From London With Love

Chapter One: The Educational System Bites


Beep! Beep! Beep! No...just a little longer Mister Alarm Clock (I like to call him Josiah). Desperately wanting for the distracting noise to stop, I grabbed onto one of my sneakers and threw it directly at Josiah. He screamed in fear yet allowed the compact to take it's effect. He landed on the floor with a loud thud. Ah...peace and quiet. Mom insisted I buy one of those annoying reminders because I never wake up on time anymore.

She says (and I quote), "This is your junior year! You must work hard! No more staying up and sitting your life away! Study, study, study!"

Tony is also getting the strict parental treatment. If he comes home with a C, she completely flips and threatens to take away any electrical entertainment. Seriously? A C in my eyes is a miracle from the heavens! Especially since I have the hardest English teacher known to mankind.

Anyway, back to the situation at hand. Here I am lazily lying in my comfy bed. I would probably still be snoozing happily if Josiah hadn't taken his daily rounds to make my life hell. Do you know what I was dreaming about? Do you really want to know? I was dreaming about a certain boy with ruby red eyes and surprisingly soft porcelain skin. Dear Rudolph, my love, where have you gone to? Ew, I sound such a pathetic damsel in distress! I don't understand why I keep having the same magical dreams. Everyone knows that the Sackville-Baggs are no longer immortal. They no longer have beautiful red eyes and envious skin.

Sometimes, I'm afraid if I ever see Rudolph again, I wouldn't recognize him.

Just when I thought I could possibly go back to sleep, Dad barged into my neatly rearranged room. His smile could light up a whole graveyard since his last visit with the dentist.

He practically skipped over to my curtains and quickly spread them apart, "Time to get up! It's another day! Another chance to make your life wonderful!" What is up with everyone lately? They're all obsessed with life and future opinions. I swear, the departure of our friendly vampires have screwed Mom and Dad up more than their children! For awhile I had a strong suspicion that Mom had a tiny crush on Frederick...She always denied it. Yeah right!

I groaned, throwing those trusty nightmare before christmas covers of my head, "Can I please excuse myself from high school today? I do believe I am developing a nasty cough which will result in a loss of voice and hearing! I am lead to believe I am dying!"

Dad chuckled and shoved the covers away, "Sorry, all I heard was 'mmphhphphphf!'" Damn you Elizabeth for not being able to speak loudly in morning hours!

"Come on! Please! We don't have to tell Mom!"

Tony appeared at the doorframe, "Ha! If you're staying home, I'm DEFINITELY staying home!" I shot him a big sister glare, which made him back up a little. Sadly my old tricks don't scare the dork anymore. I really need to think of new material.

Mister Thompson, aka the big man on campus shook his head, "No can do kids. You need to go to school to get a good education so that you can get a good job after you graduate." Same old speech every time.

Blondie pouted, "Please, please, please, please, please, please!"

"Please, please, please, please, please, please?" I joined in shortly afterward.

Mom's face peered over Tony's fat head, "What's going on here? Lizzie why aren't you dressed yet? School starts in twenty minutes!" Ah, there's my final answer. A big depressing 'NO!' Sighing in defeated, I rolled out of the amazing warmth and headed towards my closet. Dad along Tony left, claiming they'd rather not watch me take forever to get ready. Puhlease. Not three years ago I was flying in the sky with a dusty (alas handsome) vampire and dirty nine year old. I am not a girly girl.

Smiling slightly, I picked out an outfit and went to change. To be completely honest, there's not a day when I don't think about Rudolph or any of the others. His face is always in my mind, his voice always beside my ear. Maybe he truly never left...maybe I just have to find him.


Reaching the final steps downstairs, I walked into the kitchen where many events had happened in not so long ago. Tony was pouring milk into his 'Trix' cereal and watching 'The Simpsons'. He is a dork. Hm, looks like not everything changed! Dad as usual was reading the newspaper for any sport news and Mom was packing Tony his lunch. Unlike me, he still has to undergo the pain of bringing a lunchbox to school. I'm a big girl, I buy my own food.

Mom glanced up from her hardcore peanut butter spreading, "You look nice. What's the special occasion?"

What the hell is that supposed to mean? Is she implying I don't look presentable half the time? Hmph! Well excuse me! It's nice to know I still have my sense of humor even after three years. Crap, there's that stupid number again.

I simply shrugged my shoulders, grabbing my backpack from the table, "No, not really." She didn't seem convinced. I should have told her I have a hot date with my math teacher. Dad probably would freak and take me out of school. Hey! That doesn't seem half bad!

Tony mocked, dribbles of milk sliding out of his mouth, "Elizabreath has a boyyyyyyyyyfriendddddd." Suddenly the kitchen grew quiet. Dad stared at me with intense determination to find out who this said boy was and Mom stared at me with absolute relief.

"Oh that's great honey! I'm so glad you moved on after-"

"After what Mom?"

"You know what I'm talking about Lizzie. It's good for you to move on. That was three years ago." Anger and frustration pumped through my veins.

I snapped lightly, "So? Three is just a number. It doesn't mean anything. Besides, I don't have a boyfriend. Tony was being an idiot and wanted to annoy me." Dad cracked a smile, somewhat getting the silent joke and returned to his newspaper. Mom glared at Tony's blonde spikes as if her eyes would shoot lasers and burn them off.

She warned, "Now Tony, you know that's not right."

He nodded meekly, "Yeah, but funny as hell!"

