I don't own impulse and I credit Ellen Hopkins for inspiring me to write a fan fiction and broaden my horizons as an author.


A silent car ride to my own new jail. A slight sorrow regret and anger haunted the air. I sat shot gun waiting for something to break this dry ice. " why did you have to do it you were perfect you were normal whats the deal tell me." my moms dagger like words thrown at my heart. I felt a burning anger the same one I felt when I made my mistakes then I lashed out " THIS IS EXACTLY WHY YOU DON'T LOVE ME ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS THIS STUPID FAMILY REPUTATION,, WELL GUESS WHAT I RUINED IT SO START TO CARE ABOUT HOW I FEEL FOR ONCE!" I never meant to yell at her I just couldn't help it. Something had come over me that I couldn't control it was a black out. She sat their silently still driving not uttering another word no im sorry no yells back nothing just the worst punishment silence. A sudden stop was made. "We are here." the words were icy and unloving. I got out and grabbed my bags and we walked through the front door side by side.

" im welcome to aspen springs ready for your tour..." she pauses and looks at her paper

"lacy" she finished. As she turns to a scrawny young girl undoubtly 16 she whispers to her " take her belongings to the sunset beach suite." then the girls nods and grabs my suit cases and walks off to the back of the north hall and down to the left. My mom already left unseen leaving me alone with strangers how cliche. Dr.B walks off and I scurry attempting to follow her fast pace she speaks fast and points out rooms then we make a stop and she mumbles your room your uniform is on your mattress. I walk in and she slams the door behind me. Her coldness is heating me with anger. I take in my room a sandy orange-brown paint a soft brown carpet a dresser just big enough to fit my belongings and my bed a small twin mattress white sheets a white feather pillow and a white quilt with patches of pale yellows and oranges. Then folded into perfect squares my uniform. A gray sweatshirt and gray sweat pants. I undress my body filling with goose bumps as the cool air wraps around my body I hurry to dress my self in the dull uniform bringing me to conformity. They feel soft and inviting upon my skin. There is a subtle knock upon my door I look to see whom the unknown face may be. They walk in uninvited " Im lou-lou and you need to follow me um, lacy to see your first therapy session." I wonder how her joy is alive in this prison but I follow not speaking a word just listening to her babble. Then we stop. Lou-lou speaks go right in is waiting for you. I walk into the room where a woman with her poker face is siting. She sees me and smiles ahh lucy good to see you sit down she chirps and motions to a leather chair. " so tell me " her eyes fall to the crimson streaks on my arms why did you do that?" I blink and the first words I speak since I arrived here half an hour ago " because it was an escape my mom never cared how I felt" she nods and asks more questions im not ready to answer.