Too Small for Anything But Love

Disclaimer: I don't own Crescent Moon.

Summary: (Micro-fics) Ten genres, ten words each. Go.

A/N: I saw this challenge done a few times over on LJ and thought I'd give it a shot. Basically, you have to write a 10 word 'micro-fic' for 10 different genres. It ended up being A LOT more difficult than I expected. Title taken from the quote at the end.

1. Angst:

"Please…" she whispered, tears running down her face, "Don't go…"

2. AU:

Keiko smiled, eyes staring into Akira's, and said, "I do."

3. Crack!Fic:

"This. Is. SPARTAAAA!"

They never should've let Akira watch 300.

4. Crossover:

Nozomu stared at the other vampire in disbelief. "Sparkles? Really?"

5. First Time:

He's sore and aching for days after his first transformation.

6. Fluff:

Breathing in her scent, Mitsuru sighs, content at the moment.

7. Humour:

"Pink lace doesn't seem to suit you, Mitsuru."

"Shut. Up."

8. Hurt/Comfort:

She cried out her grief, her aunt holding her tightly.

9. Smut:

Mahiru moaned as Mitsuru trailed hot kisses down her stomach.

10. UST (aka Unresolved, or Unrequited, Sexual Tension):

He looked away as they kissed, feeling his heart break.

A/N: I like how all of these turned out except 9. I've never written any form of smut before, so just writing those (practically innocent) ten words was difficult and slightly embarrassing. But anyways, thank you for reading!

"The world is too dangerous for anything but truth and too small for anything but love."

- William Sloane Coffin