Inspired by the Somewhere Only We Know scene that has somehow found its way to YouTube. Go search for it. You will be crying and squealing for hours afterwards.

Kurt is pretty sure Wes had to do a lot of string pulling in order for an entire bus load of Dalton students to drive two hours to McKinley. That and a lot of sucking up and bribing. Kurt is also pretty sure that the girls in the courtyard are probably thinking, Holy hell, hot prep school guys in sexy uniforms. God, the lead singer looks good enough to eat. Is he single? He knows the better question is, "Is he straight?" but Kurt refrains from laughing or delving deeper into those thoughts, because right there, right now, his boyfriend is singing to him. Singing to him, not to some half-closet case junior manager, not to Rachel Berry, not to a crowd of kids at a Christmas show.

Blaine Anderson is singing to him. He only has eyes for him (and not for those girls who're drooling over the gelled hair).

Kurt's never seen Blaine sing so passionately before. His boyfriend's face is one of someone who's about to cry. Blaine pounds into that piano, alternating between checking to see if his fingers are on the right keys and staring right into Kurt's eyes. Those girls would have backed off by now. Wrong team, dears, he chuckles to himself.

His breath is literally taken away as Blaine approaches him and takes his hands, pulling him down the steps. Kurt starts to tear up as well. For the first time, the gravity of the situation actually hits him. He's leaving. It isn't as if he will never see his Warbler friends again or go out with Blaine, but he's leaving and the package that comes with that hits him like a ton of bricks as the Dalton students pat him on the back and form a circle around the couple.

Kurt can see the tears threatening to fall from Blaine's beautiful hazel eyes as Blaine sings those final words of the Keane song. For the sake of the number, Blaine's trying to control the cries that would shake up that perfect mouth of his and when he finally sings the last word, Kurt can hear the secret plea behind it. Know –no. No don't leave me, no don't go. It touches his heart and he looks down, blinking away the tears, before gazing back up again to Blaine's sad face.

By a silent mutual agreement, they fall into each other's arms, opting for a hug instead of kiss. There's no reason to give the jocks an excuse to ruin this perfect moment; it's a surprise no one's thrown a slur yet. Maybe it's just the music. There's something about melodies that capture someone's heart for a moment –no matter how short.

As Kurt buries his face into Blaine's shoulder, he feels his boyfriend's hold tighten around him. He wishes he could stay like this forever, locked in a loving embrace. Then he pulls away to see Blaine's still sorrowful gaze. Gathering up his courage –how much as that connotation changed?- Kurt presses a chaste kiss to Blaine's cheek and gives his hand a reassuring squeeze.

"I'm going to miss you," Blaine confesses. His voice sounds choked with the slightest bit of tears.

"Me too," Kurt replies and they find themselves one step closer in a hug again. "A lot," he adds into Blaine's impeccably gelled hair. The unspoken I love you by both hangs in the air. It's then when Kurt realizes the irony of their Regionals duet. They've got each other, but they're going to be alone now. A solo. One candle. Across an empty land.

But I think I'll be alright.

The title is from the Keane song. I avoided the actual song title, "Oh simple thing" or any line of the bridge and chorus. It's been overdone. I want this to be different. Hopefully you like it! It's not the best I've ever done.