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Chris was in the mess hall eating. Jon ran in practically out of breath.

"Chris you need to come with me," Jon said

"Why," Chris asked, "What's going on"


"Jon… slow down and try that again in English."

"Okay. Kim was shopping in town when she was approached by a guy with a letter. She was told-"

"Let me guess. She was approached by a guy who had a letter for his brother but because they're on oposite sides of the war they can't talk and would she deliver the letter to him but the letter turned out to be something traditorious," Chris groaned.

"Pretty much yes," Jon replied, "You summed it up for me"

"Was she tried yet?"

"Sentenced to 100 lashes," Jon said, "to be received at 9 o'clock"

Chris got in the jeep and sped away to where they were holding Kim. He would not let any harm come to his Kim. Somehow he would stop this even if he had to be the "sacrifical lamb". He knew the law that said a person could be lashed in place of another person. He got in the jeep and parked.

He ran into the judical office where he was asked to fill out a form and someone would be with him shortly. Shortly turned out to be an hour and forty-five minutes. He looked at his watch. Seven o'clock. He had 2 hours to go.

"Well Mr. Scott I'm sorry but the law is the law and the sentence is the sentence. Unless you're willing to take her sentence for her there's nothing I can do"

Chris had a bad back. He would likely be paralized or seriously injuried at the very least. Jon couldn't allow that to happen but he knew he wouldn't be able to talk Chris out of it. There was only one thing that he could do.

"I will," Jon said, "I'll take her punishment"