sill and leapt in. "You needed me?" he asked.

"Yes I got a curious report about one Naruto Uzumaki fucking a Hinata Hyugga unconscious." She said bluntly as Naruto started to sweat.

"Um I can explain this…" Naruto said as Tsunade brought him in for a sheering kiss.

"Please Naruto-kun fuck me too." She ordered shocking Naruto as she kissed him again. She reached down and…