From London With Love

Chapter 11: Familiar stranger at my door


Elizabeth's POV:

I'm feeling pretty silly today. Heck, I've been feeling silly ever since I saw Rudolph going off with that girl. That was a week ago. Tony had completely forgot our little game of chase ever happened. Sadly, Jack didn't forget I was caught staring at his abs. Sometimes you can't get everything you wish for. The day Rudolph disappeared, I prayed to God that he would somehow find his way back to me. Sometimes your prayers go unanswered. Life goes on and I'm stuck in the transition.

Mom snapped her freshly polished nails before my most likely expressionless face, "Earth to Elizabeth?"

Oh no, I was too lost in the stage of sad intellectual thoughts that I didn't notice my cereal getting soggy. What a shame, it was Captain Crunch too.

Tony grabbed the bowl, "More for me!"

"Tony, that is gross." Mom scolded yet her son who didn't seem to care.

Thankfully today was Saturday, no school or friends to get on my nerves. All I had to deal with is annoying blonde kids and mothers who think you're depressed. Where's Dad? Oh right, off playing golf and pretending his kids actually do things productive. I will have you know I cleansed my room of the many pizza box monsters that have been gathering for the past few months. I'm considered a hero across the lazy teenage nation.

"Any plans for today?"

I looked up to see Mom peering at me through her new glasses, "I was thinking about watching movies and eating ice cream till I puke."

Tony slammed his fist on the table, "You stole my idea!"

Mom suggested, "How about you two go outside and play? It's a beautiful day!" She stood and pried open the kitchen curtains to get her point across.

Little derp hissed and covered his face, "The sun! The light! It burns!"

I pulled my sweatshirt over my head and pretended I had a hunchback, "Master doesn't like Dobby going out to play, Master says elves shouldn't be experiencing joy."

Tony giggled, "Since when did Dobby have a broken back?"

"Since your mom's chest hair."

"It's inappropriate to talk about your mother's chest hair, especially since she doesn't have any." Mom snapped as she went to go clean the dishes.

Apart from locking Tony out of my room, the rest of the morning was pretty uneventful. However, I couldn't shake the feeling that something was about to happen.

I really hate alarm clocks. Their sounds could make the most tolerable person punch a baby in the face. Here I am, hater of clocks, sitting upon my cold bedroom floor, attempting to put together the remains of father time. You see, my alarm clock finally decided to commit suicide. After several shoes and many other hard materials to the head, it seems he decided to do the dirty work for me. Mom wasn't very pleased with this which is why I'm trying to fix it. Why am I rambling about a stupid alarm clock? Well-that's because my life is extremely boring and Rudolph has a girlfriend.

She probably has a stupid name.

Like Clara. Maybe Nora.

Suddenly, a pebble collided against my dusty window. What the heck? Pebbles just don't fly about whenever they please!

Peering over the window panel, I spotted Jack standing in the garden my mother had so rightfully worked on. I'm pretty sure he's crushing her roses and that means he will be dead by nightfall.

I cracked open the window, "What."

"Well, hello to you too. I'm fine." Jack replied cheekily, a smile spreading across his stupid face. Gosh he's so stupid.

"I'm not in the mood to chat Jack." Wow that rhymed, "Will you please remove yourself from my mother's garden and back away slowly."

He didn't move.

He didn't even seem to hear my demand. Making his way towards the window, Jack climbed up the drainpipe and soon his face was three inches from mine. Remember when I said this morning was eventful? I really wish it stayed that way.

"Why don't you turn that frown upside down and go watch a movie with me."

"Why don't you turn around and fall and break your neck."

"Why can't you think of any actual good comebacks?"

"Yeah, like that one?"

"Let me in."

"No-" Too late, Jack pushed me out of the way and crawled in.

Mom would definitely not approve of a boy sneaking into my room. I could run down the stairs and make his presence known any second now. A dreaded thought flooded into my brain. What if she doesn't mind that Jack is invading my personal space. What if she gives him permission to marry me. What if we have a white wedding? Oh no, what if we serve CHICKEN INSTEAD OF FISH?!

Jack's beautiful blue eyes (did I just say that) sparked with amusement, "We can serve whatever you want at our wedding."

I guess I was panicking aloud.

"Although...I have to say chicken is better than be honest..."

That's it. Grabbing his collar, I pathetically dragged Jack to the window and smothered his face onto the glass, "Chicken has no competition to fish!"

A familiar voice floated up the stairs and into my room, "Elizabeth? I don't know what you're doing up there, but please try to act normal because you have a visitor."


Something in her tone caused curiosity to eat me whole. Who exactly was downstairs that was making her sound jumpy? Does she know Jack is up here or is there someone actually taking the time to see a crazy person like me?

Jack gasped, "Are you going to go see who it is?"

I completely forgot I had the spiky haired blonde up against the window. Wow, this must look very unusual to anyone who is innocently walking by outside.

"You better be gone by the time I come back." I explained while letting him go.

Before I could make my exit, Jack decided to grab my shoulders and peck me on the lips as if it were a normal everyday thing. My eyes grew wide at the tingling sensation. He smirked at my reaction and motioned towards the door.

"Your prince charming is waiting."

Let's pause and rewind here. Jack snuck into my room and kissed me. There's someone wanting to see me downstairs. Tony hasn't made a noise in a few hours. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. We're all going to die.

I paused at the first step before continuing my never ending journey. I was kissed. Me. Kissed. On the lips. I still feel it. I'm going to hell.

Mom caught sight of me, "There you are, Elizabeth, I was starting to think you forgot I called you!" She was standing in front of the wide open door, yet I knew someone was there. Another feeling entered my system. This time it wasn't shock. It was suspicion.

"Who is here?"

She smiled slightly and stepped to the side. My heart blew up.

Standing before me was a face of the past. A person I thought had a certain girlfriend God knows where. The betrayal and hurt I felt in the previous days disappeared and utter shock came back into the picture.

Say something.


Rudolph looked just as surprised at me. What used to be his ruby red eyes were now comforting dark brown orbs. His hair is just as spiky, possibly even more. His skin, although still pale had a tint of a rosy color. It was as if he wasn't expecting me to be here. Behind him, stood Gregory, still terrifying as ever, even in eyeliner.

His voice now deeper, rang my eardrums, "Hello, Elizabeth."

Jack was right, my prince charming was indeed waiting downstairs for me and now I'm not sure if I'm going to pass out because Rudolph is actually here or because there's a boy upstairs who not only kissed me but is highly suspicious now.