OHHHHH! He cursed! Dorkface is in big trouble!

Mom gasped as if it was the worst thing she ever heard in her life, "TONY THOMPSON! No cursing in this house! Just for that, you can't have your gameboy for another TWO months!" The twelve year old shouted in dismay.

"But Lizzie does it all the time!"

The rules of the sibling hood is NOT to be a wimp and tell on each other. Great, now Mom's attention is on me. As if I wasn't in heat already! However, she didn't say a word. She gave me a look that practically said, 'Dear, you know better too. Set a good example for Tony.' Not bothering to defend myself, I dashed out the front door, "The bus is here! Gotta go bye!"


You see, I don't need Mom to drive me to school like Tony. I actually have a car. So what am I doing in a stinky...sweaty bus full of horny Scottish boys and girls? Due to the fact I failed my English midterm, Mom thought it was necessary for me to be grounded from my pride and joy. How long? No clue. All I know is that my car is currently sitting in the driveway of the Scottish castle I like to call home.

Half listening to the crappy music coming out of the radio and half gazing out the window, I awaited the minutes until we were all arrive at school. It came too soon. Perhaps I fell asleep for a few moments, because before I knew it, I was the only one there. My bus driver looked at me as if I was crazy. I attempted to laugh it off and run away. Too bad I'm not naturally able to make a smooth getaway. My feet betrayed me! I will never trust them again! I tripped off the bus. Yeah. Feel the pain baby, feel the pain.

"Um...Eliza, are you alright?"

Above me was my good friend Amy McBride with those big concerned eyes. She called me Eliza. That's my nickname around here. No one calls me Lizzie or most importantly Elizabeth unless it's an authority figure.

Dusting myself free from disgusting Scottish bugs, I stood up, "Yeah. I'm good. How was your weekend?" The girl always has stories of victory and laughter that occur only on the weekends. When a reply didn't come, I looked at her alert.

"What's this? No story to tell?"

Amy frowned, tears bringing facial surface, "Joel broke up with me last night." YES FINALLY! Oh, I hate Joel. He's a total tool. Guess who his father is? Lord McAshton. I don't understand why anyone would choose to have a kid with that crazy crackpot. Instead of asking what happened, I wrapped an arm around her shoulder as we filed into the school. I noticed Joel sitting in a classroom with the most popular girl known to our year. Seems like he can't handle real woman and decided to go back to playing with Barbies. Ha! I make myself laugh.

"Eliza, what are you laughing about?"

"Oh, uh..nothing."


"Come on, come on...we certainly don't want to be late for English." My favorite class! Note the dark sarcasm. An hour of hell...I swear.


Mrs. Crawford began scratching random things on the chalkboard, "Now class, I am happy to reveal that this year our school will be taking part in 'Pen Pals Around The World'. Each student will be assigned to a pen pal, each student will be expected to write to their pen pal. Think of the possibilities could get a boy from Germany or a girl from France...or...a girl from America." Aw crap, she's looking at me isn't she?

One boy hollered out, "I hope I get a hot girl from Sweden!"

"I'll take Brad Pitt please!" A girl fluffed her hair.

Something tells me they don't get it.


English Teacher from hell slammed her ruler down onto her desk, "Silence! You will take this seriously! Just because it isn't graded doesn't mean you get to slack off. You will write to your pen pal everyday or depending whenever you get a response back! If there are those uncomfortable with revealing information to others, they are allowing you to make up a name." Thanks, that gave me an invitation to become Miss McProtectiveButterfly. (Inside joke from Vampire Kisses, go back and read if you forget).

Amy whispered, "I wonder who we'll get!"

With my luck, a pervert from Australia...

Crawford slammed a piece of paper onto my desk, causing the whole room to shake. Yeah, she's a pretty bulk woman. Closing my eyes, I braced myself for the worst. Pervert...pedophile...bring it on. Eyes, it's time to open. The paper has been flipped over for about five seconds. OPEN. NOW. Okay, thanks. I scanned it.

"Benjamin Livingston from London England?"


Rudolph's POV:

School in London is fascinating. I enjoy watching the mortal teenagers going about their daily drama filled lives. However, there are times where girls come up to me and ask me to a friendly get-to-together. Of course I politely decline. My now beating heart belongs to only one person. Elizabeth Thompson. Yes, I remember her. Sadly, the others did not recall their vampire past, despite all my tries to get them on track. Why was I chosen to harbor these dark secrets? Maybe my love for Elizabeth was too strong. Excuse me, is too strong. My present is linked to my past.

I go by the name of Benjamin Livingston. The name Sackville-Bagg is in History books, Father made the right choice by covering our family colors. There would have been too many questions and suspicions otherwise.

When I heard we were to move to London three years ago, I couldn't stand it. At first, I didn't tell the others of Elizabeth and Tony. But as the movers were taking our treasures away, I blurted it out. I simply couldn't move away from my girlfriend. Mother laughed at me, claiming that my dreams are mixing themselves with reality. Father said I would find apparent love somewhere else. No, I never will.

Today in school we were informed that we shall be writing to pen pals. I am not very interested. The only thing I am interested in is going back to Scotland. When? I have no idea. How? I wish I could still fly. Although, curious thoughts urged me to feel excited about my pen pal. Who shall I receive? A gentlemen from America? A fair lady from Ireland? Their names will be revealed once we are contacted that information. I have a feeling fate isn't done with me yet.

For now, I am awaiting the day I get to see Elizabeth's face once more.

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