From London With Love
Chapter Nine: Somebody I used to know


Elizabeth's POV:

Breathe. Breathe dammit! I think my brain temporarily forgot how to function. Here I am laying upon the floor in Tony's bedroom while he's hopping about with the old amulet drawings. I guess Rudolph gave them back after that incredible flying trip. Ah...I miss flying...kinda...minus the feeling sick to my stomach and embarrassment I would undergo if I tossed my lunch in the now used to be vampire's supernatural presence.

Dorkface shoved a crappy picture of him and Rudolph in my face, "Soon this will happen again!" He smiled from ear to ear, most likely pulling all his face muscles.

I replied meekly, "What makes you think that?"

He almost frowned, "Do you not remember what took place a few minutes ago? Maybe Mom should take you to the doctor if you're forgetting things to easily. WITH THIS AMULET, I THEE WED!" Tony held up the piece of glorious masterpiece.

"First off, I do know what happened and're not a priest."

"I could be if I wanted to."

"You are twelve, you cannot preach or give blessing to marriage."


Ignoring his random outburst, I grabbed the amulet, "How the hell did I make pictures come out again? I want it to happen now."

Tony screamed, "No! Give! Me!"

I mocked, "No! Shut! Up!"

Blue eyes grew wide and lips were pouted. Nope. You're not going to guilt trip me into giving the thing back. No way. Not gonna happen this time. I will stand my ground and walk away a man. I'm almost to the door. I feel the victory practically punching me in the face. Just a little closer and I'll be out of Dorkface's room and into my living space. One more step-


NOOOOOOO! I stopped in my tracks and turned to glare at my not so innocent brother. He's only twelve and he knows about sex because of him eavesdropping on my phone conversations. Now he announced it to the whole house (most importantly Mom) that I participated in an event that never happened. While I was still in shock, I heard the angry footsteps of Mother echoing the hall. That little brat is going to get it-

Tony advised, "You better run because she sounds angry!" With that, he sped over to me and stole the amulet right out of my clutches. He hopped over his toy car that was blocking the entrance and made his escape. I am going to kill him.

Before I even could, Mom practically dung her nails into the doorframe, "Elizabeth Thompson you did what? You are only fifteen-."

"No Mom."


"You're warm."

"Seventeen! However old you are, you are too young for sex! What did I tell you when we had the talk? Do I need to repeat it? Who is this boy? It isn't Jack is it?"

I covered my mouth in horror, "MOM! I am NOT having sex! And if I was, I certainly wouldn't be doing it with the creep with the good hair and vampire hunter relatives!" Her glare only thicken, revealing that my sense of humor wasn't really flattering at the moment.

She threatened, "You are ground-"

Seeing Tony run across the courtyard from the window, I interrupted, "Hold that thought. I have a body to bury." Dear lord, when I get back, I'm going to be in so much trouble.

Pushing my scared thoughts away, I ran past Mom and down the stairs where I noticed Tony must have opened the window to get out. How smart of him. Not using the front door to leave, but the window. Apart from being obsessed with vampires, he always wanted to be a spy and sneak out of anything that wasn't made to be jumped out of.

My legs were probably screaming at me for running so fast. I didn't feel like opening the front gate, so I kinda jumped over it like a person escaping prison would do. Hah, look at me now massive gym teacher. I had one mission and that was to destroy Tony Thompson. Nothing will distract me from this determination...I mean nothin-

"Woah there Thompson, what are you, running a race?"

I stopped slightly to see Jack lacking a shirt and doing yard work nearby. Uh...he has abs. That's actually not half bad at all. Wait, wait Get a hold of yourself.

"Don't start."

He smirked, "Aw come on."

I snapped, "Nope!" Back to running. I didn't even bother to look back to see if Jack was still staring off after me. If he was, good! He can stare at my somewhat great ass because I definitely was drooling over his somewhat good abs but that doesn't mean I'm cheating! I am NOT attracted to Jack.

Tony's spiky hair soon came to my view. I almost got him! Perhaps I should tackle him to the ground and make him eat mud. Or maybe I will hang him from his toes and force him to listen to me read my journal (which he claimed to be a really sad handwritten book). Or...I could be the bigger person and forgive him. Hah. Right. If I made the effort to kill my leg muscles, a punishment must take immediate action.

He must have saw me because he cried out, "Please don't hurt me! I surrender!"

I stated, "You committed a crime. I am here to deliver jail sentence."

"Anything but that!" Blondie dropped the amulet.

Close to reading his childhood rights, I nearly fell from excitement when the 'fantastic portal' began to show more images. This time it shown Rudolph talking to a shank at what seemed like a school. She began pulling at his long sleeve. After some time, my boyfriend gave in and went walking with her.

My heart fell.

Tony picked the amulet back up, dusting it off, "Well would you look at that. It worked again." I said nothing, my skull pounding from the tragedy I witnessed.

He was with a girl. Rudolph was with a girl. A girl that wasn't me.

We had decided to return to the scene of the crime, aka the cliff. The exact spot where Rudolph and his family/relatives were given the gift of mortality. Tony was dangling off a rock while I sat at the edge of the dangerous landscape overlooking the deep blue ocean.

What if everything changed? Not saying that I didn't think things changed before...but what if Rudolph has a girlfriend wherever he is? I expected him to forget about me but I never had the intelligence to think his adorable looks would hook other girls in. I am so stupid. How was I so ignorant to think he wouldn't have a girlfriend? That shank was probably the culprit.

I'm not even his girlfriend anymore. I should know that if he disappeared after transforming, that whatever twisted relationship we had was over. Maybe I'm just overreacting. Maybe him and that girl meant nothing. But it really changed my perspectives. I shouldn't be sitting at home waiting for my prince to walk through the door. I shouldn't be lying to myself. There's a very high chance that Rudolph will never come back. I couldn't bring myself to say that to Tony however.

Rudolph still may be a good person as a human, but he's a entire different being now. I fell in love with the vampire. He's gone. As of right now, Rudolph is just somebody I used to know. Wow, can I get any more depressing?

Tony questioned, "Lizzie?"

I answered looking out to the darkening sky, "Yeah?"

"I think we should go home before Mom and Dad get worried."

Sighing, I nodded and strayed away from the cliff edge, "You're right. I'm coming."

A/N: Don't worry, everything will be okay in the end :) Writer's promise.